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  1. Realize I am a little late to the party, but I did a comparison of the most common weapons for a cipher. The playlist can be found here - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLX9hwkxCWKq6uXqhQ5J9yL2cM67AjVSj4 I ultimately settled on Shatterstar with a shield. If you a fighting on the frontline, the most effective focus batteries tend to be stunned or paralyzed. In those case the extra damage from Annihilation was quite useful. In my case, Annihilation also helped with DR and if it didn’t, I just used other methods of dealing with the threat. Sure, some of the other weapons cause more damage, but Shatterstar and a shield provided the best balance between damage and survivability.
  2. Any weapon focus will grant the accuracy bonus for a summoned weapon and the extra accuracy can be extremely helpful at low level.
  3. I was not happy at all about the previous fight vs Thaos. Spent quite a fair bit of time reviewing Raven Darkholme's video of his Thaos fight again. Ironically, I encountered the same bug he did (twice) where the game does not respond to any actions and needs to be force-quit. A key to this fight seemed to be neutralising Woedica's Judge as quickly as possible. I tried a couple of times to paralyze him with Mental Binding as the opening move, but had about a 50% chance of succeeding and if it did not work, then I wasted too much time and focus which made winning the fight almost impossible. Using A Scroll of Valor increased the chances of hitting with Mental Binding, but also meant I still had Aila Braccia equipped when the first Cleansing Flame was cast at me. Usually the first Cleansing Flame either missed or got reflected back at Thaos. It only hit once out of 5 attempts and it was the only time I lost the fight. I have also had one attempt where I needed to wait for the Judge's buffs to expire. He will recast Devotions for the Faithful and as long as I avoided that I was fine. The Headsman never lasted long in any of my runs. Typical fight went as follows: Judge paralyzed -> Thaos hits himself with Cleansing Flame and goes into stasis -> Judge destroyed with Redeemer -> Thaos gets back up and rejoins the fight -> I take him out with melee (or Cleansing Flame kills him again) -> Thaos dies -> I paralyze the Headsman and he gets taken out quickly If Cleansing Flame does not hit Thaos then the fight can be significantly longer but still winnable. If Cleansing Flame hits me while Woedica's Judge is still alive odds of survival are pretty slim. Beating both Thaos and the Judge if they are buffed is something I did not manage to do. If the Judge is down when Cleansing Flame hit me, then it is manageable assuming I did not get confused, dominated, etc. Ring of Suppress Affliction may have helped to survive a Cleansing Flame hit. Did not try it as I only got hit with Cleansing Flame once. In any event here is the final fight again with my test character (for the additional information available). Much, much better fight this time. Oh, and don't forget to ALT-TAB before the fight as the auto-pause does not always trigger.
  4. It seems that the forum software no longer allows editing of old posts and therefore it is not possible to amend the main list. I would not have posted this build here due to that, except that there seem to be no melee ciphers on this thread. Therefore, I present the "The Shattered Mind", a melee cipher whose primary weapon is Shatterstar.
  5. Thaos is where things really went wrong. My first crack at him ended up with both judges being dead after the first hit each. The whole fight was probably over in less than a minute. The second test run ended with me dying, as well as the third. I probably did about fifteen or more test runs and probably only beat half of them. If the Judge buffed, I lost the fight. If he chose to attack, I stood a chance if I managed to destroy him before he buffed. The Headsman was usually easy. If they had buffed during my Ultimate run, I would have run around trying to not aggro the Headsman and just waited for their buffs to expire. It sort of worked with my test character...Not really happy with this fight as it was the only one where I probably had a 50% chance of survival.
  6. Llengrath was a fair bit easier than expected. Charming the acolyte seems to be key to this encounter. I even managed to survive one of the test runs where I was grazed by Form of the Helpless Beast by Llengrath. Was quite confident going into this fight.
  7. The Kraken itself was a fairly easy fight. Unfortunately I managed to not record the fight with my Ultimate save, therefore I redid it with my test character after the fact.
  8. After having a really easy run with my test character, I decided to show how I did Caryon's Scar. The Lagufaeth were already cleared as they had some treasure I wanted, but it does show just how powerful Mental Binding really is. Getting to the Lair of the Eyeless took some time, but never got out of control.
  9. This is where I almost died due to video recording issues...did not start recording where I wanted and then jumping around with the recording software and not pausing at the right time almost ended this run. Ironically, the test runs with my test save were pretty easy. Looking at the video now, this fight was one of the tougher ones when compared to my test runs. The one Vithrack next to the Radiant Spore spawned in an unusual spot. Usually I was able Disintegrate all of them from my Moonwell position. The end result still looks quite decent, but I was a little worried after the start if the fight.
  10. The Brynlod bounty was another that required smart positioning and quite a lot of tests before I was comfortable doing this fight with my Ultimate save. The chanters were a particular thorn in my side and as with the Magran's Faithful bounty, I did not really use Whispers of Treason. In hindsight, that could have made the fight somewhat easier. I could not use Wodjee's tactics as I had killed the enemies at the entrance to the temple. Not sure if I would have been able to complete that temple quest the back way though, so this was the only option I had.
  11. Magran's Faithful was quite a tough bounty. My test cipher died quite a few times until I found the spot at the tree. The Frozen Lance walked over this bounty quite easily using his nuking tactics. However, with the potions, scrolls and proper positioning, I managed to win the test fights frequently enough to make me comfortable with this fight before I attempted it with the Ultimate save.
  12. The Alpine Dragon was pretty easy due to the number of adds blocking the dragon from getting to me. Moonwell helped and this fight was a good example of my Disintegrate combo hitting properly. Not much else to say.
  13. Unfortunately I forgot to record the fight against the Sky Dragon. However, I can report that it was one of the tougher fights as I did not have any adds that could be used as focus batteries. Concelhaut saved my skin in that battle and thereafter I started using potions and scrolls a little better. It was still a work in progress though, but as can be seen in the video of my fight against the Adra Dragon, I started on the right path. Still needed to use Potions of DAoM though...
  14. Concelhaut - I chose to use Steadfast for this bounty due to the Ancient Death Guards causing the Terrified affliction which of course debuffs Accuracy so much that it becomes impossible to hit anything. Steadfast granted immunity to Terrified, but it did not do enough damage to the Death Guards to allow me to keep them paralyzed. Therefore I used Wodjee's strategy of using Scrolls of Twin Stones. I also used these scrolls to clear a path to Concelhaut in Craigholdt Bluffs. However, while I did manage to complete this quest, I was never happy with how I accomplished it. It seemed that I needed 10 Scrolls way too often - ok, only twice, but I used tons of them on this quest.
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