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  1. Use the scrolls: - valour to increase accuracey - remove fear - scroll of protection - and the big one: scroll of paralysing The whole idea is to get you accuracy up high enough so the paralysing scrolls will hit so the dragon can't get its breath weapon off. Potions of major endurance help enormously to and that's and under statement.
  2. If you want to play a firearm cipher get ryonas vembraces. They give you -3 dr, plus the blunder buss will have -4, lead splitter -3, penetrating shot -5 So that's - 15 dr fired on every shot. I was doing this on a quick switching cipher (amua) and it was insanely fun, hitting for around 100 damage every time even against targets with high DR. I think this is the best cipher build. There is an argument that warbows provide more dps over time but you won't need to with that long if you unload 3 shots of a blunder then switch to melee.
  3. The redeemer is probably the only one I find useful and basically the only one I use. The other one would be storm caller. Storm caller is super powerful at early levels but I reckon borresain legendary enchanted wielded by a ranger with twin arrows and driving flight would probably be just as good or even better. The unlabored blade is useless. I just finished my latest play through with a cipher using the unlabored blade and I honestly never noticed it go off. Don't use it it use useless. Maybe barbs can make better use of it via carnage but I do t think it would be worth it. Ab
  4. Without going I to every class and giving my opinion on changes I would prefer I will just stick to what I think is a couple of stand out issues. 1. The wizards spells as they gain levels are quite dull and boring, also not very powerful. Maybe the devs didn't want them becoming to over powered and they did this on purpose but man it sucks having a big heap of useless high level spells. That's why I think priests are so well liked, most of there spells can actually be used in many different circumstances. 2. The game really does need more interesting and in depth content, similar to bg
  5. I have played over ten play throughs and ever time I have rolled a rogue. I am halfway through my current play through (without a rogue on POTD ) and it is so much easier. The conclusion I have come to is that if you role a rogue you need a priest to keep him alive so even though the rogue is doing insane amounts of dps he is doing that at the cost of nearly 2 player companions because the priest spends a lot of him time baby sitting him. So in effect that is 2 characters doing all that dps that the rogue is out putting. Also is you role a rogue also a lot of you party members will
  6. ^^^^^^* That's a pretty good point that rangers don't have many options for punching through damage reduction. Some of the ways you suggested a ranger can increase damage are not very reliable ones either like flanking bonus, pet, sneak attack. A lot of people have said that after the introduction of twin arrows rangers will out dps rogues. I seriously doubt that they would come anywhere near rogue dps output. Ranger do have a few options for reducing DR though eg 6 DR on stormcaller and that talent that reduces another 5 DR, possibly other ways aswell
  7. ^^^^ Intelligence left at 10 on a rogue works ok. I've found with rogues they punch out some serious damage with deathblows, sneak attacks ect......so you would want to land these hits as quickly as possible hence why I pump dex. Yes I usually pump perception aswell. My typical rogue build will have 20 dex 20 perception and everything else left at 10. I am thinking that if I rolled a rogue and duelled daggers (drawn in spring) I would be better of pumping might and perception not dexterity.
  8. I wonder if say for example you where a rogue dual wielding daggers if you would be better of leaving dex at 10 and raising might to 20. This would help with punching through damage reduction. But with sabres you might be better of leaving might at 10 and pumping dex to 20 because sabres are slower then daggers? Or would you be better off pumping might for sabres? Confusing
  9. If you dual wield, say a rogue with 2 weapons or a fighter. Is it important to have high dexterity or does using 2 weapons somewhat negate the benefits from having high dex?
  10. Yeah I agree. Ciphers are a really cool class to play beacuse they are so original and they role play really well but I found them to be very under powered after all the patch nerfs. I basically only ever roll a cipher for 3 reasons: amplified wave, time parasite and defensive mindweb. These powers aren't gained untill probably the last 30% of the game so at low levels they aren't really that great. You have whisper of treason but that is really about the only power I use early on. Amplified wave , parasite and mindweb are 3 pretty good reasons to roll a cipher but:) Super powerful spe
  11. How does time parasite last the entire fight? In the spell description it says 12 second duration (which can be extended by intelligence ) Also it's probably worth telling the OP that wounding does not generate focus? I think ( drawn in spring)
  12. ^^^^^^ I don't think the thread has been derailed. The op has probably gotten the best run down on how to build a barb existing on this planet.
  13. Yeah thanks for the help on this one. Good thing I sorted it out playing the game will be more enjoyable now. I just wish the soulbound proc wasn't so low then those weapons would be worthwhile also
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