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  1. Weapon Proficiency Leveling becomes very redundant very fast. I think the assortment of cross-class offensive, defensive, and utility talents are a lot better and add more replay value. Other than that the game is great and enjoy every RTwP second of it. I do realize different damage types work better and/or worse on different enemies.
  2. I have just started POE 2 with two runs of POE1 close to being under my belt, and I am excited but 2 does seem a little bit different. I hope that the turn-based addition doesnt negatively effect the real-time/pause gameplay. The two game modes should have similar content, but be mutually exclusive in terms of gameplay, systems, and mechanics.
  3. I have been destroying with a short-range high Resolve, Might, Constitution mage using the staff stated. I don't know if I need it, or if it is worth it yet, but would getting the matching Weapon Focus apply to the summoned weapon?
  4. Try using a guide with a premade build that definitely works. I have had the exact opposite experience, and started a second play through on hard (in which im streamrolling) the second I finished my first.
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