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  1. Ah, that feeling when you check out for new manga to read and notice title called "I Was Reincarnated as a Hot Spring in an Alternate World, and I'm Way Too Effective - It's Not Like it Feels Good Because I'm Inside of You or Anything!?"
  2. What is a good SC and MC to focus on monastic training passive? How is it work anyway in this game - flat on top of base like in PoE 1 so crits and grazes are nonexistent or is it more of proper bonus so something like cipher whip is fully applied to it?
  3. Also Pellagina is pretty decent support healer. Greater Lay of hands + Healing chain. Also IIRC Kana with benevolent spirits isn't that bad of heal over time char, though lacking "emergency heal" options
  4. Offtopic but how melee SC ranger would look like? Pretty sure most of passives are range only this time
  5. Well he will do ok with it. Just do not expect anything spectacular. Engagement bonus on polearm is useless as you tank with deflection, not endurance so loosing shield for tanking fighter is big no-no. On other hand its marking weapon so it will work. But I think someone like Pellagina with coordinated attack will make better use of it
  6. Yeah. You don't particulary need dex as you have DAoM which is just insane(but do not dump dex, keep it neutral) and if you are ranged user I think you can safely dump res. Con is more questionable as with DAoM and dangerous implements you can burn through your HP(yeah! Hp!) rather fast even with decent healing support. Check out build list it has some really nice wizard builds.
  7. Wizard is very flexible class that can do a lot of thing. Your role can range from offtank to backline contoller. Easiest way to build a wizard is range autoattacker[Delaterious alacrity of motion spell + dangerous implements + Kalakoth's Minor Blights + blast ] Basically you summon weapon and then just spam attack with aoe from blights triggering blasts. A lot of might, a lot of int, dump res, high per Melee wizards are awesome but they are quite rest intensive as each fight you will burn quite a few spells until you get spell masteries. Melee wizards works on summoning spirit lance so split for stats is pretty much the same as lance is long weapon. Low dex can be easily offset by mastering DAoM I once ran low might, high con, int, per and res wizard with hatchet and shield. Together with Arcane Wail deflection reach absolutely ridiculous levels which allow you to throw stuff like chillfog with disables being long and critting good.
  8. Additionally barbarian can pull it off. Golden Dragon, the is perfect for it as it cover all dialog stats in one package. I also ran low dex monk in tanking mode on PotD - works ok but need some help with wound generating as it it possible for monk to be too tanky for his own good If you are ok with loosing might, Rogue, Ranger and Wizard are also good choises, especially rogue who has many ways to cover underwhelming might.
  9. I think I tested this and its around 0.3 seconds gap with 2 third tier chants
  10. Absolutely no idea why xD I think I had some idea when written it into excel sheet but just can't remember any reason. I also found my old DAO guide for arcane warrior I never finished xD Hmmm... maybe it is a better choise. And also Superior deflection Wonder how I should setup chants here. Mith Fyr+Lo? Myth Fir should overlap fully IIRC
  11. So decided to replay PoE1 again and remembered that some months back I and @Boeroer was talking about novice suffering and found my scraps with basic build idea of fist fighting chanter. But I kinda forgot quite a few things so decided maybe I should run it here for some advice as I quite forgot why I set it up as it set up xD Race: Dwarf - Mountain Attributes: MIG21/CON7/DEX17/PER10/INT15/RES8 Origin: Living Land - Colonist Skills: 2 Stealth - 3 Athletics - 4 Lore - 1 Mechanics - 14 Survival Chants: 1.At the sight of his comrades & Bull the blade, Blunt the point 3.Blessed Was Wemgridh, Quickest of his tribe 5.One Dozen Stood Against the Power of Saint 7.Lo, their Endless Host, the Harbringers Doom 9. The Dragon Thrashed, The Dragon Wailed 11.Aefyllath Ues Mith Fyr 13. They Shielded Their Eyes 'Gaints the Fampyr's Gaze 15. With All Your Strenght Slay the Beast Invocation: 1. But Rany Daret's Ghost, He Would not Rest 2. The Thunder Rolled Like Waves on Black Sea 4. And Hel-Hyraf Crashed Upon the Shield 6. At the Sound of His Voice, the Killers Froze Stiff 8. Rejoice, My Comrades! Two fingers of Daylight! 10. Oh, but Knock Not on the Door of Urdel and Gurdel 12. Rise Again, Rise Again, Scions of Adon!/Bride 14. THeir Champion Braved the Horde Alone 16. Called to His Bidding, the Ancient Instruments of Death Talent: 2. Novice suffering 4. Weapon Focus: Peasant 6. Vulnerable attack 8. Two weapon style 10. Runner's Wounding Shot 12. Veteran's Recovery 14. Savage attack 16. Apprentice sneak attack Story telants: * Song of Heaven * Gift from the Machine * Galawain's Boon * Dozen's luck * Wild Running * Second Skin Weapons: 1. Fists(33-37 damage per strike prior to resting bonuses and buffs) 2. Danulya + hatchet->Danulya(Durgan Refined, Burning Lash, Legendary) + Unlabored blade Equipment: Head: Maegfalc Skull (Of Might +4 ) Neck: Cape of Master Mystic( +12 deflection, invisibility on crit ) Torso: Robes of Tidebringer(Durgan-Reinforced, of RESOLVE +2, Legendary) Hand: Gauntlets of Swift action (+15% attack speed) Rings: Gwyn band of Union (+4 int) + Thorn Ring (+3 dex) Legs: Sandals of Forgotten Fryar (+2 unarmed damage) Belt: Bountiful healing (healing bonus)
  12. Sagani is also can be quite Micro light character. If you build her into melee, then only thing you will need to worry is that she and pet attack one target. Very buff independent character, who manages to hit 0 recovery on modals and equipment alone
  13. I actually rolled with 2 MIG chanter once. Result was pretty fun - instead of chanting dragon thrashed I was more focused on buffs and debuffs, while shooting out really terrifying disables(I was orlan with 21 perception). You crit on Killer stood still almost every second invoke xD
  14. I generally build Durance as offtank. Early on he can't cast that much(not that many spells out there) and later on his def can become quite insane even with low natural defence, which makes it easy to wear light armor. On other hand stuff like consecrated ground works better the closer you are to frontline
  15. One of Avellone writing strenght is his ability to flip well known rpg tropes on its head, providing either deconstructing take or bringing something fresh into them. For example Durance on its own isn't something special indeed, however try to name any other rpg priest who is like him. Fantasy priests are generally either goody holy mans(if they follow good or neutral gods) or sadistic maniacs. Durance is very separate from what you expect rpg priest to be. When he have bigger writing role it becomes even more noticeable, like his work on Kotor 2, which essentially deconstruction and analysis of entire Star Wars universe
  16. I don't think there is any particular build for eder, but tanking as fighter isn't that hard. basically: Weapon and Shield Style Defender Wary Defender Overbearing Guard Basic idea - have ton of engagement, use overbearing guard to smack down guys who, since Eder is boring and no enemy want to play with him, try to get away to squishies. Good equipment - Shatterstart warhammer and Dragon's Maw Shield for max engagement.
  17. Doubly good idea as in turn based mode escape is instant move(i.t does not waste turn) and +deflection bonus lasts for entire turn! THat means swashbuckler essentially start with +20 deflection.
  18. Not sure Jack has relations to Ciphers though I understand why it chosen xD Debonaire indeed look perfect for him but from ingame mechanics might actually be a bit hard for guy with ranged weapon in one hand Yeah, pretty sure Scordeo's would work for weapon set xD Rogue subclass? Not sure Jack can be considered monk xD
  19. So... How would Captain Jack Sparrow look in PoE2 ruleset? Since we have humans, pirates and drunken pose it should be possible visually but what about in term of class? Trickster or Street fighter with Singing scimitar and Hand Mortar?
  20. I dont think there are any specific items that synergize with casting and even less weapons for cold damage focus. So I suppose anything can work. You can keep wodevys for nature mark on crit. Nightshoud could have been interesting but it isn't avaliable for wizards. Rimecutter is good as it comes with bonus speed and default freezing lash. But it is random stronghold item
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