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  1. It is not possible to join the Circle within the Forgotten Sanctum DLC. We tried to balance "The player, especially if they're a wizard, should be able to ask about joining" against "There's no way we can actually support that in the development time we have." It's possible we didn't balance it as well as we could have. (I do really like that a non-Wizard player can ask Llengrath about joining and she's like "uh... you're not a mage, much less an archmage.") Okay, thank you for the answer. I find it a shame but obviously you are forced to respect deadlines and constraints that are real and not magical. Too bad, when I finish this part I would imagine very strongly that my character has become a powerful archmage.
  2. Llengrath says, at the end of the quest, after we have chosen the dialogue option corresponding to our wizard class, we would make a good recruit for the circle. So...
  3. Hi, Sorry for my bad english, i'm french. First, i really love you Obsidian. You make incredible games, and Pillars of Eternity II is the best old school rpg I've ever played. A question though. I redid a new character to do additional content and I chose a wizard because I really wanted to join the circle of archmages. I had several dialogue options for my character to say he wanted to join them. However I finished the extension (I think, in any case I have no more quests and I chose to use the body of wael against eotas). And I told Llengrath at the end that I wanted to join the circle, she told me that I would make a good candidate but nothing else. So is this possible or not? If this is not possible I find it very unfortunate especially that you let us believe that it is possible ...
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