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  1. I agree that that's a pretty good point, but I keep thinking about games like Disco Elysium and Undertale, that sell solely on the plot and setting. Pillars 2 has the setting. You're probably right though.
  2. I think they could make a few mechanical changes to make fights more interesting, but I would love a relatively focused mid level campaign like White March with the current engine. Maybe 15 years from now, another team will discover how good prebaked isometric images look. Or maybe there will be a rush to copy Disco Elysium.
  3. I just read through the thread, and I thought this was the most interesting comment. 1. Games always blame poor marketing. 2. Maybe. However, Pillars benefited from being in the initial wave of Kickstarters, so I don't think all 40,000 would have come back. 3. This argument would hold more water if the game wasn't already going to an incredibly narrow demographic. 4. Yeah, who likes pirates? Oh, everyone. 5. Why didn't this affect the first Pillars? Sure it probably would have increased sales, maybe even to the point where it paid for itself, but there have b
  4. I'm not sure I have that much to add to a 10 page thread that's all speculation, but here are my guesses / grievances: There's very little about the game that's joyful. Stupid little jokes that you put in for the player to see. I'm not sure that a ton of people had fun making this game. The adventurer portraits in BGII, the Bob Newhart(?) tasloi autograph in BG I, the rug in the city tavern in Pathfinder Kingmaker, the Wild Wasteland Perk in F:NV, the 30s preacher clips in Wasteland II. Other than the unique way of assassinating a pirate, I don't see a whole lot of that in this game.
  5. My bigger problem is that the end of Xoti's quest is all over no matter what conversations we've had. In some I divested her of her virtue (I didn't, she's annoying). In others she formed a really close friendship with Eder.
  6. agreed. well, except for the fact that everything he/she said is wrong. is just as likely to be decisive moments in deadfire battles as poe battles. depending on party composition, gorecci street on potd still has us frequent facing decisive moments whenever we play it. if an encounter is challenging, then there is likely to be a decisive moment, and there is nothing 'bout vancian which affects likelihood o' decisive poe moments poe... unless a "decisive moment" is reduced to the realization by player a more recent rest woulda' been smart. The early game isn't very indicative of
  7. It's interesting that we have the opposite opinion on this. I do think the ship was lacklustre and a lot of the features were not very good. As for the endless paths that was a crowd funding bonus thing. Deadfire had Fulvano's voyage as it's bonus (Dunnage, The Drowned Barrows, Ori O Koiki, Crookspur and splintered reef) A lot of good content there though then again without that content the game would feel a tad empty and the same can't be said for the endless paths. As I and others have said I found the micromanaging of the keep to be incredibly annoying where as the ship it's only slig
  8. I think more of Pillars I characters had quests that matched the theme of the game: seeking meaning in existence and finding that the only order is artificial. Sagani, Eder, and Durance's quests matched the theme quite nicely. Hirviras, Grieving Mother, Zahua, and Kana weren't quite as close, but you could definitely make out thematic influences of seeking order to find it meaningless. Pallegina's quest was a mess, but her dialogue with Hylea greatly matched the theme of the game. Devil, Aloth, and Maneha didn't really get it for me. Pillars II characters are split because the plot is
  9. I like PoE better, although the DLC moved it closer. I think PoE2 has a better character building system. I think it has a much better main city. I even think most of the content is better. I should like it better, but I don't. The plot never really finds its footing, but Pillars I base campaign had this problem to a lesser extent. The real problem for me is that combat isn't as interesting. For me, the moves to streamline combat made fights too similar, and this wasn't addressed until the DLC. Even then, you reach max early, and then almost every fight has you using the same abilit
  10. I would have really like a hexer / vodoo class in Deadfire. It would have fit the aesthetic really well. Honestly, just an island variant of druids have done that.
  11. I had Fassina using the summoned bow. That's great because it's fast, bouncing, and interupts. She shut down the adds while the rest of my party whittled down the boss.
  12. I would rank Forgotten Sanctum as my clear favorite. The Dungeon was more complex, it offered you some fun choices that seemed like they had impact. Tayn and Llengrath were fully developed characters and their banter was well written. The lore was really cool, and it offered a fun mix of stealth, problem-solving, and combat. Next comes Seeker, Slayer, Survivor. The story was pretty garbage, but the combat was really, really fun. Better yet, I love the way they pushed the challenge system. The challenge of the Boar is one of the most memorable parts of the game. And the setting real
  13. Tyranny has an interesting setting, interesting characters, and an interesting take on the spell system. All of them feel unfinished. It's a worthwhile game to playthrough, but doesn't feel as complete as either Pillars game.
  14. I think they'll have to change the system pretty radically to accommodate TB mode. The good news is this might clarify speed. The bad news is it might turn out like Arcanum's combat system. Arcanum was a fantastic narrative and setting welded to a really janky world-map.
  15. Here's my problem with the megabosses I've gone against: there's no narrative weight to the fight. No talking. No quest. Just plop, here's a monster. The Skydragon was part of a quest, the ardra dragon was alluded to multiple times, the ice dragon had a bit of flavor text and an interesting resolution. The Llengrath fight was really cool, both in the dialogue before and the fight itself.
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