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  1. Hello my friend! Stay a while and listen!

  2. Stay a while and listen!

  3. Please oh Please Obsidian! DO NOT ADD ANY ROMANCE in this game!! i hope i am not the only one who does NOT WANT romances in the RPG game... Edit: Wanted to write something more but my notebook said he needs to restart in 10 seconds. So, when i first time Played PoE i was kin of "veteran" in all kind of RPG's (started out back in late 80's or early 90's with "Eye of the Beholder" and "Betrayal at Krondor"), and after playing long time Baldur's Gate, then Mass Effect and Dragon Age i was getting used to romances in games (starting with not even single romance oprtion in "real" cRPGs)
  4. Yup. You can't. There is no way to say "Stay in Caed Nua Friend" without previously joining companion (except when Your party is full), so in solo achievements You won't be able to complete Turn Based Quest (tbh any quest at all) neither most of "someone is asking for escort", "someone is asking of help". Also TCS Completionist is probably impossible to make :-P My TCS at least was speedrun (in around 3 hours).
  5. Minsc Should be Barbarian (for berserker rage), and where is Jan Jansen (Orian Mage with high sneak and mechanics)? Also i was trying to make Planescape team but unfortunately, no flying skulls, and winged women make it difficult (as for burning ppl i never liked Ignus).
  6. I can't make myself to like him. To be honest None of WM characters mad a way to my heart. I still prefer character from vanilla game than any of expansions characters. Also playing a Barbarian i prefer having Eder (tank) and few casters/ranged than another melee-dps.
  7. You cannot load a Trial of Iron save from in game (only from the main menu), and quitting overwrites the save, which is also deleted on game over. Only thing you can do to save the situation is to Alt+F4, or close the process in Task Manager, but then whats the point of Trial of Iron. Actually if You got attacked, and when there are hostiles around You exit to main menu, Your save won't overwrite. Other words if You want reload save in PotD - got attacked I accidentally found that out while on my TCS i made a ragequit in Lle a Rhemen, in cave with spores - couldn't pass through them wi
  8. Alpine Dragon for me. With Adra i had funny glitch - My main was using some item that is giving Invisibility on critical hit and The Grey Sleeper and in first hit i scored critical and stayed invisible the whole fight so that everyone in team except my barb died, but he finished Adra. I think it is the glitch with invisibility as it should vanish on taking hostile action but it didn't. On my PotD run i didn't try to kill Adra (now playing hard), and in previous playthrough i did not manage to kill her as max level was 12 then.
  9. Rest in caed Nua and add bonus from resting in wilderness - that is what i often do ;-)
  10. Well said. Due to lack of class-restriction PoE has it's own multi-classing mechanics. Like Melee-wizards, or blunderbuss Ciphers.
  11. My view is that *barbarian* should not be a class but a background. The (few useful) barbarian talents should be rolled into Fighters as an alternative to the mainly defensive talents they have now, Since very long time Barbarian and Fighters are in RPGs different classes (i think Warhammer 1 ed already make them different ones), and so are they in cRPGs. While Fighters are always more disciplined and in every system they rely on defense barbarians are wild warriors relying on raw power and damage. I won't touch that. Barbarian imo has nothing to do with warrior classes. It is like Warri
  12. Most of Eder and h Hiravis (alone and together) dialogues. I amnot big fan of durance (he is being an ***hole - but is useful), but it makes me laugh when he says something that sounds like "Magran's fire cast light in DORK places" (instead DARK).
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