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  1. Thanks for all the advice guys, seems Herald is the way to go. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place, but which is the healing chant for the Chanter? Is it the one that deals damage, and then part of that is converted into healing?
  2. What is the most important role for your paladin? We can better advise you based on that info. is the most relevant question. am not sure what you want your paladin+ ________ to do, so am not able to advise. a votary for example, can be the ace ventura o' tanks "quit hitting yourself," might as well be the official motto o' the tank votary. is near invulnerable and foes end up killing themselves by attacking you. however, is extreme low maintenance. with minor ai tweaks, you drop votary into combat and then ignore until battle is over. can be a bit tedious. if you wa
  3. What is the most important role for your paladin? We can better advise you based on that info. Probably primary healing, and tank secondary. I'm not a tactical master at PoE, so unless a character is doing something *really* stupid I let them do as they please. But I've noticed leaving the Xoti as a CPU controlled priest leaves a bit to be desired in the healing aspects. Plus I've always been a fan of healing in MMOs and DnD.
  4. As the topic asks. Right now the one that looks the most interesting to me at least is Priest, but I dunno how well they'll go together depending on how much focus either class needs to stay competitive. I was thinking Kind Wayfarers, Hylea, and moon godlike and being a AOE healing tank. Problem is it kinda needs 4 stats to be good. Might for damage/healing, some con to tank damage, Int to help AOE, and Resolve for tanking. Which I'm not sure spreading out the attribute points into 4 stats like that will work effectively. What other multiclasses have you guys liked with Paladin? And some Bui
  5. I’m loaded up with 2 sets of pistols and 2 blunderbusses right now. Being able to change at will is nice, and let’s me deal a decent burst of damage when combat starts. Intermixed with some spells it’s pretty cool. If micro intensive.
  6. So I’m in the process of making one, but I’m not sure how the build will go. Basic idea is to use the quick switching from black jacket and the little to no(pretty sure just no) recovery time from firearms and at least decently high dex to shoot, spell, shoot for the first 4 weapon switches to deal a high burst of damage. Might not be optimAl but I’m liking the idea in theory. But what I could use help on is the stats and probably if this will or won’t work at all.
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