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Hey, looking for advise as I'm using Durance, Druid, & a 2H offtank-ish Paladin in my team.

So there's these sulbound weapons..

Gyrd Háewanes Sténes: Will this fit Durance or Druid better? I do have Aloth in my party, but he's already using Golden Gaze & Summon Minor Blight wand.

Stormcaller: Currently on my druid as he has Heart of the Storm(to boost his Wildstrike Shock) but sadly can't bind it. How is it as a ranged weapon for Grieving Mama?

Abydon's Hammer: is it better than Tidefall on a 2H offtank Paladin?

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That is a pretty good, damage dealing priest guide:

The race is not really important, so you can use durance.

Druid is really good with plague of insects and relentless storm + spiritshift. It has basically the highest melee dps in the game, but you can't use any potions / scrolls shifted.

The problem with some of the soulbound items is, they come pretty late. Abydon's Hammer is the best weapon against the eyeless, because they die with one hit basically.

Gref's is really good on Wizard. Because you can use Blast + Penetrating Blast, that deals AoE damage with the weapon instead of single target on other classes. Dangerous Implement improves the damage further.

I never tried a offtank paladin, because he is the best tank in the game with a shield and his DPS is pretty bad compared to other classes.

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On 10/21/2020 at 1:37 AM, baldurs_gate_2 said:

I never tried a offtank paladin, because he is the best tank in the game with a shield and his DPS is pretty bad compared to other classes.

Wow, any POE1 player ever played a 2H paladin since WM1 was released? I'm still stuck build-wise, dunno which talents to pick for a Tidefall-wielding paladin.

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With maxed out Flames of Devotion Paladins can be good alpha strikers, but after that the dps will be mediocre at best. Still - killing some enemies right away can have tremendous impact on the encounter. 

I didn't play a Paladin with Tidefall (since I always find somebody else who's better suited for it) but I played one with Firebrand and one with the Hours of St. Rumbalt (also Blade of the Endless Paths/Half-Mast as very effective marking paladins as variant of my Counselor Ploi build: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/89995-class-build-counselor-ploi-charming-paladin-supporter-tank/ ). Both great swords are annihilating which means they have increased crit damage (+100% additive instead of +50% additive). Firebrand has huge base damage and profits from Scion of Flame (+20% additive) while Rumbalt causes prone on crit. A Paladin with Zealous Focus and Flames of Devotion (+20 ACC innate bonus) can crit fairly reliably.

As I said the dps after FoD use isn't super high, but on the other hand they don't go down easily - and dead chars don't deal damage, so...

And of course once you get Sacred Immolation your mediocre dps turns into awesome dps all of a sudden. 

For Tidefall you want the highest Might you can get because the wounding enchantment scales with MIG (so that it actually does more than 25% once your might raises over 10). Every dmg bonus (Two Handed Style, Sworn Enemy, Apprentice'd Sneak Attack) is good because the wounding lash is a multiplicative dmg bonus that takes all other ones into account. Add a burning lash and pick the talents that max out Flames of Devotion. Also pick Runner's Wounding Shot for another special attack. It's strong. Wounding is best with low INT, but that's not a great option for a Paladin and also not for Sacred Immolation.


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