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  1. FoD has the <Fire> keyword, so anything that boosts <Fire> damage, power level and accuracy, boosts FoD.
  2. Ability changes were mostly fine, with a few over-nerfs, but item changes still have me kinda tilted, like Sungrazer. Was that really necessary? It's also just natural for a game at the end of its life cycle to have much, much less new content like builds. Obsidian were really good at nerfing key items in popular and powerful builds that popped up at the forums though.
  3. Meta? Streetfighter or single class Wizard, I guess? For Citzal, nothing has changed, combos well with Monk and Fighter. WotEP was nerffed a fair bit, only good when you're consistently hitting multiple enemies... should prob multiclass with Monk or something. Wizard is very good as usual. Fighter got the 1.1 nerfs, nothing after that. Cleave Stance and Charge were gutted mostly, but it's still a fine class, and the base of most of my martial multiclasses even today. Chanter... not really, I think. Drake got hit too, but otherwise those were the nerfs. If you're feeling
  4. So, there are two 2h axes, Amra and Oathbreaker's End. Amra gives you Frenzy and has synergy with crit, so... a non-Barbarian martial multiclass with crit, seems like Fighter/something to me. You also need 25 Might for this, so a Might inspiration (Barbarian or Monk) or you need a Priest or something casting buffs on you. Fighter/Monk would be my first idea. Oathbreaker also has crit synergy and really wants you to nuke single targets, so perhaps a more dps option, like Barbarian. Brute would work fantastically, Marauder and Ravager would also be good. The thing with melee builds i
  5. GOTY release with turn-based combat option? Marketed well? Considering how well DOS2 sold... honestly, I think it'd be a smart attempt. I'd definitely try one playthrough, though I wonder how much enemy health will have to be lowered to make the big encounters anywhere near fast enough.
  6. It's called manners, sarcasm and wit. You've never heard of a line like "My good friend Mc****face, who I'm about to kill..." Besides, you always have a choice to be super affectionate when talking with Colcelhaut's skull. Maybe it's a one-sided friendship! :D
  7. It was actually my first game over in a long, long time (excluding superbosses). I went in with my usual faceroll method and had no potions or scrolls. Second time went much better, haha.
  8. This happens to my Battlemage too (Wizard + Fighter), I was wondering what the hell was going on with my Penetrating Strikes. Mule Kick didn't get stuck in a loop spam, perhaps because the knockup makes the target briefly untargetable? But my Pen. Strike definitely zero recovery loop spammed me out of Discipline quite a few times.
  9. Woedica was a lot more interesting in PoE1 before we met the burned, arrogant, spiteful shrew in person in Deadfire.
  10. For me, as I was sailing from the second dlc island: halfway to Neketaka I got a scripted event (something huge blew up in a distance - third dlc related). I thought "interesting" and continued sailing to Neketaka - in the bay just before Neketaka, I got the 'start quest' event, with a certain npc landing on my ship and telling me where to go. So basically, everything triggered on ship without landing anywhere. Edit: and yeah, I finished the dlc. Kinda interesting, I rated all three dlcs around 8.5/10. All of them were also 4.5 - 5.5 hours long. Probably was the most interesting one of the
  11. Run Through has a 25-35 base damage. Spinning Assault has 14-16. 30 average vs. 15 average. Knockdown + bleed and knockback + hobble are roughly equal effects, considering knockdown is single target and knockback is aoe. Simply put, Run Through is very specialized towards single target and Spinning Assault towards aoe. Simply pick what your character NEEDS more or ends up doing more. While you probably usually send your WotEP character against multiple enemies for the aoe, I personally prefer Run Through, so he can be useful against bosses and can try to pin down a priority target like a c
  12. Fair enough, that sounds effective and fun. It just skipped my mind since I hate guns and never use them.
  13. You find early in the eastern wing, it was one of the first new items I found. There are... iirc, a few encounters before it, but you can probably grab it at a way lower level than intended.
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