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  1. Gratz. I hope we will see the full run on youtube soon. I just gave up on it, after i got hooked up on Wild Hunt.
  2. Port Maje ---> Deadlight ---> Sandswept So Level 6, with hylea's food, hunter background and thief's putty i had 10 or 11 mechanics there.
  3. I sailed there after fort deadlight and i get 310 - 370 xp each trap. You don't need leap boots, but thief's putty to disarm the ones you want. The first two rows of traps always give you xp, then it stops and the three after the 14ish "locked" traps net you again 310-370 xp, so i don't know why it stops all of a sudden and then you get xp again.
  4. Depends on what you want. A Shadowdancer is one of the best DPS classes in the game, esp. vs. single targets. But megabosses? Big Spider - Yes Auranic - With immunity to might / resolve afflictions - yes Dorodugan - With blade cascade and battle axe bleed effect - yes Big ooze - I don't think it is possible with this class, because of the merging.
  5. Yeah, the ghost is a problem, he teleports you. With a lvl 13 monk you don't really need to stealth that, but i have to try it first on a non Trial of Iron run, how you can prevent vela from dying there.
  6. Auranic is not really a problem. She has a limited amount of spells. The pillars are the real threat. In my monk playthrough, the helm that should have made me immune to resolve afflictions, did not work properly and i got terrified and to get 18x will is not so easy (possible with a monk). Question is, to eat the right food and to hope that effigy husk and immune to might afflictions work, because the two mobs there use charge and one pillar uses tayn's orb.
  7. When you do following quests: All on Port Maje Fort Deadlight Sandswept ruins traps (all that net you +xp and you can reach with leap boots / hylea's bounty +thiefs putty) Dunnage (except that one with the musical) Neketaka (Except Old city dereo quest, persa fight and the following fights, both at the sacred stairs) And disarm most traps / unlock most chests, you can reach level 13 without fighting anything in Neketaka. With a SC Monk, you get DS, what makes fights possible and you are not related to summons I don't know, how much xp exactly you can farm in the old city, if you do the whole thing.
  8. Sandswept ruins are pretty nice after fort deadlight. It does net you 8k+ experience for disarming the ones you can. If you have the leap boots from FD, you can jump over the last ones and get even more (some traps do not give any xp - mostly they you can not disarm).
  9. Wrong. Priests can deal heavy amounts of damage and are pretty much better than druids. Wizard has the problem, that his spells have low pen. I think, you can not get much more than 13 pen.
  10. Allready mentioned that with the explore xp and if you do the traps in drowned barrows, you can get even more (i think 11 mechanic is enough). The traps at the cloak are tricky to reach with the leap boots and you have to waste time with resting, so i don't recommend them in an ultimate attempt. But with all that, deadlight, dunnage, explore bonus and traps, you can reach level 10 b4 you enter neketaka.
  11. Disarming traps at nemnok's place or ship over the different locations on the sea nets very much exp, but i don't know how much time it costs, even with the max sail speed. At least you would not have to fight anything.
  12. I died with Level 12 down in the Neketaka sewers, because i wanted to dodge the fights and stepped on a corpse. When i say, i died, i mean Vela, because she is useless. Second time i got caught stealing and Vela died again. No problem at level 13 with the monk summons anymore, but you have to get it b4 the hard fighting quests (should be possible), otherwise i will use the four figurines you can get in neketaka / dunnage.
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