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  1. I don't think there is any particular build for eder, but tanking as fighter isn't that hard. basically: Weapon and Shield Style Defender Wary Defender Overbearing Guard Basic idea - have ton of engagement, use overbearing guard to smack down guys who, since Eder is boring and no enemy want to play with him, try to get away to squishies. Good equipment - Shatterstart warhammer and Dragon's Maw Shield for max engagement.
  2. Doubly good idea as in turn based mode escape is instant move(i.t does not waste turn) and +deflection bonus lasts for entire turn! THat means swashbuckler essentially start with +20 deflection.
  3. Not sure Jack has relations to Ciphers though I understand why it chosen xD Debonaire indeed look perfect for him but from ingame mechanics might actually be a bit hard for guy with ranged weapon in one hand Yeah, pretty sure Scordeo's would work for weapon set xD Rogue subclass? Not sure Jack can be considered monk xD
  4. So... How would Captain Jack Sparrow look in PoE2 ruleset? Since we have humans, pirates and drunken pose it should be possible visually but what about in term of class? Trickster or Street fighter with Singing scimitar and Hand Mortar?
  5. I dont think there are any specific items that synergize with casting and even less weapons for cold damage focus. So I suppose anything can work. You can keep wodevys for nature mark on crit. Nightshoud could have been interesting but it isn't avaliable for wizards. Rimecutter is good as it comes with bonus speed and default freezing lash. But it is random stronghold item
  6. Problem about world unusability was found long ago - canonical path. Like you can be good or bad in Kotor and then good or bad in kotor2(with ability to provide Ravan choice in first game, however according to Legends, first game character was male lightside guardian, while second game was lightside female Sentinel. So with Dragon age - Warden canonically male dalish elf who did NOT went with Morrigan plan
  7. I dare to say even if you do not particulary care about Caed Nua its worth to get Curio shop and botanical garden asap. Preferably on the first stronghold turn. Free body parts and plants are useful
  8. Yes. Aloth personal quest will be permanently failed if you finish act 2 without finishing it. Also it triggers in specific place which from outlook looks random Party joining Not exactly. There are some cases when time of day metter, or you need to take a rest, but nothing more. It's not Pathologic - you are not on permanent timer Payment to guards and taxes for stronghold comes by days. Doesn't metter. None of them autofail so feel free. In term of "difficulty"(i/e mechanics needed) I'd went Temple -> Nua -> Raedrick Field triange and Woun
  9. Well in theory character can be tank by looking like high dd squishy. Basically low DR, high damage, high deflection(at least in my experience enemies doesn't exactly get idea of deflection and just judge squishiness by DR). Thats probably best be pulled by Kana, or at least would have been in his resolve would be positive. Other one is maybe Heravies - cast storm and dots while running with shield and hatchet.
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