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Firstly, how is Devil of Caroc even as a dual wielder (e.g. bittercut+Godansthunyr)? She has wrong stat allocation for her class & stuck in a Cursed Armor of Slow. Is she better off as 1H with shield?

Whichever the case, what talents can get the best out of Devil of Caroc? All I can think of is Vicious Fighting, Deflecting Assault, & Weapon Focus. 

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Very necroposting but who knows, maybe will help someone else

I personally roll DoC as reposite tank. Basically hatchet, shield and defencive talents. She has 15 resolve after all. I drop Reckless assault in favor of escape and savage attack to not take Def penalty. So my build is something like this(i do get her quite late though):

  • Lvl 2: Weapon and Shield style
  • Lvl 3: Dirty fighting
  • Lvl 4: Cautious attack(don't stuck with priesdt buffs iirc but nice to have during most valnurable time in fight - before buffs)
  • Lvl 5: Reposite
  • Lvl 6: Superiour deflection
  • Lvl 7: Adept Evasion- our Reflex already decent so nice to have
  • Lvl 8: weapon focus: peasant
  • Lvl 9: Escape
  • Lvl 10: savage attack

Basically thats core of my version of her build. I take visious fighting somewhere later and other stuff is taken depending on situation in party. What I do not do is upgrading her breastplate so she would be looked at as squishy target by ai. Basically fight start, you escape into the enemies, they hit you, you hit back with reposites and hold them this way. 

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