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  1. it makes sense. i didn't know finishing quests changed disposition. I thought it was only tied to the chat options. I just swapped the documents then talked to the guy, wasn't really paying attention. There's probably a more evil way to complete it.
  2. I really hate most of these NPCs. There should be a place where you can throw aloth off your ship into piranha waters. Xoti too since i can't say anything shady without her blowing a gasket.
  3. I think it was because I helped that huana guy outside the trading company get his land back. ****. and i cant reload because it's iron man.
  4. Yes my bleakwalker is now tainted by benevolence. It's terrible. What is this pathfinder game everyone is talking about. I will need to check it out.
  5. Another bug that maybe isn't actually a bug but i really hate it. You're going to backstab and at the last second your target moves ever so slightly which completely negates the attack but your character still swings and you pop out of stealth. I think if your character shows the swing the attack should get to roll. The backstab should lock in like engagement.
  6. wow. I didn't know about this bug. I guess it's staying since 5.0 is the last patch apparently.
  7. Oh maybe you can explain to me how my bleakwalker got 1 bar of benevolent reputation even though i never once clicked a benevolent chat option. Very annoying. Every time i look at his character sheet I actually get a little angry now.
  8. Wrong. This is level scale above. meaning all enemies actually go above your level. Where are the champions in POTD? All i see is mostly trash. Yes. You would not like this since you only sink boats with cannons and your lowly weakly cipher would never be able to face a grand master in a boarding fight.
  9. Sorry. I understand it. I'm saying i dont like it. Like the taking away pause one would probably just be annoying as hell. I can think of a few that would be really cool tho. "level scale above only" Enemies scale to your level or above. "quick slot enemies" Enemies have more quick slot items. Expect them to throw grenades at you, drink more potions, use drugs etc. "champion mobs" Occasionally high level leaders will spawn with packs of enemies. They have higher level, higher stats and magical equipment. "grand master ship captains" If you defeat the experts, grand masters will spawn. Theyre very high level and will attack you on sight. They will also rush straight to a boarding fight like the player can do.
  10. I dont understand these. Seems more like annoyances than challenges. Why not just add a button that allows you further increase the enemies stats even higher than POTD.
  11. can anyone explain how attack speed works? my dex says 24% faster but if you check the breakdown it says only -19%
  12. I think it might be time to restart for the hundred billionth time LOL. Time for trial of iron. Reload is too low stakes. I hope i dont lose because of the pathfinding or something. I find the combat to be quite janky sometimes.
  13. if the encounter is already above your level (e.g. torkar at level 5) level scale up won't do anything. also - torkar at level 8, good job. Are you still on PotD? even with a completely custom party that ain't a shabby accomplishment. Yes on POTD. The ability of the arcane knights to cast infuse with vital essence, alacrity of motion, spirit shield and mirror image so fast is insanely good. I imagine with Lengraths safeguard and martial power they would be almost unkillable. Does ironskin stack with spirit shield? Haven't tested it but LOL if it does. I meant that I figured the "level scale UP only everything" option would keep the lower level encounters interesting even as I level up but it doesn't. Basically it seems like the level scaling up doesn't do much.
  14. Is the DLC content hard or too easy? I notice the upgrade to lay to hands is actually a downgrade as far as I can tell. 1 extra zeal is not worth that crappy short duration buff. edit-thelee is a mind reader and answered my question while i was writing it. Ya, thanks, maybe it's time to cut the party down to 3 or even 2 members.
  15. I guess this is about where the difficulty falls off a cliff or will it still produce some challenges to come? Level scale up enemies doesn't seem to do anything. Unless they are way above my level they die like nothing.
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