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  1. I’m a NECROMANCER! Every class build I have presented so far was a melee type so I wanted to do the opposite this time. This is a one man army of the dead and rotting, poison, corrosive, and death magic. Enjoy either sitting back and letting your army deal with the soon to be also undead, or fling about your UNLIMITED POWAH, laying waste to all those around you. Lots of grimoires cover almost every spell you need, with only a couple picks needed. How’s it play? Send in your army of skeletons, maybe summon up some more and/or send in your ghostly ancient weapons to hold back a big monster long enough to drop the appropriate damage type on it. Charm of bones is a great summon tool (if you don’t mind some cheese import a character with one so you can have a second for recharging). Game Version: 5.0 Difficulty: PotD (+all Upscale, no mods & CP) Solo: Not tested Race: Pale Elf Class: Loremaster (Troubadour/Blood Mage) Home: White that wends Background: pick one Starting Stats (includes BB): Mig: 8 (10) Con: 8 (10) Dex: 19 (Elf) (21) Per: 20 (Elf+home) (22) Int: 18 (20) Res: 5 (7) Skills: Arcana / Metaphysics Abilities: 1. Spirit Shield/If their bones/Soft winds 2. Missiles 3. And Hel-Hyraf 4. At the sound/Infuse vital essence 5. White worms 6. Necrotic Lance 7. Ancient Brittle/Combat focus 8. Shield that Cracks 9. Ancient memory 10. And their fear/spell shaping 11. Spirit of decay 12. Their putrid Stench 13. Rapid casting/Far casting 14. Reny Deret’s 15. Ben fidal’s 16. Quick summoning/secrets of the rime 17. Pull of eora 18. Tough 19. Many Lives/Wall of draining 20. Ancient instruments Weapon slots: Main weapon: Effort Back up weapons: Blightheart (bound to chanter), Chroma staff Gear: Mask of grotto Deep Shroud of the phantasm Charm of Bones Effigy’s husk Fire thrower’s gloves Ring of overseer Kuaru’s prize Vithral Slippers Trollhide belt Animancy cat Grimoires: Ninaguath’s teachings Iron clasped Lich’s Brawler’s Snakeskin
  2. Well Folks it's been a long time since I added a build so here's one I was messing around with last night when I decided, "What the hell let's play deadfire again, it's been a while". I wanted to really play around with DLC and try to make something out of them. The style drove the build, but it is a fun one. I asked: "How Huana can you go?" Well this is how much. Hit hard and very fast. Make the most out of that blood thirst with high run speed and 3 ways to jump around. You can easily go Fury Shaper instead of Berserker, but make sure to pick tenacious on the monk line if you do. (Slayer’s claw upgrades tenacious to energized). You may want a source of Concentration; either a party member or potions. Game Version: 5.0 Difficulty: PotD (+all Upscale, no mods & CP) Solo: Not tested Race: Island Aumaua Class: Ravager (Berserker/Hellwalker) Home: Deadfire Background: Noble Starting Stats (includes BB): Mig: 10 (inc racial) (12) Con: 11 (13) Dex: 19 (incl Home) (21) Per: 18 (20) Int: 10 (12) Res: 10 (12) Skills: All athletics/ All history (unless you change out cloak) Abilities: 1. Frenzy 2. Fast Runner 3. Blooded (may want to swap this out later if you find you aren’t getting into the status often.) 4. Thick skin/Two weapon 5. Barbaric Yell 6. Long Stride 7. Blood Lust (while leveling; once you hit 19, re-spec to Bloody Slaughter)/Swift Flurry 8. One Stands Alone 9. Bull’s Will 10. Spirit Frenzy/Duality o’ MP 11. Barbaric Shout 12. Torment’s reach 13. Interrupting Blows/Enervating Blows 14. Leap 15. Raised Torment 16. Brute Force/Turning Wheel 17. Savage Defiance 18. Bear’s fortitude 19. Blood Thirst/Heartbeat drumming 20. Flagellant’s Path Weapon slots: Kapana Taga Slayer’s Claw Gear: Champion Helm Giftbearer’s cloth Necklace of the Harvest Moon Contender’s armor (Heavy Mobility) Gate Crashers Voidward Ring of Greater Regen Rakhan Field Boots Ngati’s Girdle Abraham the doggy
  3. This forum doesn't allows edits once a post reaches a certain age. Almost all the builds in the post still work. If there is one that's super gimmiky something might have gotten nerfed, but I can't think of one specifically that isn't noted already (with depreciated tag). Some older builds can actually be tuned and improved the newer gear from DLC. Anyways good luck! Everyone has their favorite playstyle so you can get as many answers as people who will respond.
  4. I REALLY like some of the builds in the sticky. Two of my builds: The iron hammer and the Imperial fanatic are very easy to set buff cycles on auto then just play with low micro. But I also absolutely love the takehu stormlord build. I forgot who made it. The William will breaker build is amazing. As well as the super fury/helwalker build "the fate testerosa" (or close to that). The "easiest" groups have a lot of chanters in them. But 1 herald(pally/chanter) healbot in your group and you can make a lot of squishy Glass cannons. The gun-fu monk is fun but you have to drive him so may or may not be too micro for you.
  5. Being a noble island aumaua, from deadfire, will create a lot of dialog options not otherwise available. Add in high perception Stat and then spread out skill specializations in your party as suggested by Noqn.
  6. WoTEP is AWSOME with high resolve. Offensive parry will out dps your auto attacks if your deflection is high enough. I love the bezerker+bleakwalker combo myself, but the Brute will have higher sword dps, and you don't have to RP an a-hole for bleakwalker traits. IDR if carnage applies on offensive parries. If it does, the combo is even better.
  7. Here's my input: (these are not all inclusive just what i thought up off the top of my head) Bloodmage/helwalker -Pros: 1. Will help you maximize aoe size. If you can get your int maxed out you can have a hell of AOE fun with spells and the cone on WOTEP (If you're still wanting to melee with it). 2. Summoned weapons (Lance) could do even more in the hands of this class too. 3. both halves have infinite resources -Con: 1. Squishy with xtra dps incoming. (can mitigate with gear or other party members). 2. Extra might will make your sacrifice hurt more (can mitigate with gear or other party members). Bloodmage/Rogue or Wizard/Assassin -Pros: 1. Can apply VERY good rogue afflictions in AOE (if using aoe weapon like wotep or summoned lance) 2. Can alpha strike the hell out of hard encounters making them much easier 3. Can invis out and reset when things go bad (without potions) -Cons: 1. Only the BM half will have infinite resources (mitigation through gear and other party members) Barbarian -Pros: 1. Decent melee dps, synergizes well with "on crit" items 2. Can be a great interrupter to lock things down -Cons: 1. No resource regen 2. can be a bit squishy compared to other melee options with lack of defense buffs (mitigated through party members) 3. not a berserker ( put a DoC BP on a beserker and there is almost no downside anymore)
  8. If you aren't stuck on streetfighter I suggest looking at the trickster for your rouge half. The survivability add, and the synergy between the deflection spells and wotep offensive parry, are very good too.
  9. Berserker: The White witch mask is what I used for my helwalker:Berserker it pops a terror effect when he gets bloodied. Yes scripts know health level AND the pause setting works as well; e.g. you can set pause on near death. Streetfighter/Napasca Monk: Not only was this the fastest attack speed I've ever gotten, but making everyone drop and puke with Pukestabber was hilarious (not much use with the sword though). You just need to micro very good on fights with arcane dampener. Newer gear might even make it better with some tweaks (e.g. contender's armor) but I haven't tested anything recently I've found "the best" use of WOTEP is the offensive parry on a high deflection character. I think a fighter MC would make the best use of the weapon. I'd at least think about a Devoted:Helwalker so you can pump intel and might high w/ the wounds. Devoted lets you take armored grace and you will have flagent's and charge for movement. Fanatics are probably my favorite melee class still though. Berserker Pally with DOC chest and you can lay down the hurt while staying alive. If you go howler make sure you either stay away from berserker or you have a way to keep from being confused (Like DOC BP)
  10. My advice: just start building one from scratch and learn as you go with some save scumming as you learn lessons. Messing around with it really is the best way to get good at it. Some advice from what i do: 1. Start with the most important things first and set script to run in order. 2. My #1 is normally: if near death> then activate second wind and #2 is if near death> then drink a heal potion (adjust which one as you change which potions you keep on your belt). 3. Add a cool down timer on any spammable abilities that you don't want spammed. 4. (optional) put a minimum resource needed (to save some for manual use) on resource spending lines 5. set ranged guys to focus on spell casters first (if enemy is spell caster). 6. make sure aoe abilities are targeted to "hit the most enemies".
  11. I know this is a necro but: ring of clenched muscle's "test subject" buffs stack and are extendable (+5 to some stats and a few other perks) I know it says random tier one buff but it's actually called "test subject" and i got 3 of them on just messing around and the strand of favor did extend them.
  12. Thanks, I missed that SG's heal was melee only. 5 bears is pretty ezmode so far; but I do foresee the issue you bring up on some of the bosses. I guess one advantage of GH is I could actually use chanter summons instead of not specing for them due to AC. I may change the Wyldrhymer to GH at a minimum. I will run some tests w/ Seer in place of the Geomancer to check it out. Should be a good sub in for boss fights at a minimum.
  13. Archer crew I decided I wanted to make an all-archer party that needed minimal swap outs in POTD, upscale only; below is my current plan. NOTES: 1. Animal Companions: any (I picked bears for toughest ones and took resilient companion and the stalker’s link line as the only pet buffs) 2. How to get multiple unique items: make level 1 companions in a saved game where you have the item, equip it and export, move item to next companion then export, repeat until you have 4 copies. Load into Archer game and import the level 1’s at an Inn, they should cost about 2900 each. You just bought 4 marksmen rings for just under 12,000. 3. I keep the Wanderer as the MC on my run; but you can make anyone your MC. Keep in mind if the shepherd is your main then you need to be cruel and rational 4. Yes they are almost all Woodelves; I found with 2 AA's dropping web arrows the dex resistance helped a lot (the 1 dwarf has Gwyn's garter). I have not completed equipping my party in a real game with these setups yet, so there may be mutually exclusive items in. I will update once I do; along with any bosses that weren’t doable as set up below. If anyone has input on tweaks or other class combos go ahead and post them please. 1. Wanderer Monk (Helwalker)/ Ranger (Arcane Archer) Woodelf White that wends - Mystic Stats: (only includes racial and background bonuses) Mig: 18 Con: 8 Dex: 19 Per: 20 Int: 8 Res: 3 Max arcana (can do dips into athletics & stealth if you want) Max history Frostseeker Current’s rush Heaven’s cacophony Strand of favor Miscreant’s leathers Ring of the marksman Ring of prosperity’s fortune Boots of the stone The Giftbearer’s cloth Mortification bindings The undying Burden Pet: Harley 2. Wildrhymer Mountain dwarf Chanter (Troubadour)/ Ranger The White that wends – Hunter Stats: (only includes racial and background bonuses) Mig: 17 Con: 4 Dex: 17 Per: 19 Int: 18 Res: 3 Mechanics maxed Passive doesn’t matter Aamiina’s Legacy Keybreaker scepter Mask of Grotto Deep Charm of bones Gipon Prudensco Whispers of the depth Ring of the Marksman (requires companion importing cheese since also on MC) Boots of the stone Cloak of greater protection Burglar’s gloves Gwyn’s bridal garter 3. Shepherd Woodelf Paladin (Steel Garotte)/Ranger (Sharpshooter) The White that wends – Hunter Stats: (only includes racial and background bonuses) Mig: 14 Con: 8 Dex: 19 Per: 20 Int: 14 Res: 3 Active skill doesn’t matter Passive max survival Saint Omaku’s Mercy Amaliorra Serpent crown Bone Setter’s torc Spider silk robe Ring of the Marksman (requires companion importing cheese since also on MC) Footprints of ahu taka Ruata’s walking cloak Aegor’s swift touch Ring of focuses flame Physicker’s belt 4. Scout Woodelf Ranger (sharpshooter)/Rogue (Assassin) The White that wends – Hunter Stats: (only includes racial and background bonuses) Mig: 18 Con: 8 Dex: 19 Per: 20 Int: 8 Res: 3 Stealth maxed Passive doesn’t matter Windsong Watershaper’s focus Thaos’ headdress Cog of Cohh Sharpshooter’s garb Ring of the Marksman (requires companion importing cheese since also on MC) Slippers of the assassin Ajamuut’s Stalking cloak Rokowa’s Fingers Chameleon’s touch Sash of judgement 5. Geomancer Woodelf Ranger (arcane archer) / Wizard (bloodmage) The white that wends - Mystic Stats: (only includes racial and background bonuses) Mig: 18 Con: 3 Dex: 19 Per: 20 Int: 16 Res: 3 Max Arcana Passive doesn’t matter Veilpiercer The eye of wael Whitewitch mask The third eye High Harbringer’s robe Ring of the Marksman (requires companion importing cheese since also on MC) Vithrack silk slippers Shroud of the phantasm Firethrower’s gloves Kuaru’s prize Spell keeper
  14. I built a party of sc pallies with the healing upgrade of SI and having 4 other heal procs and aura regen on each one while killing everything around them was pretty funny.
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