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  1. I will try that soon how good this range weapon is compared to the 2h fire sword.
  2. Nice. I am not really surprised that a wizard is faster than a monk. I should have skipped more fights with my monk but on the other hand, then i had to plan my resting better and it would be more risky. I think, wizard and monk are the easiest ones to pull it off. I hope there are more people that try these runs with other classes and recorded it.
  3. Wizard is pretty straightforward. The hardest fight in the beginning is that one against the templar for the doemel mainquest (10.000 coins). He has pretty high damage spells and sometimes refuses to die. I died there two or three times. It's just important to not get too ****y, especially against the eyeless. One fire-ray and you are basically dead if you don't act wisely or the paralyze does not proc. Alpine dragon is most likely the hardest fight, because ice-beam / shadowflame / freezing rake does not work. Those pesky spectre tend to graze stun you and the dragon is immune to paralzy
  4. That's my monk run xd I haven't found any others besides Wodjee's that recorded a full run. I can understand it, because it takes a long time and just not enough people play the game.
  5. Yes i know that. But the focus gaining was pretty tedious all the time and he is more on the squishy side. Firebrand worked pretty good in the beginning, because it has such a high damage output. But i even tried Bittercut + Another sabre and it did not really perform well in my opinion. Maybe i just play him wrong.
  6. Hmm yeah, but the charm duration is not very high or? At least i remember so. Cipher is the only character besides Wizard i would try on an second ultimate, just because with psychic backlash he can easily stun the dragons.
  7. I know from Wodjee, that he did it with a rogue in one go. I did it with a monk and a wizard seems very possible (but you need a resting supply mod, or you have to tediously travel back and forth of cities). Have you done an ultimator run and if yes, with which class?
  8. I tried cipher on two plays until mid game and they are just not as good as it seems to be. It becomes pretty tedious to get your focus online, where a wizard has higher damage spells and he can cast it immediately. Attacking with weapons is slow, because you ain't having a full attack like monk and even if you had one, the numbers you could use would be limited per rest, so monk is allready better in that regards. On paper the cipher looks good, but on a ultimator run wizard / monks are just better.
  9. You can solo the game with any class. Guide: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88227-class-build-solo-ice-wizard-coldhearth/
  10. Stealth is only possible outside of combat by any class that puts points after level up in it. It's for avoiding fights or just scouting if you are not familiar with the game. Rogue is the only option if you want to have a ability, that makes you invisible in combat (shadowing beyond), it's just for new positioning or escape combat. You can solo the game with it, but you have to pull enemies very often, because rogue is very squishy, but deals a lot of damage. I recommend to use this build: You don't need to play on potd / expert mode or trial of iron, but the item and
  11. You can remove and add companions at will in the stronghold. Hmm, the only companion quest i know that fails, when you not doing it in act 2 is two sided with aloth.
  12. That sounds nice. And, how is it with resolution and purgatory? Because of borrowed instinct, you can have a good amount of ACC and a good chance of critting, with that 50% more damage it would be good or?
  13. So, because i did my ultimate with monk, i want to try another one maybe. Wizard is a good choice and i came pretty far, but at the moment i'm pretty bored out by the idea. Cipher seems pretty good, the biggest question is, with which weapon can i generate focus very fast? I know that firebrand is pretty good for it, but the attack speed with it is pretty low. Is there a better weapon for it, except for the initial blunderbuss burst? And on the other hand, when you use steadfast and are immune to frightened / terrfified in the dragon fights, will psychic backlash still trigger when they t
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