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  1. Can confirm. Although not all enemies seem to respawn. I was in Galvino's workshop when updating to WM Pt. II and only two of the iron constructs in the central room appeared again.
  2. Good points. Thinking about it from a writing perspective, having the PC seek a cure for his illness is probably a good device for driving the plot forward. Additionally, it permits less-than-good characters to be motivated to follow the main quest at all, even if they don't feel like helping the dyrwood and stopping the legacy. A game that managed to not make me feel rushed was Morrowind, actually (although it might be a bad comparison as it is much less narrative-driven anyways). Between solving mysteries, the PC's mentor often sent the PC off to do unrelated quests to build up a rep
  3. Hey guys, so, this will probably be more of a personal therapy session than a criticism/discussion of the game. :D I am having problems dealing with the sense of urgency in PoE. Let me first say that in most CRPGs, I try to roleplay my characters to a certain degree. I try to make choices that fit my character and choose activities/quests that fit with their made-up personality/way of living. Now, in PoE the dilemma is that after encountering Maerwald, the PC can be sure that he/she is going to loose his/her mind sooner or later. I would imagine that this is a problem the PC would
  4. Allright, thanks for all the tips guys! What I will try to do: - go back to an earlier save and level up some more for better priest spells, the petrify spell for aloth and deprive the unworthy for pallegina - try to get my hands on some better equipment (figurines, aila braccia, weapons that disorient, more potions and scrolls) I do own the expansion, but I kinda wanted to visit the white march during a new playthrough. Best regards, Polarius
  5. I do summon the beetles using the figurine during the first stage (also I use Kana's summons heavily). Unfortunately I do not have the shield - I pretty much rushed through Twin Elms because there seemed to be a sense of urgency. The main character losing her mind and all that. I think I might just go back a few saves and do some more stuff (still have white march to go to as well). Not sure if I have those, Durance being only Lvl 10.
  6. Telling it like it is. :D Yeah, kinda having problems with the killing quickly part due to domination/pillar spells.
  7. Hey guys, After an unfinished playthrough after release I started playing PoE again this year. I have reached what I presume to be the last encounter (Thaos and Woedicas Judge & Headsman). I haven't had any issues with the difficulty of fights up until now. After about 20 tries I can reliably make Thaos transfer his soul to the judge and beat both him and the headsman. That's when things start to turn ugly though. Thaos' domination (!) and pillar spells wreck my party pretty quickly. Party consists of: Main Character (Level 10 Ranger, Wolf companion, outfitted with unique b
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