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  1. Awesome, going to try it. Just simple question - why stag form? I mean I know stag has better defence, but you cant tank anyway, right? You use it more for dmg gealing...or is there any interaction Im missing?
  2. Is this build still viable? I played the game a long time ago, and I dont know if some patch didnt change something important for this build..
  3. How is confident aim bugged? From bug section I found something about CA giving too much damage than it should, thus your fighter is stronger than it should be. Which I doubt is not worth of such debate...am I missing something?
  4. Speaking of paladins - how tanky are they? I used chanter and fighter as main tanks (and they were fine), is paladin viable replacement as main tank?
  5. on the sidenote - is there any difference between taking one chant and taking more of the same? (ie 1X Dragon trashed has same fect as 6X Dragon trashed, right?)
  6. Are soulbound weapons so inferior? I wanted to put St. Ydwens Redeemer or Steadfast on my palladin, they look so nice (plus their ability to cast Sunlance/divine mark should stack with Scion of flame, right?)
  7. What can change the nature of a man? PoE is fine, its on par with BG saga to me. They are both fine, dont get me wrong. But they are both oriented towards combat/party relation fun.I believe WOW moments come from story and atmosphere. The grim atmosphere of dirty Sigil was much more memorable than anything in GB/PoE. Finding ring in my own guts is something hard to forget. Talking to your immortality as well. That being said I dont believe game can be awesome in everything - complexity and replayability kills story and atmosphere. So i'm glad for PoE as it was made. But speaking of mem
  8. Is stormcaller valid choice? It seem like waste of potential...but I'm curious if Soul shock from Stormcaller also generate focus? Cipher is my main, but I looks so subpar in compare to ranger with it.
  9. Hi folks, I played game few months ago, then waited for localisation to my native language, than I started again...and point is: in past when I took place in fight there were HP bars, action bars and so on. Now I dont see anything untill I directly point at character by cursor. Question is - was it changed by patch? Or is there any option I turned of? I kinda liked the way it was before,..
  10. Hi folks, my idea is pretty simple. As game is not expected to change a lot in future, what about making complex guide for every character? There are players who have a lot of experience and know a lot of dirty tricks. Meanwhile lot of new topicks are created with same basic question - how to make.....? Yes, there is character build section....which was last updated in april 2015...so my question is - would it be possible to make complex guide and make them pinned on forum? So people can first read some basic info and than ask about what is unclear?
  11. Problem is there is nothing like living with flaws and peculiarities. Stats dont have impact on your companions outside the combat. Thats the point of respec idea, you can have both - unique character and strong combat character at once.
  12. I have to agree with DKDartagnan. I can see reasons why is this implemented to game, but the point is that as far as I know there is no place where you are forced to rely on supplies. If you survide first fight you can return back to town and resupply/rest. That makes it no more than another option. Possible solution would be respawning monsters in dungeon which was not cleared (so you have to clear whole map/dungeon/specific place) or to not allow payer to leave dungeon without clearing it/reaching some checkpoint. Btw constructive discusion with game developers is kinda new experienc
  13. I wonder about ideal party composition. My main character was always caster so I need tanks. Eder is not bad but I feel Im overhelmed way too often. For my new run I plan to chose cipher or ranger, maybe both. That means cipher and/or ranger, wizard, priest, chanter, and fighter in early stages... The question is who fit the best here? And what is ideal composition for you?
  14. Yep, i started the game with ranger just to try few fights and it is kinda disapointing...hope it gets better.
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