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  1. Is there any way to give Woedica priest access to haymaker? Its a bit strange that summoned "fists" are not counted as fists for profiency sake I think it might be a bit too hard to balance in modern enviroment. Near death is very unstable status even in base game with BDD, now its extremely hard to keep on for decent amount of time, especially early on, when this bonus metters the most. Couple with fact that you sacrifice helmet slot for it and I fell now its a bit too weak for amount of work needed to sustain it Maybe it would worth looking into total rework of Pallid fate? Something more reliable but still tied to flavour of closeness to Death. I was thinking about +1 PL per wound. Its easier to get but walking around with 3 woulds early on is kinda scary early on. Also you loose wounds on rest so it is additional restriction. Though it might become a bit too annoying without reliable way to wound character outside of combat
  2. This is the thing I am worrying about - that buffing and debuffing capabilities of Mythic will still outweight amount of damage it can deal even with two raw lashes and soul annihilation.
  3. Got an idea of combining prist of woedica 20% raw damage from summoned fists with +20 raw damage frombiting whip added from community patch coupled with soul annihilation for PotD run but I actually wonder how well it will work in practice. On one hand cipher side has some very good melee passives and +40% as raw is pretty big raw damage output. Woedica has some very nice unique spells for more aggressive playstile. On other hand in term of selfbuff priest lives a lot to be desired, compared to wizard for example, minor avatar is a shade of what it was in PoE1. Same with priest passives - most of them are not that useful for melee focused build. Rapid casting and martial casting are always welcome on summoned weapon user. Additionally this class combo completely lacks any type of full attack so no dps boosting Anyone tried this combo themselves? Is it viable for melee focused build with dash of party support or casting and supporting part will mostly overpower melee side even with +40% raw damage?
  4. If you go PotD solo I am pretty sure you outright want S&B for main setup. Things will hurt. Ideally I'd recommend to look onto some class with inbuild disables and debuffs but pretty sure pal is doable For skills - I would recommend to get lore at to 8 points asap. Lore will allow you to use some very good scrolls, which is really helpful. It probably would be very good idea to start with lore boosting background, simply becouse when you are alone, there is no one to cast suppress afflictions onto you, so scrolls with protections against effect are absolutely required. Also stealth is really useful solo. Stealth around encounters, shoot FoD from arquebuss from stealth as fight starter First of all I recommend getting Zealous Charge and maybe even fast runner. Since you are alone in situation which were balanced for party, you will be severely outnumbered, so ability to run away is absolutely required. Most of your fights will consist of trying to break out one or two enemies. And in case when you can't you would still be able to seperate yourself from enemies to renew some effects. Veteran recovery is also useful. Quick switch and deep pockets are good. For race I'd went with island aumaua for extra weapon slot. And obviously weapon and shield style for survivabiluty. Get all summon items you can, they are extremely important when solo For weapon since you are paladin I recommend having two arquebuss in back pocket. With quick switch you can have two strong fight openers, then running away to either restart fight(and have two more openers) or to seperate ingured target and kill it with SnB
  5. Interesting. Was it always like that or was it changed in some patch? Looks like I have some mod altering that interaction
  6. True but on other hand wounding lash of Tidefall with 3 int is very potent as well. Its obviously not ranger but I'd say it about as good as tidefall fighter. Maybe even better as it still have really powerful heals and revive - 21 Mig is good on those things xD But yeah, overall marking is better. Especially if you go with Darkozzi
  7. As long as your paladin has intent to attack target after first swing(i.e even if its reloading/recovering but not if its running to new target) everyone who hit the same target will have bonus applied. Marking even stacks with marking and coordinated attack.
  8. For twohanded paladins there is also possibility of Tidefall Goldpact Knight. Enduring flame damage is X over Y dot so it becomes stronger the less Int character has. Same goes for tidefall wounding So 21 mig 3 int aumaua GK paladin from Living land can do quite decent damage through swinging high base damage tidefall with fully boosted FoD + Scion of flame.
  9. its a bit hard question as companions are rather flexible in this game. Most of them can be built into 2 or more different ways depending on what you need. Might be slightly easier if you tell a bit about your own character or like who do you want
  10. Recently played around with dual wield paladin and ended up very impressed by this guy. Played rather nicely, have decent damage output and great starting burst. Somewhat of mix of Monksterlasher with Bleak Walker =========================== Difficulty: PotD --------------------------------------- Class: Paladin - Bleak walker --------------------------------------- Background: The Living Land - Colonist(sweet brigandine at start with colonist bonus) --------------------------------------- Stats: MIG: 18 +1(Living land)+3(Belt of the Royal Deadfire Cannoneer) CON: 16 DEX: 15 +1(Godlike) + 3(Belt of the Royal Deadfire Cannoneer) PER: 18 INT: 5 +1(Godlike) +4(Gwyn band of Union, +2 from Belt gets suppressed) RES: 3 ----------------------------------------- Skills Athletic: MAX Survival: 12 +2(Sanguine Plate) ----------------------------------------- Abilities: Flames of Devotion Zealous Endurance Sword Enemy Lay of Hands Reviving Exhortation Healing Chain Sacred Immolation Abjuration Talents: Intense Flame Remember Rakhan Fields Weapon Focus: Ruffian Scion of Flame Spirit of Decay Two weapon Style Vulnerable Attack Apprentice Sneak Attack For story talent it is mostly irrelevant I'd say. One for consuming souls is nice but I went without it and effigy. Donellies as always best act 2 side ---------------------------------------- Weapon sets: Dual Bittercuts(Durgan-refined, Legendary, Corrosive Lashed) Bleak fang stilletto + Azureith's Stiletto. BONUS: Firebrand First set is your main tool, while second has really nice on crit effects. In general since FoD has accuracy bonus, you can try to fish for crits with it to unload holded spells then go back to bittercuts. To be fair most of time I used bittercuts exclusively. It is better to fully enhance Bittercut to legendary before you copy it to save on rare resourses and limited durgan. So before you do that, just wield bittecut+saber you like(I used one from Endless Path) or Bittercut+Bleak fang ------------------------------------------ Equipment: Head: Awesome flaming hairdo! Armor: Sanguine Plate(durgan refined) Hands: Gauntlets of swift action Back: Hiro's Mantle Belt: Belt of Royal Deadfire Canoneer(Mig, flame shield, Firebrand!) Ring I: Gwyn's band of Union Ring II: Orlan's Bramble ring Boots: Shod-in faith/Glanfathan Stalking boots Quick Slots: I recommend keeping Potions of DAoM and Potions of Flame Shields, else probably up to taste -------------------------------------------- Main problem of DPS paladins is that class lacks decent damage boosters outside of two FoD. And yeah, FoD is nice but its only two charges. In a game where you rarely fight less then 4 enemies at once! SO I was thinking how to fix that problem and came to this build, which for not perform adequatly(I didn't beat alpine with it though) Main idea is play on corrosive and flaming sinergy for Bleak walker and bittercuts, which in combination with decent con allows to also get in some Battleforged damage. After that all started falling in place. Paladin is very good at survival so its relatively easy to survive long enough for battleforged to do it thing and Sacred immolation will ensure you getting to battleforged point even without enemies help As for equipment - staples for dual wield guys: frenzy holding sanguine plate and healing shod-in-faith. But since paladin is significally more durable then normal dual wielder I myself ended up passing those boots eventually to Spirit lance wielding Aloth, while getting myself +sneak attack damage boots. Firebrand duration is rather short here so might have been better to give belt to someone else, especially since +2 Int gets suppressed but Shield is useful. Suppose it is possible to have 2 less con and 2 more int and give Gwyn's to someone else
  11. Btw about SC barb. Is it possible to make SC barb on dual mortars? AFAIK HoF works with them
  12. Oh yeah, I forgot about that rings.. Wasn't there also a gloves that boost fire damage as well? Since she will listen to my Ila, I'll count part of her dps as my own xD Did rough take on idea using merc. Result is something like this Basically mostly passives from ranger to augment bussing chants and summons to fill the field. Not sure what to get as active ability though. Arcane? Maybe get stealth for one giant starting shot in combination with Maia(two arquebuss from invis into one soft target).
  13. Thinking about doing arquebuss wielding ranger+ chanter multiclass. For now is thinking of going Ghost heart + troubadour with chanting of two Sure-handed on brisk restation For now I see build as this: Race: Aumaua for might bonus Class: Wildrhymer: Ranger(Ghost heat)/chanter(troubadour) Stats: Might 21/Constitution 9/Dexterity 9/Perception 15/Intelect 18/ Resolve 3 prior to Berath Main Abilities: Ranger side: Marked for hunt, Accurate wounding shot, gunner, marksman. Thinking about maybe skipping on companion feats so I can get more from chanter From chanter side: Sure-handed, two-handed style, bones, wisps, drakes and quick summoning. Also some nice thing like at the sound Probably something like that, hooe I counted stats correctly For equipment: devil of carroc breastplate for sure, blightheart for gun(probably ranger bound), rest I don't think I have any specific ideas For skills probably just max survival Will this work or I am ignoring something? I know I might be tempted of making Maia geomancer and giving blightheart to her instead(wizard bound) so maybe dragon dawry instead?
  14. Weapon focus is irrelevant as all soulbound weapons are considered universal. So you can even useit yourself - stuff like two weapon fighting obviously will not work but stuff like savage attack and apprentice sneak attack will work. They even work with priest god weapons talents As for another character - Zahua can be decent user. Monk has ton of lash bonuses (lightining strike, turning wheel, torment reach, blood testament gloves) and it wortks really nice with high base damage weapon. Maneha has frenzy and speed boosts. Obviously Kana is decent user with champion invocation and fire weapon chant, though you might want to just go with dragon thrashed
  15. Small question not worth a seperate thread - Is there any reason to go with neutral int on battlemages? Melee self-buffs and summons quite long by default
  16. True, speed bonus from frenzy do not stacks with swift aim, however +4 might do stacks with items. So if you first triggetr frenzy, then unload wounding shot - you get more damage Early on it is actually pretty nice for pet survival. Also ai prefer to first target low DR targets so boosting DR makes pet less attractive target
  17. yeah Swift Aim and Savage attack penalties stucks, thats why I put Swift and stead as must have talent. Forgot about bloody slaughter - got accostomed to PoE2 version xD I personally though about +speed rapier and march steel dagger. So I will be able to hit 0 recovery even when wearing sanguine plate. Frenzy is very nice effect. Also has bonus point of enemies not very liking to attack plated char. Loosing wounding does hurt though So it look like talent build should be something like this 2 lvl Resilient Companion 4 lvl Swift and Steady 6 lvl Merciless companion 8 lvl Two weapon style 10 lvl Weapon focus: Noble 12 lvl Visious companion 14 Vulnerable attack 16 Apprentice sneak attack Skipping brutal takedown and savage attack?
  18. Ok, finally have ability to write normal post(damn my ISP)! Thats feels a bit too MAD top be fair xD Max resolve, high int, high might, high hp high per... how working stats would look like? I was thinking about chanter as second class myself, though I was thinking a bit more toward troubadour.
  19. What are "best" talents to get for melee ranger who dual wield? Funny enough ranger is probably one of few cases when its a bit hard to get all nice stuff at once Out of abilities melee ranger would want rather small pool of must have skills: Swift aim - for speed boost Stalker link Takedown Vengeful grief Everything else on odd levels is pretty much flavour On talent side however it is kinda harder. We have talents that boost 4 pet Visious companion Merciless companion Resilient companion Brutal takedown Then there is basic melee setup for dualwilding Weapon focus of choise Two weapon style Vulnerable attack Savage attack Then on top of that you would kinda really want Swift and Steady - to fix acc penalty from Swift aim Veteran's recovery - to boost survivability And optional niceness which is kinda easy to let go Bloody slaughter Apprentice sneak attack However problem is that you can only get 8 talents in game... So how would properly optimized dual wield ranger talent setup look like?
  20. Really want to make a build focused around full ice set from Beast of Winter DLC(helm of White void, guardian's plate, Frostfall, Wintertide bullwark) but not sure which class would make best use of full set. One of my ideas is to go maybe fighter+chanter with focus on afflicting chants to fit the theme but then again, Magran shield look so much more appealing for main tank. Is there any class that will make good use of all 4 items couse by look of it shield is kinda outsider here
  21. With buffs, talents, gear and stats. I dodnt see videos you are mentioning but Paladin have innately higher defences then any other character dew to their zeal and wizard have hardened Veil talent for ton of deflection for a short period. Both things rogue lacks. In case of rogue I think you best bet might be trying to kite them out with arquebus and gunner+shot on the run with fast runner. Also be sure to have enough potions and scrolls. Pitifully you won't be able to shadowing beyond out of this fight after killing one of them
  22. Desided to replay first game with frontliner rogue but I kinda forgot quite a lot of stuff so can someone check if what I have in mid is a solid thing for PoTD? Hearth Orlan Aedir-colonist Stats: Mig 10 Con 15 Dex 14 Per 18 Int 6 Res19 Skill: 14 lore rest athletic Weapon1: Nightshroud + bashing shield from dlc Weapon2: drawn in spring + redfield Armor: plate with regeneration Abilities: 1 Blinding strike 3 Dirty Fighting 5 Reposite 7 Adept Evasion 9 Deep wound 11 Persistent destruction 13 Deathblows 15 Escape Talents: 2 Veteran recovery 4 Weapon and shield style 6 Weapon focus: Noble 8 Superior Deflection 10 Visious fighting 12 Vulnerable attack 14 Savage attack 16 Outlander frenzy Basically more agressive and offencive version of Yellow flash. Subneutral int will be fixed eventually by Band of Union which will allow to pull out good use from Night shade on crit and hit effects(blinding and deathblows). If I remember game correctly, those effects can be triggered on reposite, resulting in effective spread of such effects. Deep wounds are a bit on shorter side before band of union but I kinda delaying it anyway. Is it sound like a solid plan or am I forgetting something?
  23. I'd say chanter can be pretty good offtank. Chants are not slowed by low Dex so its safe to dump it if you do not care much about invocations. And neutral or so starting Int is quite workable. That means chanter can easily have hight Mig, Con and Res with decent Per. Pretty nice for someone in front row.
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