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  1. As a newb, in what order should I take them on in turn-based? As in, what are the easier ones and potentially killable by a newb like me?
  2. I've never played Wizard, but I am thinking of playing the next run, and I noticed that Ningauth's grimore is almost universally recommended for a nuke wizard. But here's the problem: Some of Ningauth's nukes are 6 second casts. So are they viable in turn-based in that case? It seems to me that the only way to ensure they land before mobs move out is to immobilize/stun/paralyze them, but most of those effects only last 1 turn in turn-based. So by the time my cast completely, the mobs will be un-immobilize/stun/paralyzed, no? Also, would Paladin/Evoker still do decent nuke DPS? Or do I hav
  3. I did notice that scroll nuking them works reliably - provided I have at least 2 characters using scrolls. Very few things survive two scroll casts of end-game nukes. Thanks for your belief, but I bet I fail multiple times to begin with!
  4. Yes, this would be a choice once I've gathered everything. I didn't grab Blackened Plate until level 16, and I don't think I can at least post level 13 at the earliest (but even that's doubtful). What enabled me to kill the Fampyrs painlessly was to spam scroll nukes by multiple characters, and I can't reach high enough Arcana for a while. In contrast, I grabbed Patinated Plate at level 8, so it is the default armor for a long time. Ironically, it's the very speed advantage that Patinated Plate gives that makes me not like it as much! (Of course, I can opt to avoid the speed ench
  5. I am torn between Blackened Plate and Patinated Plate for my MC - who is a melee Brawler. I guess Normad's Brigandine works, too? What would you guys suggest would be best for a DPS melee? It's PotD; and this guy will be going last after my tank has gathered up the other mobs; so I'd rather not go anything but heavy armor.
  6. Oh, as an auxiliary question: How do people generally handle Sigils? I found that it's not always possible to destroy them on the first turn before they trigger. So I need wardstones. Now, are you supposed to pop them all when you acquire them? I thought about doing that, but I was afraid I'd make a mistake and need to rest eventually. So I've been hoarding them and destroying sigils and popping only when I cannot destroy them on the first turn.
  7. I forgot that descending from certain places in the Beast of Winter DLC area will cause injury without it. Goddamn! I had to waste 6 Luminous Adra potions. As a result, my no rest run is in real jeopardy, because I only have 2 left. (Early on, I kept forgetting to pop wardstones, so I wasted a ton.) Lesson: People should mention quick items and other utility gear you need at all times when listing their builds - not just equipment. Otherwise newbs like me waste 100-plus-hours of progress!
  8. I tested, and among the 4 I mentioned at Arcana 13 or above, I like Great Maelstrom and Wilting Wind. Neither are resisted a lot; in contrast, Meteor Shower seems to have too many resistant or immune monsters. The targeting is also imprecise, and you can waste a lot of the "meteors" with bad luck. Tornado is okay - somewhere in the middle for me. I am also using Tayn's Chaotic Orb and Gaze of Adragon. On turn-based, I see no indicator for recovery time on scroll; but all actions are "standard" so they are instantly cast. This makes scroll build perhaps the best build in turn-based!
  9. Thanks. I am a bit wary of Venombloom, because I am so inept at casting AoEs that can potentially inflict friendly fire damage. But I guess I shouldn't be worried as much in turn-based. Yet old habits die hard, and I seem to automatically avoid any non-foe-only AoEs! I am using Garden of Life, and I am satisfied. I am getting it automatically on my subclass, so I forgot to mention I had it. I was thinking of picking either Rusted Armor or Sunlance, so I guess I will do so now - I cannot take both, because I only have 1 level to go. Finally, I am not a fan of summoning spells (mi
  10. Tornado, Meteor Shower, Great Maelstrom, and I guess Wilting Wind are the candidates? Also, I have suddenly become a scroll whore, because it's instant cast on turn-based. Is this the case on real-time, too?
  11. Are there useful Druid spells at PL 6 or 7? I had no problem picking spells until then, but nothing attracts me at this juncture.
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