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  1. Again I need you help with a boss fight: How to kill this giant eye for the second time? I do hardly any damage and wiped out by its beams. Level 20 party with Eder (fighter), Xoti (priest), Ydwin (rouge), Aloth (mage) and me paladin. Which spells, buffs and equipment do I need to take it down? Thank you.
  2. I just tried to start the BOW Dlc, but the messenger at the very beginning of the dlc kills my party, since he casts spells and my weapons do hardly any damage. I am playing just at hard. Party consists of Paladin (me), Eder, Xoti, Aloth and Ydwin. Level 15 Does anyone have hints? Any must have spells, buffs or weapons? I almost can kill him with fire spells, but he recovers too quickly from near death ( Should I come back later and level up first? Thank you!
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