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  1. I built a party of sc pallies with the healing upgrade of SI and having 4 other heal procs and aura regen on each one while killing everything around them was pretty funny.
  2. Sasha's Singing Scimitar would be my go to for most chanters. You can empower to your heart's content and the action speed buff is awesome. Edit: or not empower w/ blood mage subclass. just the action speed and shock lash then.
  3. I had fun with a SC stalker w/ the two spears (Stalker's Patience & Mohorā Tanga) with maxed stealth and survival. Skipped mega bosses with him though. He was a beast w/ mobs but just ok with bosses. Your pet is pretty decent with all the passive talents you can afford as a melee ranger too.
  4. My heal bot is for passive healing with scripted LoHs. I keep her out of melee and usually otherwise don't touch her. She usually just stands there like a dunce at full phrase count (with sahsa's giving my party attack speed bonus). while the green numbers are flying off my party's heads. I will use to summon some ogres or weapons if I really need the help; but usually don't. She can offset my squishy dps build very nicely. I've been toying about with other combos but herald is definitely the close to 0 micro I was looking for in a heal-"bot". The only other fun healing combo I found was 3 SC paladins all taking the Divine Immolation so 2x heals offset the 1x self damage and all 3 stay at full health while annihilating the entire area with fire, flails, and axes.
  5. for me: Situation 1: The Iron Hammer for the purpose of setting up basically aoe persistent distraction for my ranged deathblows party. I pump his resolve, take the reposte skill and grab a few reposte items to give him a bit of dps potential. Situation 2: My Heal-bot Build is a Herald that uses Lethandria's Devotion for the aura (and blackened plate life in death) to really pump up those regen numbers.
  6. Out of habit. I need to do some other tweaks too. I was just playing around with pieces of gear I "never" use.
  7. If going Ranged I like Fire in the hole or The Red hand or Veilpeircer for Serafen and Veilpeircer or Spearcaster for Aloth (with maxed arcana for spearcaster). Shooting is very viable. I dislike single damage type weapons generally (because I'm lazy and don't want to switch weapons per encounter) so I tend to like the bows over the guns, usually. With that said, opening w/ double-shot (shooting from stealth let's you shoot a second time instantly) only works with reload weapons is very powerful. Also heavy armor doesn't impact reload like it does recovery so you can armor up if you go with reload weapons w/o impacting DPS as much. I love veilpiercer due to its silencing proc. For Arquebuses I like the red hand's "No rest for the wicked" & "Guilty conscience" (which are stackable if going for a no rest run) but the short range can be annoying.
  8. Enchanted to Legendary = 12 and then cipher's "Hammering Thoughts" ability is another +1. You should see a devoted/soulblade estoc build if you want to see real crazy pen.
  9. The Ice King This was a build I put together for fun and it ended up working out very well with support. The main synergy targeted is witch debuffs + icefall’s dispersed suffering to keep everything near you debuffed practically infinitely. Game version 5.0 Difficulty: PotD Solo: Untested Race: Any (Coastal Aumaua was what I used for testing) Class: Witch (Barbarian: No-sub /Cipher: Beguiler) Home: Your choice (White that wends is min/max combat choice, Deadfire gives extra conversation options) Background: Your choice (Deadfire + aristocrat provides extra conversation options.) Stats (w/ BB) Mig: 18 (20) Con: 8 (10) Dex: 8 (10) Per: 18 (20) Int: 18 (20) Res: 8 (10) Skills Active: Athletics 5 Arcana 15 Skills Passive: Your choice (I went high intimidate) Weapon Proficiencies: Mace Hatchet Your choice on rest Abilities: Frenzy, Eye strike Lingering Echoes Iron Will Thick skin, Biting whip Barbaric blow Two weapon style One stands alone, hammering thoughts Bloodlust Bloody Slaughter Spirit Frenzy, Body attunement Greater focus Savage defiance Interrupting Blows, Borrowed instinct Barbaric smash Leap Brute Force, Mind plague The Empty Soul Improved Critical Spirit Tornado, Ancestor’s memory Bloodthirst Equipment Weapon set 1: Frostfall (Dispersed suffering & shattering head) Acolyte’s frostbite (Vengeful Cold & Freezing Gust) Weapon set 2: Frostfall (Dispersed suffering & shattering head) Barditto’s luxury -or- magistrates cudgel -or- Grave calling Helm of the White Void Strand of favor Guardian’s plate Kuaru’s Prize Footsteps of the beast (not essential but leaving ice on the ground while you move is very thematic) Shroud of the phantasm (unlimited resources is nice) Whispers of Neriscyrlas The Left hand of the obscured Ring of prosperity’s Fortune The undying burden (sub in upright captains belt if you will be using pull spells) Pet: Pes Gameplay: Open up with borrowed instinct then leap in and tornado and start laying waste. Get plague and body attunement out between kills as soon as you can and just try to make some killing blows w/ barbaric smash. You will see lots of cold cones from the hatchet and shatters from the mace while adding duration to all the afflictions near you. Notes: 1. This will NOT work with berserker. You will die horribly, but fast, to yourself normally. Spreading afflictions then stacking duration on your self gets bad quickly. Being hobbled 24/7 while wearing the boots doesn’t help either. I tested as a berserker because I wanted to use the armor’s “while afflicted” abilities w/ frenzy but it really made me WAY too squishy; the second tornado will terrify yourself then if you keep auto attacking and each time you kill something that terrified will get extended. 2. This build works exceedingly well with a small party including the will-breaker. If you also use Eder’s pet unlock BB you can put Nalvi on him and get better action speed. Grave calling is really good for the stacking freeze damage and is superior to the hatchet for single target fights (or vessels since the chill fog proc that Frostfall will extend the blind for). 3. The armor is more for looks than the abilities on it and could be swapped out for Casità Samelia Legacy or DoC (although I had DoC on Will-breaker so it was unavailable for this guy).
  10. I like the Fanatic, you can do damage but are also semi tanky. The best debuffer/CC is the cipher but that has to do damage to work. Chanter for sure, most likely a Troub. (buffs and debuffs) Priest (buffs). Wizard (for debuffs) Last slot maybe a second pally for the additional chant, Lay on Hands, actually spec him for using the exhortations, and can off-tank if really needed.
  11. -I've typically found every fight either too easy or too hard; I've yet to find a grey area in any of my play-throughs. -I'm sure It comes down to my own willingness to build a custom companion and equipment template for certain fights though, so I do it to myself. -I started playing theme based characters instead of min/maxing in order to add some challenge and the same thing happened, either too easy or too hard.
  12. I had tons of fun with the fanatic. The hit to crit from the barb w/ "on crit" items and the defenses from the paladin made a great combo.
  13. I tried a SC stalker, the build I used was a one trick pony that got boring fast. Double spear (stalkers & Mohora) + max stealth and survival + whirling strike.
  14. Look at the willbreaker build for some real damage + tankage. But if you really want to cast spells and hit hard I'd do a Warlock as your main and then use Tekehu with the Storm build -or- a herald buffbot w/ sasha's scimitar set as companion buffing as his duo partner. Warlock Pale elf Dump resolve and con, pump perception might int with as much as possible left in dex. Equipment The Willbreaker Mask of the Weyc Charm of bones Devil of caroc BP (intel resist + health on crit enchants) Voidward+Greater regen Boots of the stone The giftbearers cloth Boltcatchers Upright captains belt Abraham or Nalvi as pet Make sure you use body blows modal + brute force passive Spells should be all the buffs and citzel's lance (the AoE can help), or you could also grab an AOE weapon for adds and a high pen (like estoc) for bosses.
  15. I've found the shadowdancer performs very well with most blunderbuss builds (i've done the one handed and dual wield builds in various playthroughs). It shines when you have a rogue providing persistent distraction for them.
  16. FYI; I was doing some further testing and got a pretty fun "power group" together. Main group: 1 Iron hammer 2 shadow-dancer (1 hand blunderbuss builds, one with fire in the hole and the other with hand-mortar) 1 Scout (Mia gun-hawk Arquebus build) 1 Templar (buff-bot/healer build) On the bench to sub in as needed for boss fights: 1 Witch (Sarafen witch king build) 1 Theurg (Tekehu storm build) 1 Marauder (Crit build, using Amra as main) That's 3 to 4 people hitting with deathblows constantly and it was pretty funny, Iron hammer locks them down and calls in the artillery. Mia uses the animancer's bow as back up for pierce immune and the two mortars have dual damage type.
  17. -I've never solo'd with this build so I haven't developed any combat start tactics with him specifically. --The first isle is easy with a party. -This would probably be too aggravating for me to solo with but I will take an hour and check it out. Edit: it's already WAY to aggravating to solo fight with this build on the first island. I think I'll end up sneaking/passively solving it.
  18. They do not stack but having 3 pallys lets you have all three auras up at once. It's also funny to have all three single class Pallys using divine immolation and white flames (healing each other while burning everything else).
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