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  1. Firstly, how is Devil of Caroc even as a dual wielder (e.g. bittercut+Godansthunyr)? She has wrong stat allocation for her class & stuck in a Cursed Armor of Slow. Is she better off as 1H with shield? Whichever the case, what talents can get the best out of Devil of Caroc? All I can think of is Vicious Fighting, Deflecting Assault, & Weapon Focus.
  2. Was testing ever done on this companion quest? I'm in Act 3 & have gotten Galawain-Magran-trio's help in Council of Stars main quest. I've camped outdoors & slept in Stronghold many dozens of times. But Durance's companion quest is still stuck at ID 10003: Durance revealed to me that he was one of the engineers of the Godhammer bomb. There must be more to this that he isn't telling me - at least not yet. I've only seen the first vision/dream in this quest. Is this quest still bugged & broken after patch version 3.07? Can any console command or mod force this quest to
  3. Wow, any POE1 player ever played a 2H paladin since WM1 was released? I'm still stuck build-wise, dunno which talents to pick for a Tidefall-wielding paladin.
  4. Hey, looking for advise as I'm using Durance, Druid, & a 2H offtank-ish Paladin in my team. So there's these sulbound weapons.. Gyrd Háewanes Sténes: Will this fit Durance or Druid better? I do have Aloth in my party, but he's already using Golden Gaze & Summon Minor Blight wand. Stormcaller: Currently on my druid as he has Heart of the Storm(to boost his Wildstrike Shock) but sadly can't bind it. How is it as a ranged weapon for Grieving Mama? Abydon's Hammer: is it better than Tidefall on a 2H offtank Paladin?
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