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Hi everyone!


I recently bought POE II and planning to do a PotD (RTwP) run. Basically I like the challenge, although I am no expert in CRPGs. Nevertheless I don't want to waste too much time, so I will play with guides and strong character builds. After several days of research, my party looks like this:


Tank: The Iron Hammer  Swashbuckler (Unbroken/Trickster), thanks to @Theosupus

Melee DPS: Shadowdrugon Shadowdancer (Trickster/Nalpazca), thanks to @Frykas

Ranged Nuker: Firedancer Contemplative (Helwalker + Priest of Magran), thanks to @thelee

A very exciting CC/damage hybrid by @BoeroerTroubadour/Psion (unfortunately I found no build, just a comment where he mentions his creation: Link) I am unsure if I can pull this off without further details.


Obviously I am planning to "hire" my entire party (even if I lose out on roleplay elements), because I like having a party that steamrolls the game. I am little unsure about the double Trickster in my current setup (redundant?) and also about the Troubadour/Psion build (race? attirbutes? equipment? how to play? skills?). 

And finally I need my last party member, so I was hoping to get some advice from you guys.

I am just curious on your thoughts about my composition: Too much micro? Difficulties with certain megabosses? Not enough party synergy? 


Thank you  in advance.


Best regards


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The Troubadour/Psion is a non-melee character who will mostly cast. You can basically dump CON and RES. You want highest INT and combine that with Lingering Echoes.
I mostly used Killers Froze Stiff, Soul Shock and Thrice Was She Wronged in the early game, later also Ben FIdel's Neck, Mental Binding... But you can basically take what fits your party best. With some power levels, high INT and Lingering Echoes the paralyze effect of Killers Froze Stiff last rel. long so that was def. my most used spell. For a good time I simply did a Killers->Soul Shock->Killers->Soul Shock routine. If enemies were resistant to DEX afflictions then Her Revenge->Soul Shock and so on.
But I can also see that a summoning approach + charms or even CHanter Charm + Cipher Charm would be very effective. The beauty of a Troubadour: he can do everything well. 
My latest phrase was Many Lives Pass By - because that endless stream of Skeletons every 3 sec is just too good imo. But a Trobadour can be a real interrupt-machine with an offensive chant (e.g. THe Long Night's Drink) as well: as soon as you get the Champion invocation all his crits will interrupt, including crits from chants(!). You can substitute that with Borrowed Instincts for exampe. Lots of options.
But for the beginning the most fun was just the alternating paralyze and then soul shock, then repeat. I used Sasha's Singing Scimitar as a pure stt stick for 1/empower per encouter and the Shocking Prelude which works with all your damaging spells.

When going with a Priest as nuker and a Troubadour/Cipher I would most likely bring a Wizard who's able to cast Miasma of Dull-Mindedness and Dazzling Lights (besides all the otehr good stuff they can cast). That easy -50 Will debuff is very helpful for everthing that targets Will (several Chanter invocations, several Priest spells, several Cipher powers) and also a Wizard can profit from Cipher's Ancestor's Memory immensely. Also Wizards are very versatile. I like SC Wizards, but it doesn't have to be. Looking at a Cipher who can potentially mass-charm (and even better a Chanter/Cipher who can charm with both classes) a Debonaire/Wizard with Blightheart might be cool. They get 100% crit conversion when they cast friendly-fire spells onto charmed targets, the arquebus will give your splls a 10% corrosive lash and such a Debonaire/Wizard does quite good arquebus damage, too. Just an idea though. Arcane Knight is also always good.

Another option would be a Druid. You are a bit low on healing. Ancient would be a good option, Lifegiver, too. Think about Great Maelstrom. ;)


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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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I like having more frontliners than ranged characters. I'm going to suggest some kind of paladin multiclass, because I think they

- are nice and easy to play  (just use the full attacks and you're probably not going too far wrong in 80% of fights)

- make the game more forgiving (lay on hands, armor and heal aura, reviving and liberating exhortation - all good for a first time player)

- require very little micromanaging.  (I don't know about your personal tolerance for micromanaging, but I have very little patience for it!)

I think something like Kind Wayfarer / Rogue  or Steel Garrotte / Rogue, dual wielding weapons should deal respectable damage while providing decent support. (Could even take Trickster subclass for more survivability buffs)

I think rogue multiclasses make basically every non-spellcaster better in some way - sneak attack + deathblows in the endgame is just a truly silly amount of damage. So I wouldn't feel too bad about having three in one party.



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@BoeroerMany thanks for the in depth explanation of your build. You are always so helpful and spare no effort. I appreciate that very much.

Your suggestions for my free party-slot are also really appealing. 

The debonaire/wizard sounds really interesting, it makes the other choices almost boring in comparison. It would feel like a shame to waste the opportunity to go for it. 

I also like the idea of less rangers and less micro how @OldCookiessuggests. So arcane knight or a paladin multiclass might be the way to go. 

However the debonaire/wiz felt like love at first sight. I can't resist the urge. I think I will give it a try. If I somehow don't feel it, I can still hire another adventurer (and use the console to level him up).

Oh btw, do you know where to find a good guide/walkthrough? I am a little worried about missing out on unique items / events / bosses. The gamepedia wiki is pretty detailed (but less of a walkthrough with important tips on how to plan your adventure) and the one by gamepressure is also nice because of the convenient maps and navigation on the site. 


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I never used a walkthrough so I don't really know which ones are good. I know that Gamebanshee had a very comprehensive walkthrough of PoE (vanilla) so maybe they also have one for Deadfire?

By the way: casting direct damage spells on charmed enemies will turn them back hostile. So it's not bad to time the damaging spell towards the end of the charm. Pure single target DoTs like Disintegrate or Corrosive Skin can also be cast on charmed enemies and will not flip the charmed target.

What I really miss is a spell that charms the target and let's it explode with AoE dmg if it gets killed while the charm lasts. 😄

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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