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  1. Hi, thank you for your time. However, I have tested this on the latest patch (v4.0.1) and the bug is still not resolved.
  2. I too am having this problem with Citzal's spirit lance, seems like this bug is affecting both WOTEP and Citzal spirit lance. I've tested the latest patch and this bug has not been fixed yet.. I've tried to unequip all my items and summon the spirit lance - same thing bug occured. could you elaborate?
  3. Hi, I would like to report a bug. Ever since i patched the game with Forgotten Sanctum, my Sage (monk + wizard) equipped with citzal spirit lance is bugged. When I try to use stunning blow or force of anguish on a group of enemies, normally what happens is everyone in the AoE of spirit lance will be stunned / proned. What happens now after the patch, if I use the skills, instead of everyone in the AoE getting damaged + stunned, only the target I have selected is damaged and stunned, while my character is forced in a loop and will keep repeating the stunning blow until either my mortifi
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