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Found 8 results

  1. Greetings, I would like to report this bug and hope for a fix asap. I was following a guide by Emeus (https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/76280-finished-triple-crown-solo-as-cipher/) to get triple crown solo achievement. In the Final battle vs Thaos and the 2 guys I managed to fight only Thaos and the top guy, Woedica's Judge. Woedica's Headsman was in the Fog of War all the time, out of combat. So after I defeated those 2, I sudenly became out of combat. I thought of this as an opportuntiy so I saved my game. After that I went to kill the Headsman, in the middle was the soul of Thaos, but no body, it somehow got bugged out and dissapeared I guess. After I killed the headsman, my character got bugged. Entire interface got frozen. I couldn't move, nor use any skills. The game itself is running, I can see these lighting animations and my character swinging weapons for example. Looks like there is some trigger failure for the final cutscene? I was thinking about quitting my game after the bug occured so the ironman save would be overwritten and maybe after restarting the issue would resolve on its own, but I am afraid that this might ruin the entire run for me. Can anyone advise if I can swap save games in ironman mode? I mean I make a backup of the save before fighting the headsman, and quit the game after the fight so it will be automatically overwritten and if it doesnt fix the problem after restarting can I swap it back to the save before the mentioned fight? Any other sugestions are pretty welcome, I want those achievements! Here is a screenshot post fight. as for the save game it takes more than 4 Mb, should I upload it on some hosting site and paste the link or what? Hoping for some solutions! output_log.txt
  2. I'm working though my second playthrough on a higher difficulty, and I'm really appreciating how many different stories and options that show up based on your choices, and how much I missed or didn't fully realize the first time around. I just haven't gotten tired of playing out the story of Woedica's and Thaos' 2000 year long con. In fact, yesterday I was completely blown away by the clever storytelling in the main quest. I sort of realized that Lady Webb was able to extract information from Thaos, but this time I really appreciated the cleverness of Lady Webb. Knowing that you were a watcher, and presumably figuring that Thaos would be clever enough to try to derail the animancy hearings, which would surely lead to her encountering him, she was able to extract the information from Thaos. Thaos, for all his planning, does not know that Lady Webb has been speaking to the watcher, so could not know that she would still be able to tell the details about where to go regarding his plans. Knowing that Thaos was going to kill her, she still extracted the information because she knew you'd be able to read her, or at least that was her gamble. I also realized that at the very end, though you are unable to extract this information, Thaos allowed her to see the truth of his plan and about the nature of the gods, or at least that is what I gather from her reaction. Why? Because she was his lover, and when you're bearing a secret, it is only human nature to have a desire to tell that to someone, even if you intend to immediately silence them. My question is as follows: When does Thaos become aware, or at least strongly suspect, that you are a watcher? I am aware that fairly early on he realizes you are tailing him because of the assassins and the fact that he tells you as much during the encounter in First Fires. I gather, from what I mentioned above, that he is not aware of your nature until some point later on because otherwise he would never have allowed, or at least taken steps to avoid, the reading of the soul of Lady Webb by the watcher.
  3. 1) We are in 1.1 for the creation of this Legacy. (Manually in POE2, it is not a save of POE1) 2) In this Legacy, I choose Leaden Key grandmaster for Aloth 3) I don't have the intended item in the inventory of Aloth (Thaos Headdress) = BUG https://pillarsofete...haos'_Headdress Legacy file + Save in attached files. Legacy+Save.zip
  4. Version 1.1,for two files. I have a doubt : When I created Pillars 1 Legacy I have choose Leaden Key grandmaster for Aloth. But no trace of this starting item for him. So... 1) Missclick of me ? 2) The items doesn't appear. It is a bug. Thx. Sorry if it is my fault, but no way to check the file once it is done. I'm sure I have chose Leaden grandmaster.... https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Thaos%27_Headdress Legacy+Save.zip
  5. Hello. I beat the game once, and I'm wondering these things. Anyone can help with answers or theories? Thaos As I understand it, Thaos dies each life and is reborn with his memories intact; but does that mean he is always reborn in the same body? How does that work? In all visions of him, he looks the same. Also, there's an option when you kill him where you can let him keep his memories... Isn't that the same as having done nothing? Other than having stopped his plan, I mean. He's going to come back, isn't he? Eothas Did Eothas really want to stop the whole plan from the beginning? That's what I understand; but I didn't find much confirmation. Since the gods aren't really gods, could Eothas have died by something so mortal as a bomb? Wouldn't that only kill the vessel? Why isn't Eothas' symbol in the place where you talk to all the gods? Is that confirmation of his death? The gods I see Eora is somehow atheist and not atheist at the same time. xD I didn't see that coming! How could the Engwithans create gods? What are they made of? Souls? Do the gods' powers have reach over all the world? How did every civilization know about them? Does every civilization know about them or are they just known in the Dyrwood? I don't know if these questions aren't supposed to have an answer, or I just simply didn't get all the information (or didn't pay attention), so I ask for any explanation or theory anyone has. I haven't played the White March expansion, yet; so if there's any more information about this in there, just say so and don't spoil it, please.
  6. Since scaled Thaos can be even more cheap and brutal than the dragons I thought it would be interesting to find a good method to kill him. Tanking him (video 1) is possible but not very reliable (various bugs mostly and sometimes rng can screw you badly if you don't play perfectly). The second method is to run and shoot them to death (video 2) since the map looks like it was designed for that . https://youtu.be/6oGAmsXep34 https://youtu.be/E8jh6m-fO9o PS. In my game the spellward amulet is bugged and I'm losing 10 more defense against spells. With it you could reach 100% protection against Cleansing Flame more easily.
  7. Hey guys, After an unfinished playthrough after release I started playing PoE again this year. I have reached what I presume to be the last encounter (Thaos and Woedicas Judge & Headsman). I haven't had any issues with the difficulty of fights up until now. After about 20 tries I can reliably make Thaos transfer his soul to the judge and beat both him and the headsman. That's when things start to turn ugly though. Thaos' domination (!) and pillar spells wreck my party pretty quickly. Party consists of: Main Character (Level 10 Ranger, Wolf companion, outfitted with unique blunderbuss or pistol, pretty helpful in the first stage) Edér (Level 10, has been a pretty good tank up until now, he survives the fight the longest) Pallegina (Level 10, regularly survives until the last stage as well) Durance (Level 10, often dies during the fight, if he doesnt he will be mostly out of spells because of all the healing he has to do, when he's not healing he's casting buffs, shield of the faithful, etc.) Aloth (Level 10, try to have him debuff Thaos and deal damage with wall of flame/fireballs/missiles) Kana (Level 10, I rely on his summons of the wyrm or loads of skeletons pretty heavily) Some random notes: - playing on normal difficulty - in the end stage I normally try to debuff Thaos with Arcane Dampener or that other Level 3 Wizard spell (if Aloth survives until then, that is) and whack at him with all I got. - I also try very hard to have my wolf companion survive as the accuracy penalty of bonded grief makes my Main pretty useless - none of the "control" spells seem to work on Thaos - I could probably level up some more by doing side quests, but don't really feel like it as I wanted to have some content left for a second playthrough - the main issue is the domination spell he casts, I could probably deal with the damaging spells Thanks a lot, Polarius
  8. I searched for a similar thread but I couldn't find one - if this is already being discussed somewhere let me know. Playing the game again, I was blown away of how the beginning of the game tied together so greatly with the ending. When you are awakened you read about a memory of how you confront Thaos with your pressing questions, in front of a large machine. In the end, you are back in front of the great machine, experiencing history all over again by confronting him with your pressing questions. What's so wonderful is that when playing the game again, the flashbacks you see of Thaos means more than the first time you play it as you already know his story. It gives a great new dimension to the game and really encourages me to play it again to see what hints and references I might have missed the first time. What are your thoughts?
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