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  1. Wow, guys/gals. So much info. I'm still in two minds but a hell of a lot more informed. Many thanks. ❤
  2. Many thanks. I will take note of what you have said. Although, probably like many others, I have been anticipating this game for a long time and have followed it's development since it was first announced. But I agree caution is the best way forward.
  3. DekarServerbot. Many thanks for responding with your advice. Are you able to elucidate as to why you recommend that I do not pre-order? Kind regards.
  4. Can anyone advise? I want to pre-order The Outer Worlds, however , when I attempted to do so, the page asked for my region. Now I live in Spain ( and speak some Spanish) however I want the game in English. Accordingly, if I state my region as Spain, will the game ( eventually) be downloaded in Spanish? There seems to be no option on choice of language. Thanks in anticipation of anyone who can advise.
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