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  1. You can solo the game with any class. Guide: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88227-class-build-solo-ice-wizard-coldhearth/
  2. Stealth is only possible outside of combat by any class that puts points after level up in it. It's for avoiding fights or just scouting if you are not familiar with the game. Rogue is the only option if you want to have a ability, that makes you invisible in combat (shadowing beyond), it's just for new positioning or escape combat. You can solo the game with it, but you have to pull enemies very often, because rogue is very squishy, but deals a lot of damage. I recommend to use this build: You don't need to play on potd / expert mode or trial of iron, but the item and skill choices are pretty good and when it works on the highest difficulty, it will work in your run as well.
  3. You can remove and add companions at will in the stronghold. Hmm, the only companion quest i know that fails, when you not doing it in act 2 is two sided with aloth.
  4. That sounds nice. And, how is it with resolution and purgatory? Because of borrowed instinct, you can have a good amount of ACC and a good chance of critting, with that 50% more damage it would be good or?
  5. So, because i did my ultimate with monk, i want to try another one maybe. Wizard is a good choice and i came pretty far, but at the moment i'm pretty bored out by the idea. Cipher seems pretty good, the biggest question is, with which weapon can i generate focus very fast? I know that firebrand is pretty good for it, but the attack speed with it is pretty low. Is there a better weapon for it, except for the initial blunderbuss burst? And on the other hand, when you use steadfast and are immune to frightened / terrfified in the dragon fights, will psychic backlash still trigger when they try to use it on you?
  6. I finally did it with my monk. It took me way longer than wodjee's rouge, about 14-15 hours. Maybe because i could not skip so many fights without shadowing beyond. But i even used a supply mod, so i saved time not traveling back to town. The relief!
  7. You should consider Storm Caller with Heart of the Storm Passive. At least against close groups and a RS proc, it is pretty devastating.
  8. Yeah it's harder than i thought. I don't want to play with second chance and with wizard / monk there is a bit of difference in the fights (even with supply mod for resting). Rogue is the worst class and i don't like the idea of an ironman run. I know someone did it with ranger, but i know how ranger struggles in many fights. Never played Priest and because his best spells are fire and many dragons are fire immune, that's not really what i want. Paladin has the highest defenses, but sacred immolation does again fire damage and even hurts himself. So i would say, the best bet is chanter, because i am really bored out by wizard / monk at the moment.
  9. That's true, but the duration for me is even on a crit only 11 seconds and they can barely damage the green dragon and he is the only threat in the fight, after he dies, the others just die without much of a problem. I have allready a good strategy, how i can lure him down alone and kill him, but if i have bad luck and getting proned by him + acid breath, i am most likely dead. So i have to count on scroll of defense and llengrath potion to avoid that. /EDIT I made a Video of the fight. At 2:28 - 2:32 the dragon is proned, still could use wing slam and almost killed me. I don't know, if not just blaidh golan would be better and obviously the belt with the crit decrease.
  10. Ok i just learned something new with my monk training. First, when the green dragon gets proned, he is sometimes still able to attack and i think that is a bug. Second, it seems galant's focus suppresses flask of war paint sometimes and sometimes it's the opposite. So it's basically better, to just don't skill galant's focus at all ...
  11. Angio's Gamberson - Dyrford - Winfirth - Alacrity of Motion Ring of Searing Flame - Raedric Hold Cell Day 2 - Combusting Wounds Rothfinger Gloves - Ondra's Gift - Cartugo - Touch of Rot (pretty strong against everything that is not immune to corrode or vessel) RG is most likely always bought // used when you play solo, because it kills quickly every human encounter. For Rogue, the best Weapon is always We Toki, just because 99% of the enemies are not immune to prone and because you crit most likely, they get permaproned and just die.
  12. That's sad. It's more for the battery sirens and the llengrath skirmishers. For the sirens it is easy to just use a lvl 5 scroll, but at the llengrath fight i don't want to waste a slot for this.
  13. I keep that in mind. My question is, which defense stat does stun // paralyze // petrify // prone target? Stun // Prone is Fortitude i believe and Paralyze // Petrify reflex?
  14. Especially the belt. Because, when you dump res, you will receive crits a lot and are easily interrupted (because of lack of concentration i guess). So, how good is the girdle of mortal protection compared to the cannoneer belt or others? Does it really make a big difference?
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