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  1. I signed up specifically to tell you guys how little fun I had with this game. This has be the most infuriating game I have ever played. The best word I can use to sum up this game is, "futility." Nothing you do will ever make you feel a sense of accomplishment. Every encounter with the enemy requires at least 50-60 reloads. Evry fight is like hitting your head against a brick wall. As you get more people in your party, the fight becomes harder, not easier. Most enemies are immune to everything, making your stats irrelevant. Take one of the very early quest, Dweller, for example. The Warden gives you a simple contract. It was one of the first 4-5 contracts available. This is literally the beginner assignments.. And what does the game want to to do up against? An incredibly tough troll accompanied by floating rocks that throws insects swarms at you non-stop. No matter how you protect your tank, how you position your aoe dealers, you end up dead in 10 seconds. They have high-dps, high hp, and are immune to everything. And this is supposed to be the early part of the game. You cannot bait them since everything comes after you as soon as one is triggered. You cannot snipe them since you can never deal high enough dps. You cannot grind yours stats because monsters do not respawn. The game went out of its way to ensure that there is literally nothing you can do except giving up. And that's exactly what I will be doing. Thanks, but no thanks.
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