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  1. I kind of hate the current proccing mechanism implemented by Obsidian. Earlier it was proccing recursively and now it got nerfed till to the point many items that relies on proccing ain't worth it anymore. Sometimes i wonder, they have great ideas but they are bad at implementing them. Exactly.
  2. Thanks; I suspected it can no longer be 100 percent, because most 100 percent on-crit effects seem to have been nerfed. So at 33 percent, you aren't going to get higher than 15 percent actual proc in almost all cases.
  3. Is this worth it over other top tier gloves? I've never used it, but most enemies do not use lightning damage; and the chance to proc it yourself is entirely dependent on crits (and I do not know whether it procs all the time on crits or only a percentage of the time).
  4. Finished this DLC. Almost every gear is crappy, and I wouldn't use them. Also, I was not able to acquire the 1H axe; where do you get it?
  5. I've reported this before, too. Pretty obvious - can't believe this was missed by devs.
  6. Is Final Maueuver's recommended level really level 14? That doesn't make much sense, given that you are already level 20 if you do all the side-quests. I guess the devs didn't expect folks to do even half of the side-quests? Anyways, I thought the difficulty was slightly increased, and I felt it a bit in early and middle levels; but I cannot make it out what changed. Are there more mobs? Are mob stats changed? Either way, I think the game is still too easy when playing with an optimized party. For instance, the dragons went down so quickly that I didn't get to experience the new injury mechanic tied to the dragons. In fact, I think my main character literally got to swing once and nothing else against one of the dragons. Kind of silly.
  7. I tried this equipment for the first time, and it seems utterly ridiculous: It is basically Charge with AoE damage? Whoa.
  8. Yeah the game was much easier when I played him. Whiteleaf were very strong then It's still a very powerful build! Indeed. Although mortars are beggining to use a Streetfighter instead of assasin for more carnage I avoid Streetfighter, because I don't like to babysit stuff
  9. Yup; exactly. But I've been slotting it in reflexively, because so many Fighter or Fighter multi-class builds have it. So I thought it was an awesome, "required" type of skill.
  10. I dream of having a sick hammer, 1 handed or 2 handed. Something as cool as the 2 new axes or as powerful as most of the estocs. POE2 is on standby for me, but if a sick hammer comes with the next DLC & or additionnal content (like they did with free new items), i'm gonna go for a new playthrough right of the bat. There are two very good warhammers; one of them can be obtained as early as level 7-8 (the other requires you to get to the second map of the 1st DLC - which is difficult at least until level 13-14). But the biggest issue with warhammers is the low base damage - rather than the availability of useful uniques. I actually tested warhammer Devoted Swashbuckler v. sword Devoted Swashbuckler performance over 2 full games, and the sword user did about 20 percent more. I know that warhammer gives you more Penetration and hence is more helpful in more difficult fights; but I frankly have not seen a fight where that extra Penetration made a noticeable difference.
  11. I have a question that keeps coming up in my builds: Is Penetrating Strike at all useful on a Devoted multi-class build? For instance, I often take a Devoted/Rogue multi-class with warhammer specialization; and I always end up regretting taking Penetrating, because this guy already has 16 Penetration with legendary weapon and Penetration food. Moreover, I also run with someone who will debuff armor - whether it be a Chanter or a Wizard multi-class. So when will I ever need the +3 Penetration from Penetrating Strike? I would effectively need an enemy with 18 or more Armor for him to need Penetrating Strike, and I don't ever recall facing such an enemy. In fact, even my Devoted/Ranger with Aamina's Legacy has 15 Penetration with Penetration food, and I don't really recall him having Penetration issues either. So is Penetration Strike ever useful on a Devoted? I know you get an extra 20 percent damage full attack; but that's not really all that attractive when you see other seemingly more powerful and useful abilities competing for skill queue priority.
  12. Yeah the game was much easier when I played him. Whiteleaf were very strong then It's still a very powerful build!
  13. I am wondering if this is related to a visual bug I am experiencing with great frequency. Basically, dual wield weapons disappear after a few hours of playing during combat animation; and then I have to re-equip to make it go away.
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