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  1. Well, i haven't read the whole forum (but still, i've read it a bit), but it looks like not only Steam is not for certain, but i did not find any mention of GOG. I already stated that i would not buy a game that force me to run a third party program to play. Last game i purchased like this was new Vegas on Steam (so, it was a long time ago), i won't do it again. I learned very recently that not only Obsidian, but InXile, too, were bought by Microsoft. I find it funny. Both stated that they wanted their own IP in order to remain free from publishers. We backed their games to make it happen. And now this. Why? But it's not that big an issue, after all. Even without a publisher, i was worried as to what Obsidian was up to with Tyranny and Pillars 2. There were some weird ''quality of life'' downgrades in there. So, whatever place i would have to download the game from, and whatever weird spyware/DRM would be added to a game i payed for.... i won't fall for it. No GOG or DRM free solution, no money. Let's not even talk about this store or pre order mentionned in this thread, by OP. Who still trusts publishers and buy a game before the game is even out? Looks like regarding Obsidian, the Kickstarter times are long gone. And no way i would trust Microsoft store, or Square Enix Store, or GoShoveThisUpYourAss Store... That's it for Obsidian. For me, at least. But well, if i'm bored and happen, in the end, to be curious to try it a few hours nonetheless, and if there is no DRM-free solution, there is still the Pirate Bay Store... Believe it or not, but i've never, not even once, downloaded illegally a game that was sold without DRM, even in order to pre test it before buying it (which is a good method to ensure i'm not taken for a fool. I download New Vegas on a pirate website in order to test it, and once i was sure the game was worth my money, i bought it). Never ever.
  2. I would, for one. To the point that i used the console in Pillars 1 to lower the total XP of my companions, in order to not have them lvl up all at the same time. There was one lvl difference at least between my MC and the party member who had the lowest XP.
  3. I always smirk when i read the word "accessibility". This kind of suggests that everyone who played video games 25 years ago are genuises. Or maybe is that the other way around?
  4. I played Witcher 1. Because there never seemed to be a good or bad choice, even from the subjective point of view of my character, i never felt involved in the main plot. Why would i side with anyone when no one would side with me? I played as long as possible without siding with anyone... Until i had no other choice in order to progress. That is when i dropped the game, and the whole franchise. I've never played it again.
  5. Because Deadfire was released with no bugs at all :D The biggest reason is that the hardest difficulty level (>LITERALLY< called "Unfair", so you kinda know what to expect) kicked everyone's asses to the moon and back. Players couldn't handle it, lost bragging rights, and had to vent somehow. You have to know the system inside out and play a well powergramed, custom group, not story companions (who are really bad). That's how highest difficulty should look like, but ezmode games like Deadfire spoiled everyone. One thing that the game doesn't prepare you for is that without any knowledge about PnP (at least D&D 3.5 if not Pathfinder), you will have a bad time, because it's very easy to completely mess up your character. Well, i tried not to act like a Kingmaker fanboy :D. But yeah, you're absolutely right. Same reason why some players here complained about the idea of PotD getting ramped up. I personally never played Pillars 1 in PotD. I don't min max, my MC is the weakest member of the party. I don't spam rest and barely ever use camping supplies, because my rule of thumbs is "one rest per day, no rests in dungeons". And even playing like this, i still had to go up to Hard difficulty in order to have a proper challenge. Deadfire is even easier. I'm pretty sure i would need to go up to PotD if i were to play it. They made sure Kevin, 10 years old, could beat the game without using his brain. Because Kevin's parents may become customers for Obs. Lame. But to be fair, at release, you could consider Deadfire bug free compared to Kingmaker. I've read issue reports, and Kingmaker was really riddled with game breaking bugs. Here is a short list of examples: -CTDs -Crashs to main menu -Quest triggers broken -Many save corrupting bugs -Invisible characters/equipement -No text in game for some localizations (preventing players to even create their character, because buttons were empty) -Characters disappearing from the game -Random encounters had some lvl 14+ encounters attacking lvl 2 party. -and so on... Looks like the guys at Owlcat Games are in the middle of a big crunch. There was hotfixes adressing tens of bugs, every day. But still, you won't find, in their game, any auto heal, any "click to win" button, and you have to manage your resources instead of brainlessly spamming everything each and every fight. As a side note, they're adding tutorial and tooltips to help the player understand the rules. And they modified combat log in order for it to tell the player about immunities and resistances. That was much needed.
  6. Same for GOG. Reasons for the bad scores are mostly: -Extremely buggy on release (even though 6 hotfix patches have already been published) -Balance problem (many players find it insanely difficult (although it is said that difficulty beyond "normal mode" is meant to be clairly unfair). Dev claims that some encounters were indeed messed up, and have already solved the most well-known (the wolves and the glitch in random encounters)) After reading several dozens reviews on GOG, i guess that these 2 points represented more than 90% of the complaints (many gave minimum score just for that). I have personaly more hope for Kingmaker than for Pillars.
  7. As far as i know, Tyranny was published by Paradox (while they only distributed Pillars). And from the looks of it, it was not really successful. Paradox seems pretty disappointed by the sales. If i were you, i would not hope too much.
  8. That's what i thought. But we have the same problem in France with french. I sometimes have to explain the sense of many words i use in the every day life. I was accused more than once of speaking like a dictionnary. Even though i never thought i spoke a particularly high level french. It's kind of sad. But it's better than seeing people who have lived in France for years, but never learned a single french word ^^. At this point, it's downright infuriating .
  9. Nope. The description does not say that. That would be: "Has a chance of creating a shockwave each time he or she receives a wound", or something to that effect. If this is what the description attempts to say, fair enough, but it fails miserably. The description as it is is logically nonsensical, because it is impossible for anything to happen both occasionally and each time. It's tantamount to saying something like, "You are given a spherical cube as a gift". Makes no sense. I'll wager my English is far superior to yours, but that's beside the point. English is definitely not my first langage and still, i completely agree with you. I was about to give pretty much the same example as you about how the tooltip should have been writen in order to make it clear. It's strange to see that even english native speakers seem to, somehow, fail to recognize poor english for what it is. My own english is still far from perfect, but pretty often, i kind of have to correct sentences i read in order to make them understandable (not on this forum though). It strikes me as weird. More than once, i was told by an english person that my english was better than some native speakers'. At first, i definitely thought it was just some flattering. Pretty recently, i started to wonder if it was really just that... Anyway, the tooltip looks confusing to me. Especially since we're quite used to the way they were done in Pillars 1. I think it's only fair to question the way the ability functions while reading it.
  10. No, i guess it's probably more about hand holding for people who stubbornely refuse to use their brain, because they never tried to do so. Reaching level cap mid game serves the same purpose.
  11. Well, Josh definitely is a great designer. He has lots of great ideas, great imagination, and the ability to come up with things only he could come up with. But at the same time, the only game he designed i loved was New Vegas (with its mandatory hardcore mode, which should have been the base rule, really). Because even the game mechanics were a vast improvement over the crappy Fallout 3. The problem i have with Sawyer has nothing to do with his actual skills. More about the choices he made. I don't know if he disccussed with Urquhart the goals for the game, and if the CEO actively asked for the game to be more appealing to masses, or if Sawyer actually felt doing it this way was for the best. But in the end... *sigh*. I had hoped Obsidian would become the guidepost on how to craft great RPGs, with mechanics well grounded into the world itself, and great writting, rather than just patched over the game and labelled as "here is an obvious game mechanic, but well, it's for convenience, so it's ok". As an example, i would have expected crafting to be a thing in the world itself, with lore, NPCs, recipes, dedicated shops, and such. Rather than just a lame UI with "click there, and it will do magic" oO. So many game features are done this way, it hurts... so much.
  12. To be fair the problem is not the writing team, they did their best. The issue is open world, obs being far too ambitious with too many major changes, so not enough resources, the focus being on everything but the writing, something had to give. I think they did as best they could with the time available, but clearly Sawyer had many other priorities from the start and didn’t really place any importance on the narrative. They are still good writers, and given support would show it. Deadfire isn’t a bad game per se, and many people would like it. I’m just disappointed because I was promised a sequel to POE whereas we got a direct sequel to SOZ. Again some people might like that, but plenty of gaming companies make good open world games. Very few if any can pull off the writing and atmosphere in the burning bridge (BOW) or Ondras temple in White March. So I have higher expectations for Obs and it’s disappointing to see an open world which frankly many companies can produce. Honestly, i feel, since the start, that Obs took inspiration in all these brainless 3D so-called RPG there is out there. -Emphasis on graphics and such rather than writting: check -Open World feel: check -Easy combat allowing even the most lazy players to steamroll everything: check -Maxed out level half game in order to allow those who don't want to waste time doing side quests to steamroll the end game anyway: check -Convenience features and accessibility for those who feel they should be able to grind everything without having to care much about managing resources (because, you lose time while steamrolling everything: >>>> example: auto heal): check -Game mechanics centered around combat rather than Roleplaying (even though it's a RolePlaying Game): check -Easy, fast and dumb main plot, in order for it to be easily understood/completed for even the dumbest idiot in the world: check They tried to give the illusion they made the game for the core backers, while, at the same time, trying to reach worldwide mass market by using the same means as Bethesda and co. It was a complicated bet. But the danger here, is once they reach the point where they do not need backer's money to fund their next project anymore (hence reaching the independency they're striving for), they will feel the urge for the game to be successful, in order to stay independant. How do you think they will achieve that? To me it's pretty obvious. They won't take much risk anymore and try to sell their crap to as many people as possible. Which basically means: they will opt for EA's politics. That's how i see things, and what i said when PoE 1 first came out. This makes me question the whole crowfunding system. I think that this alternate system can actually only work if the studio uses Kickstarter for each and every of his games. The development being already paid for. They won't have to appeal to mass market and can actually focus on delivering a proper game experience for the people who paid for it. Trying to satisfy everyone is the guarantee you will make a shallow work. Mozart composed his requiem after some noble ordered it for his defunct wife. If Mozart had to compose it in order to satisfy 7 billion uneducated people, i bet the Requiem would never have reached such heights. And Beethoven would have never composed the "hammerklavier". Although, i don't know if i'm able to convey my thoughts properly in english.
  13. I admit it, i did not play Deadfire. But i kind of feel like the adjectives used here are borderline excessive. I understand how the main plot can be seen as badly brought to the player, especially since the sense of urgency kind of clashes with the need to explore the game in order to level up. I will agree, this is a problem. The same problem existed in BG2 regarding Imoen's rescue at Spellhold, though probably not to this extent, since there is still the excuse of the money you need to gather, and you still can complete some areas after Spellhold (though at this time, there is Bodhi to take care of, and i can't really imagine spending 2 months crawling in dungeons before taking of her, either). And then, there is the god banters. I did not read them. I'm curious now. But well, is everything really that bad, including side quests, areas' lore and such? Fallout 4 writing is completely idiotic (read a lot about it). But it's Bethesda, so no surprise here. Even though i 've read quite a few people here explaining that the writing at Obs is running downhill since a few years, i suspect that part of the reason why the judgement is so harsh is that everyone expects more from Obs when it comes to the writting, than from rotten studios like Bethesda. I am wrong?
  14. Kingmaker is done? That's a good piece of news. I need to find some kind of review. I thought about buying it, actually. I felt it suits me more than Pillars. EDIT: Hope there is a GOG option. No way i will buy on Steam. You can get it on GOG just fine. Yeah Thanks for this
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