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  1. They have two lines and big circles in front. Sometimes i not even hitting enemies that stand in front of me or enemies that are clearly in that big circle. It's multiple times over, so it can't be that i miss everything. Is it the same like in the first game?
  2. That explains a lot. But that has to be in the game since the start or? Because they nerfed the WotEP one time with the double hit, but did not realize that cone problem?
  3. Because i clearly see two enemies in the cone, but only one gets hit. Same happens when i use a active ability like knock down or soul annihilation.
  4. What i not under stand is the following in Kaylon's guide: Deep Wounds (and all dots) will keep you in combat preventing Brilliant Tactician from triggering. I thought, BT triggers wenn all enemies are flanked? And if you just use Smoke Veil, you get it automatically?
  5. I think something like Rust's Poignard. Because a rogue class crits a lot and benefits from it.
  6. And this swashbuckler is only playable with ranged weapons? Or can it be done in melee as well? (Has not be every fight)
  7. Thanks for the recommandations. The one with the helmet is a bit too extreme with almost one-shotting dorudugan. The other one, hmm, i hate to cheese fights with gouging strike. I m thinking to even record my run, but if it takes so long, i have to fast forward the video ^^ Not quiete sure how good the assassin / tactition is in that regard.
  8. That can do the megabosses on potd upscaled. No priest SC/MC. No SC Bloodmage and no SC Monk. Is there a build besides them, that is still relatively fast in winning fights?
  9. Is there a way, to get to Nemnok around level 12/13 to get the staff? Maybe with spark crackers? Can't remember if it's possible without fighting the pack in front of the door.
  10. They are very viable. Seven Nights can just hit the same enemy multiple times if it's big enough. It's obvious if you play solo, because summons are just meat shields for dragon thrashed and seven nights. In party play you can play with different invocations for buffing heal / attributes, but not if you want to solo the game.
  11. I don't think the little money you make is even worth the building costs. The curio shop and botanical garden are important for crafting material, the warden's lodge for bounties, the merchant for supplies, blighthollow for resting.
  12. I always play solo, so boots of stealth are not really important for you. But Gloves of Manipulation in Raedrics Keep are always nice to have or the Ring of Searing Flames in the dungeon.
  13. The crossbow is bugged. It will increase your reload times by 50% instead of decreasing it with the last upgrade. You need that mod if you want to use it properly: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/212
  14. You can even go 3 con 3 res, because if you play in a party, you will only attack from range anyway. Wood Elf would be better for Ranger, but it isn't a huge issue. Guns become definitely worse after you get twin arrows (lvl 13) with ranger, that does obviously only work with hunting bow / war bow. There is a pretty good bow in Paths of od nua lvl 4. The pet will die pretty quickly if you don't micromanage it. It's not for tanking and Wolf is a good pick for the most dps out of the pets.
  15. But a regular monk with just rooting pain and high dex will out-dps a just retaliation monk.
  16. I was not aware anymore, that dex lowers it But Devotion & Co are all lvl 7+ spells and i meant, character level 7 and not spell level. You can. In the early game until you get shining beacon, you won't deal much damage to enemies with a priest but he has not really good buffing or protecting spells before lvl 5 SPELLs what you get with character level 7. If you don't go to searing falls early, you don't even need prayer against fear.
  17. Priest gets his first good spells with lvl 7 and he gets better after that. He has the weakest early game. TBH, the bonus you get from disposition of your deity, is not really worth it, to play him as a main character. Durance stats are horrible, so i would just create a priest, when you hit level 8 with your main character. Int / Might / Per are the most important stats. He has not so good endurance gains, so putting points in con doesn't provide much. Dex is not necessary, because you can't make casting speeds faster. You should just give him potions of alacrity, to make him faster. Res should be at 10, not really that important. You can buff your priest way higher, than anything that resolve provides.
  18. There are two dates. The upper one tells the days you played the game and the lower one the actual day 1 - 20. Only the day of the month is important. Chest - trapped by bed: Day 2 and 5 Chest - desk: Day 4 https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Random_loot One time i had a bug, where the item wasn't in either chest, even when i was clearly there on the right date. I don't think you have to always do that, but when you are in the blackhound inn, you have to save and reload the game for the right loot tables (at least for the Rymrgand's Mantle on Day 20). And i never heard your name has anything to do with the loot tables, they are fixed on the current date.
  19. Still Eder, because if he has only to tank, nobody cares about his PER. Fighters are good, because of unbending. 50% damage covered to healing, 3 uses per rest, 1 per encounter as far as i know. You just give him the best shield and buff him up with durance. Shields of the Faithful and Crown of the Faithful provide +50 deflection (25 deflection and 25 resolve), + his Vigorous Defense another 20. If you use Salvation of Time on the party, his lower INT doesn't matter. Champions Boon provides + 10 per, so, if you just buff him properly, he can tank pretty well. Fighters don't deal much damage anyway. They have inferiour single target like Barbarians and their AoE is bad as well (compared to other classes). "Tanking" in this game is not as braindead as in other games. The AI is smarter, they will just disengange your heavy tank and go for your weaker backline.
  20. Molina with swift aim and gunner is pretty fast. There is a bug fix on nexusmods for the crossbow, then it works as intented.
  21. For classes that do high amount of crits, weapons with afflictions ... on crit are the way to go. We Toki has prone and there is no enemie immune against it. With a barb and carnage it works as well. And i don't think swift aim nets the bonus to melee weapons, at least not in the description.
  22. The thing is, dual wield is superior. You hit faster if you skill the right talent, a full attack attacks with each weapon, torment's reach as well. With weapons like godansthunyr and we toki, you even inflict stun / prone on enemies. ACC is most likely the most important stat. Doesn't matter how much damage you deal, if you don't hit the enemy.
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