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  1. They need to allow fast travel from the map and then just tell the players that only using fast travel will cause some scripted interactions to not work. So take a stroll from time to time. In principle, the best way for such a thing to be introduced is by a mod. But mods are unaccessible for console players, I assume. So it has to be part of the core game.
  2. That would be nice. I would like that. I don't know how it would work with all the spells and abilities and what not, but I like realism. Edit: Oh, and the AI would have a whole lot more to take care of. I still think it would be complicated.
  3. In this game characters are able to turn around instantly. To be realistic, characters should not be able to turn around so quickly, because players will be able to avoid flanking by heavy microing. I am also a fan of realism, by the way. But this game's approach to realism is by abstracting many things.
  4. Yet the game treats it as a condition. It as if it skips the activity part and simulates the end result, which is that the flanked character suffers not only from the fact that they are attacked by many enemies, but also that these enemies attack at the same time and from different directions. The game does not track who's facing who, because this would complicate matters greatly.
  5. But you do not get a bonus because you flank your opponent. It is the flanked character that gets a malus from the fact they are attacked from many sides. It is a condition: you are flanked when you are attacked from different directions and this condition has certain negatives. The game does not care where the flanked character is facing when getting hit. There is also this spell that makes you believe there are enemies around you and it also results in you becoming flanked. You are less focused defending from the real enemy, because you think there is somebody attacking you from behind.
  6. I understand the "flanked" condition as "overloaded". Having to defend from attacks from multiple sides.
  7. I'm sure he has developed a thick skin in his 20 years of game development, but some things just have too high penetration. Some recovery time is needed.
  8. Out of curiosity I tried to find some forum of Versus Evil, but found nothing. It would be good to have a link to paste here, so that people know where to post their complaints.
  9. I know what you mean. There is no fully satisfactory solution. It is not the only quest like that. Many quests in PoE were like this, too. It is clearly deliberate. I think it is about the role play. The quest designer is offering to the player a set of differing outcomes, so that the player has an opportunity to define the character they play. You select the outcome that relates most to the way your character views and understands the world, even though that outcome may not give you, the player, a full satisfaction. This design approach is not without a danger. Many players probably feel that they play a very powerful character, who should be able to achieve an outcome that is best in every way. Who could blame them? "But my character is totally benevolent! I want to achieve justice and happiness for all the good guys!" So they are left with a feeling that there is something wrong with the game.
  10. It can be modded probably, but it won't help the console players, I guess. When the game was released, I wondered why their loading screens were so bland aside from the wasted opportunity to show more info to the player. Icewind Dale had gorgeous screens, PoE ones were also nice.
  11. The game has trouble introducing the new players to all of its lore, why didn't they exploit the loading screens for this purpose is beyond me. I wonder if it is possible to put the PoE 2 wiki content there. Another use for the loading screens could be for spells and abilities descriptions, and also mechanics information and build tips with which this forum is full of. Another possibility is to put the descriptions of the gear the player has acquired in the game so far. I rarely have patience to read them when found ingame, but I would read them from the loading screens.
  12. Strong arguments. I decided that he is their head, he probably knows what they need, so I decided to grant him what he wants for the tribe. But of course he may be wrong.
  13. But then the tribe's head Ranga Ruanu will be unhappy, because he wants to trade with Vailians. He thinks this is the road to prosperity for the tribe.
  14. You are probably right about the cooldowns, but I was afraid that the cooldowns may be still active when the next battle starts, so I tried to make them as short as possible. I was getting too much glitchy behaviour and this is my first reliable version. It doesn't depend on timing. But I need to test whether the cooldowns can indeed persist for the next battle. Maybe what I'm assuming is not actually correct. I tested to see whether I can get three attacks out of two pistols. It turned out that if I place a regular attack, followed by a full attack ability, then I indeed get three attacks, however the third attack is just an animation. The game recognizes that the first pistol is empty Edit: But if I place two regular attacks, then I will have to depend on the cooldowns only. I'm somewhat afraid of that.
  15. So I made a concept party, all multiclassed blackjackets with four weapon slots, 1 to 3 slots are for automated opening salvoes. Here is the script of the party leader, who carries 6 pistols and a melee weapon. Requires the More Custom AI Conditions mod. Blackjacket/Rogue Both scripts should be executed in list order. The script is in two parts, to be more manageable. Part 1. Melee script - Self: Aware NOT -> Disciplined strikes cooldown 5 - at least 2 guile NOT Range weapon equipped-> weapon set 4 cooldown 5 - Self: Only melee weapons equipped -> Attack... ... Whatever rules are there, they should be accompanied with the condition Self: Only melee weapons equipped. Part 2. Salvo script - at least 4 guile -> weapon set 1 cooldown 10 (guile is 4) - at least 4 guile -> Crippling strike cooldown 10 (guile is 3) - at least 3 guile -> weapon set 2 cooldown 10 (guile is 3) - at least 3 guile -> Crippling strike cooldown 10 (guile is 2) - at least 2 guile -> weapon set 3 cooldown 10 (guile is 2) - at least 2 guile -> Crippling strike cooldown 10 (guile is 1) The second script is placed in the second AI slot, but is actually executed first. Only after it is executed, the conditions in the first script become true and the melee fight can begin. The script requires some maintenance. Those seven rules that refer to the guile resource count need to be incremented when the character levels up and gets more guile.
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