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  1. Funny that you mention it, because that is what I was thinking all along. I thought the machine near Thaos converter souls into energy that powers gods. hehe, I also thought thaos was going to try and steal that power. too bad it didnt, he would have been a lot better boss.
  2. 1.2gb for this update? seems a bit much. =S
  3. agree. mastery pretty much took the same battle system baldur's gate had.
  4. a pet pen is actually a pretty cool idea to add more aesthetics to your stronghold.
  5. the new system seems to go more towards traditional BG combat, which is kind of disappointing since OB has tons of creativity. I think it would have been more balancing if the per encounter spells were removed, just as they were, instead add in more talents. For example, freeze damage has a chance to freeze an enemy, fire can burn, etc.
  6. i guess that's cool. there's prolly some families that would abandon the child. if so, that would make a really great story.
  7. ya i know, but how are more made? are they a-sexual or something?
  8. Cheddar cheesy way to do it. www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1gOXoMNO5s Stuff took me awhile to figure out, but flawless victory!
  9. On vanilla, I go got a tanky companion, while the ranger focuses on accuracy and speed. also venom strike. give m awhile and I'll get a screenshot of the talents.
  10. Devs. asked me to move this here. original post is below. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/84280-warning-on-update-enemies-will-re-spawn-on-1st-load/
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