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  1. I'm pretty sure that this playthrough is supposed to be friendly with Galawain, so it might be the other way around.
  2. Nope, I haven't been to the bog this run yet (my wizards are using the PL8 summoned bow) Yeah, I did choose the aggressive legacy this run, and the dialogue is what I got too. Guess I have extra hard dragon fights this run!
  3. Does anyone know exactly what the Galawain's favour buff does for Jadaferlas? The dialogue with Galawain before this suggests that I got a buff, but from the looks of it, it seems that the dragon has received a beneficial effect...
  4. In real time with pause, I like to run away from the sigil before it activates, into a chokepoint where I can abuse area of effect spells. You might have trouble with your slower initiative characters in turnbased mode though! The other thing I like to do is use spells like Delayed Fireball in order to deal massive damage to enemies (and sigils!) before combat begins. I believe in you
  5. I know you're playing in turn based, but I think in rtwp Patinated Plate would be the best for dps. There's a GameFAQs guide that says that it's the most lightweight heavy armor with the correct enchantments due to some silly inversion things that I don't fully understand.
  6. I like having more frontliners than ranged characters. I'm going to suggest some kind of paladin multiclass, because I think they - are nice and easy to play (just use the full attacks and you're probably not going too far wrong in 80% of fights) - make the game more forgiving (lay on hands, armor and heal aura, reviving and liberating exhortation - all good for a first time player) - require very little micromanaging. (I don't know about your personal tolerance for micromanaging, but I have very little patience for it!) I think something like Kind Wayfarer / Rogue or St
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