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  1. Wow, guys/gals. So much info. I'm still in two minds but a hell of a lot more informed. Many thanks. ❤
  2. Many thanks. I will take note of what you have said. Although, probably like many others, I have been anticipating this game for a long time and have followed it's development since it was first announced. But I agree caution is the best way forward.
  3. Many thanks for your advice.
  4. DekarServerbot. Many thanks for responding with your advice. Are you able to elucidate as to why you recommend that I do not pre-order? Kind regards.
  5. Can anyone advise? I want to pre-order The Outer Worlds, however , when I attempted to do so, the page asked for my region. Now I live in Spain ( and speak some Spanish) however I want the game in English. Accordingly, if I state my region as Spain, will the game ( eventually) be downloaded in Spanish? There seems to be no option on choice of language. Thanks in anticipation of anyone who can advise.
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