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  1. I don't care about watching streams either, but isn't it a useful publicity for the game?
  2. The problem is the streamers. Just recently CohhCarnage made another Deadfire playthrough. I doubt he would do it if he had to read aloud all the text himself.
  3. You made it extremely easy for me Thank you very much. I tested the Grog pet now and it works as I want it. Poor Eder had to die in the Sea Cave in order to prove the concept, but the main char escaped to the beach. Now that I thought about it some more, the removal of the engagement mechanic is a good thing for this case. I will probably have enough trouble running away from chasing enemies. Engagement will cause me to suffer heavier losses than without it.
  4. Thanks, Boeroer. This is very close. I can live without the engagement mechanic. I will find out how to get Grog from the console at the start of the game.
  5. Deadfire supports Ironman mode, but what I mean is different. If I run into an enemy that's too strong for me, I want to be able to flee, possibly leaving some downed companions on the battlefield. The biggest problem is that if the unconscious companions are close to the enemy, they won't get up but they won't die either, so the game won't go out of the combat mode. So I want a permadeath basically, where some or all companions die, but I am able to run away, and start to rebuild my party (with other NPCs, sidekicks, hired mercenaries, whatever). Berath challenge looked like a solut
  6. Good point. I don't know the percentages either, but the group 1 has to be larger than the number of Deadfire sales. It seems very likely that Deadfire somehow failed to excite many of the hard-core cRPG fans. It also didn't gain traction with group 2. Sad.
  7. A possible explanation is that those people probably fully intended to buy Deadfire once its finished, but by the time all the DLCs were released, they have forgotten for this game or lost their interest. New games get released all the time. Another factor (possibly working in tandem with the first), is that when people decide to postpone the purchase, then their purchases (if they happen eventually) will be spread over a large period of time, so there won't really be any noticeable sale spike. But even if the above is true, it just confirms that if a game is not a success shortly after r
  8. It wasn't my goal to disable it. This is just how I managed to achieve the slow-mo. It is just a dirty hack, nothing more.
  9. I thought you were saying that the said Combat Log Exporter cannot output the logs to a file. Maybe I misunderstood something.
  10. The following seems to indicate that the log can be exported to a file. Isn't this what you want? "The Combat Log Exporter can be configured through the file config.ini file - the options you can change are: Where to save the combat logs (the default value is ..\Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire\CombatLogs\) Whether auto-pauses should be included in the combat log (by default it is off) Whether there are any keywords that should be excluded Whether the more information tooltip should also be logged (by default it is off)"
  11. OP thought nobody replies to them because we are a bunch of elites who despise newcomers/noobs.
  12. Hey, we like newcomers. However you shouldn't expect to get an answer in the first two hours of your posting. The game is not that new, so the forum's regulars aren't that many and this is not the most active time of the day anyway.
  13. Ha, I will just run this through Google Translate and I will understand everythi... .... Hmm, well I guess I won't. Maybe I will have to learn German after all.
  14. Ah, absolutely. You also can't translate a movie well if you only have the subtitles file. You will need to watch the movie first. By "superficial difference" I only meant the fact that you need access to the inner workings of the game, and this difficulty can be overcome. But in any event translating a game like Pillars is going to be a lot harder than translating a book or a movie.
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