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  1. Pretty sure everyone except monk or chanter need party support in long fights. Resources of other classes are not unlimited. And once resources run out you at best has just one empower charge
  2. Yeah, the same. Probably top one out there. Swashbuckler in general is really good for tanking I also had some nice results with Unbroken/Fury Shaper mercenary though not too deep of a test. Looks like Carnage also allows to keep ensure that several enemies feel danger from tank. Though swashbuckler is more reliable
  3. You can get away with 15 Res I think. And maybe even a bit less int(around 7 maybe?) so you can get some more dex out. MIG 18 CON 8 DEX 14 PER 16 INT 7 RES 15? You want heavy armor for looks? Or for DR? In endgame some enemies provide so much damage that DR is irrelevant
  4. I heard somewhere that in addition its int scaling is bad. On par with might scaling of constant recovery. Might be wrong though
  5. Define beginning. Prologue? or Prologue + Act 1? Personally I had quite a lot of problem with PoE story that is kinda going "but though must" and beginning that kinda feels less like "here the story goes" and more "pushing plot". I didn't even noticed when we progressed from "learn what happens to you" to "stop Taos". Feels like its missing entire act.
  6. I think we came a bit too far from original tanking question so lets return to it xD What in your opinion is best lets say 5 SC or MC classes for tanking in deadfire? Yeah, in theory you can build anyone into tank by boosting res and giving them shield and + engagement, but which classes/combo of classes do it better then anyone else?
  7. Two-hander paladin isn't THAT good. Damage fall down quite a lot after you unload your flames of Devotion. Probably best synergy for two-hander paladin will be with Royal deadfire Cannoneer belt, which gives you Firebrand sword summon(giant flaming sword). Or there is good wounding greatsword which gets great boost from your might IIRC Goldpact dot isn't affected by int. Actually, if you do not care about long effects of your exhortation buffs and zealot aura radius - you can drop int even lower. Focus on damage spells and "right now" effects Bleak Walkers are actually awesome dual w
  8. Didn't know that. Interesting. That means that my preferable type of wizard(dots) is entirely excluded from this competition... wonder if its actually him who do most damage in my parties...
  9. Mainly because of -6 DR. Thats not discountable number and while it does lacks in single strike punching power, stormcaller characters reliably stays as one who has "most total damage done" on stat screen. Even persistance doesn't come close for some reason
  10. I used her as dualwielding mindstalker and she was pretty decent in this role actually. Her low might is less of a problem once you stuck up both sneak attack and Biting whip damage and mindstalker is insanely good at creating sneak attack opportunities. Add hammering though for extra penetration and result is really nice. She even isn't that squishy dew to positive resolve. I gave her rapier + dagger combo and results was very nice
  11. But stormcaller damage is so damn high and shoot fast enough so Returning storm end up being triggered almost nonstop So... lets say character like this Island Aumaua: for three slots, so it will be possible to have arbalest+twin sting+ sub weapon Stats 20-8-10-18-18-3: to pull max from pron on crit of arbalest and swarm from twin sting. Long durations and a lot of crits. IIRC Dex isn't very useful on reloading characters as return is kinda minimal Rauatai: Mercenary - for sweet arbalets in the beginning Pet: maybe Boar? nothing I think looks too rauatai here...
  12. My problem with him comes from the fsct that he is for some ungodly reason still lvl 13, while main hero is lvl 20... Also from fact that my char himself is running with Willbreaker xD
  13. 1. First of all - Kiting. Might feel cheep but in quite few cases triggering enemies and running to chokepoint is the best tactics you can apply. In some other cases you can even seperate stacks of enemies to deal with them in parts. Other good things are priest buffs, deflection and other defences stacking and early on - armor. And of cource - CC. As much CC as possible. 2. I personally right now running my first game of PoE2 (I started with PotD as a first run, yeah!) as Monk/Druid and he is perfectly viable on PotD so I would say all combos are good and more dependant on party composit
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