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  1. I have more or less stopped following Obsidian, but i must say, it is a good thing "The Outer Worlds" have a good patching policy like both "Pillars" had. This makes a huge difference to see a game being taken care of by devs after release. I'm relieved to see Obs beeing bought has not yet destroyed this good policy. I only hope for Obs to create good, deep, complex RPGs, like "New Vegas" was, rather than diluted things for the sake of accessibility, and prove me wrong when i say it will end up like Bioware or Bethesda did. Well, i still haven't finished Pillars 1 or even installed Pillar
  2. Yep, i really like your post. I think i get what you mean. But now, it's difficult to do. I mean, being accurate by using a way to say things that would be understood by everyone. Even more so on a forum, as you say. Most of the time, i fall flat on my face when i try Actually, instead of a GPS, oftentimes, i use a friend for that. So that he can tell me which direction i should go to find my home. Well, they're used to it by now, but, even after 14 years, are kind of amazed. The good point is that there are times when you won't get bored while having me there. I'm ok-ish at arithm
  3. I personnaly like difficulty that forces me to reload many times while trying different things. But i don't like to optimize my characters too much since their base is a written background rather a build, and dump stats never exist for me. I played pillars on hard with sub optim party (Though, i dropped the game). So, it's not really about rolling over things. Other than that i can see why you would find some things to be hyperbolic and such. I believe it's tied to what i explained. You're the clever and logical type and understand things for how they are written, and are able to discern
  4. I kind of get, i think, what he may have meant by "not packing of punch". Since i felt the same with Pillars 1. If i were to give an example, it would be with spells. While my brain fully understand that casting this one spell that lasts for 6 seconds may have a positive effect on the battle for me, and that i should try, always come the time were i feel bored and end up thinking "**** these spells, i can't help by be too bored to bother for these mere 6 seconds". This was probably made for balance purpose, with the idea that each type of character should be equally usefull, and make sure mage
  5. I just realized i'm not interested in any of these. Well, probably, if Tim were to work on a true Fallout again (after a good samaritan bomb Bethesda), i would change my mind. One could say, it's just a post apo universe, and there are others, but there is something you could find in the good old Fallout that definitely defined a genre, and were never ever reproduced or equaled. Aside, maybe, if you consider New vegas. I like Wasteland universe too, but It can't compare to Fallout 1 and 2. Hell, i will never forget this sore ass of a Brotherhood guy who sent me to this crappy radioactive hole,
  6. Well now, i always understood the problems with stability and the problem of surviving. I guess the stress can kill people over time. So i have never denied this problem, and that's why i supported Obs on Kickstarter and Fig. I even backed Pillars 2 while pretty convinced i will never play it (and in fact i never installed it). But now, Feargus, you spend your time speaking about family, while pretending that one of the 4 bros never existed (Chris?). You spend your time talking about how great Microsoft is (we all know that they are gaming industry's philanthropist), explaining how they w
  7. For one thing, if it's Tim/Leonard who are free to create the game system they like, i personnaly have no worry regarding this point. I don't expect to see a copy paste of what already exists. "Beauty" was actually a pretty surprising idea in Arcanum at the time, and there was quite a few others like this. And after playing a while, it all made full sense. I'm more worried about how these game systems created will be used, considering how Obsidian has clearly shifted its focus regarding game mechanics in RPGs since Pillars II, going more towards accessibility/practicality than making sens
  8. I had a pretty completionist 300H run of New Vegas years ago (But i never finish games). I liked it after being so bored by Fallout 3. The hardcore mod became an instant must for me. It's been years now that i've wanted to play New Vegas again. But at some point i failed a big mod install (like 30 mods. While Skyrim requires 70 to be remotely interesting for me), and always felt too lazy to do it again from scratch... Otherwise, it would be one of the games i would never uninstall, along with Fallout 1 and 2, Baldur's Gate, Dune 1 and 2, Wasteland 2, Civ, and stuff like that. Other than that,
  9. I feel you Let's hope the better in this case . I actually may have more faith in 2K than in Microsoft.
  10. Well, thanks for the details, i'm not fully aware of everything, and your post helped. Still, i would oppose one concrete example to what you say. I'm not sure these are things you know about or even remember about, but i'll take the bet. When Bioware was bought by EA, Dragon Age Origins was almost completed. But we know many things were changed in a rush at the very end of the developement by EA. I had looked up the topic quite a lot back in the days, but i can't remember an accurate list of all the changes (they were obviously never made official, for obvious reasons). Still, he
  11. That's probably the best way to go in my opinion. I believe pre ordering games is dangerous since quite some time, especially considering the new trend where many publishers tease their games before release and dumb it down when released (sometimes regarding features, actual content, or even visuals). I can't remember which game it was, but there are some, like EA, who went as far as to downright lie and heavily publicized features before release that never existed in the final game. It's even more awful how they got the developers to lie for them on video before the release :s. I have persona
  12. I just realized... I still haven't even downloaded the game oO. Guess i will never be able to get over some things.
  13. Well, you probably haven't seen the same interviews as me. The reason they needed to lay off people at Obsidian, to begin with, was because another project was cancelled by a publisher. This kind of things happen all the time, too. And Both InXile and Obsidian explained that they wanted to be independant so that they could create their own IP and be able to keep it their own, because whenever a publisher is involved for more than just distribution, the intellectual property of said franchise become the publisher's. Being bought by X rather than being hired by X does not guarantee your safety s
  14. Well, i haven't read the whole forum (but still, i've read it a bit), but it looks like not only Steam is not for certain, but i did not find any mention of GOG. I already stated that i would not buy a game that force me to run a third party program to play. Last game i purchased like this was new Vegas on Steam (so, it was a long time ago), i won't do it again. I learned very recently that not only Obsidian, but InXile, too, were bought by Microsoft. I find it funny. Both stated that they wanted their own IP in order to remain free from publishers. We backed their games to make it happen
  15. I would, for one. To the point that i used the console in Pillars 1 to lower the total XP of my companions, in order to not have them lvl up all at the same time. There was one lvl difference at least between my MC and the party member who had the lowest XP.
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