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  1. Molina with swift aim and gunner is pretty fast. There is a bug fix on nexusmods for the crossbow, then it works as intented.
  2. For classes that do high amount of crits, weapons with afflictions ... on crit are the way to go. We Toki has prone and there is no enemie immune against it. With a barb and carnage it works as well. And i don't think swift aim nets the bonus to melee weapons, at least not in the description.
  3. The thing is, dual wield is superior. You hit faster if you skill the right talent, a full attack attacks with each weapon, torment's reach as well. With weapons like godansthunyr and we toki, you even inflict stun / prone on enemies. ACC is most likely the most important stat. Doesn't matter how much damage you deal, if you don't hit the enemy.
  4. Stunning blow is so bad, because you only have 2 casts. Force of anguish on the other hand is wound based and because monks generally have a high amount of acc, will even prone dragons without a problem and there is no immunity to it.
  5. The whole thing is very confusing and there is no list of enemy attacks, that shows which defense they tackle. You could only figure it out when you fight enemies and look it up at the combat screen to the bottom right. You could be basically immune to everything besides prone and stun, with the right scrolls or priest spells.
  6. It's only micromanagement, if you play in a party, what i avoid of all costs. The games are just too easy in a party, i want a challenge, so solo is the way to go. And i hate micromanagement. It's ok in JRPGs and round based combat like divinity OS, but in pillars or baldurs gate it's just tedious.
  7. Ok i did the alpine dragon, was much easier with my ultimate than with the regular potd barb. The bounties were pretty easy, only vs. magran i had to reinitiate. And i still don't know, why they put the most difficult main game bounty (nalrend) in first tier, where you want more lvls beforehand. Only od nua, llengrath and thaos left. Only llengrath bothers me, but i think you can just use persistence if things go wrong.
  8. I think it is a shame that the pillars games where not commercialy successfull. This game will be like skyrim and that game was so ridicioulus easy, no challenges at all. I never cared about the story, but i know right now, this game will not make as much fun as the pillars games.
  9. Damn, that would be really good =( So dual sabres will most likely the better option with heart of fury.
  10. Ok i did it with my ranger. It took me 3 hours more than with a monk (14:30 to 17:30). The llengrath fight was way easier than i thought with spirit spiral and the headgear for charming. The dragon even killed llengrath for me It could be more optimized for timesaving. A mod with more supplies for pearls and other ressources would be cool, without you have to basically travel around to get a good amount of crafting material. Hardest fight in my opinion is Alpine dragon without the concelhaut skull. Those nasty spectres with their stun projectiles. I had to try this fight with my oth
  11. I have a question, esp. for that munacra headgear. I charmed the green llengrath dragon and it was about 13 seconds, but he quickly turned hostile again. Is that a bug? Sometimes he stays charmed for the whole duration and other times he just turns hostile again (with still enemies near him).
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