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  1. After each play through, we all have a good idea on how each encounter/boss is like, when to cast/move, who to bring, which gear to switch, which potion/food/drug to take, even knowing which inn to rest in for the right bonuses. This forum introduced many great builds, but they were all made anticipating the same exact battles, because there aren't any other. Sometimes I wish there are random encounters in the game where we'd be going into a fight without knowing what to expect, like this time it's two dragons appeared on your boat or in a mountain route, next time it's a group of wraith
  2. Out of curiosity, I reloaded and tried the fight again with club modal. she only managed to cast the Safeguard once. Damn.
  3. I confess I didn’t know the club debuff is that big. -25 will! O_O Her reflex is low, I found Slicken to be a useful support as well.
  4. Great suggestions, as I happen to have a chanter and a Geomancer in the team. I forgot I can completely deny her concentration by singing.
  5. I'm dealing with Neriscyrlas and unfortunately none of my party (and beyond) is a pure Wizard like last time, so I don't have Arcane Cleanse handy. Is there any other way to dispel Llengrath's Safeguard?
  6. Ok, this explains a lot about not just this strategy, but also a lot of other build-guide I didn’t understand before: Combat doesn’t end, DoTs don’t get removed, even if the person applied them died. Goodness gracious... I was wondering how some Rogue builds solo PotD. Can Vatnir tank?
  7. Ok, I get the bleed-to-death part, but how do we prevent Messenger from killing my party before she dies from oozing... whatever juice that's left in her? I presume her level is around 16 without upscaling. And after I get Vatnir, what builds do people recommend? I don't suppose I just tell him to go Zealot, since I already bought Lover's Embrace. ^_^
  8. Hm, what is your team composition at handling the Messenger at 10~12, if I may ask? And which difficulty?
  9. 1) Is level 16 the lowest level possible (difficulty wise) to require Vatnir? 2) What are some of the builds people like with him? I tried Zealot on my first run but the Void really wasn’t the best spot to test his frost/corrode abilities.
  10. Question: How serious will the issue be? Assuming PotD. And because in playing range I'd be away from harm, therefore not punished for Helwalker's flaw. That's a wicked combo. How strong are the Ghostheart/Dicho pets? Boeroer mentioned that Arcane Archer imbues do not share character penetration, would that make Ghost Heart better by comparison? How does this work? Is there a way to refill Mortification? So even without Soulbound a Ranger/Monk can use it. Interesting. So as long as I equip it, the effect triggers even if I'm shooting fr
  11. I remember there’s a build using Blunderbuss modal for consistent distract similar to the wisp trick you mentioned before. It’s not very “snipey” per se and hits your comrades though. I can’t believe I’ve never noticed Arcane Archer. O_O Is this a fire damage build? How much investment do I need for pet damage? Speak of which, I noticed many “melee” full attacks also work with range? ? Not sure what this means. Thx all for your suggestions! The versatility provided by Arcane Archer/Bleakwalker seems very fun to play, though I’d have to act aggressively during conver
  12. I've been enjoying Maia and her guns, sniping from 14m+ away could kill totems without mobs noticing you (Dragon's Dowry). I'm wondering if there's any Sniper build that could match a Gunhawk, which we have no access to? (Range striker, if that's a more appropriate term)
  13. It appears that most of the benefits came from early on, even Deathblow is obtainable in multi class, so is there any to go single class Rogue?
  14. Then it's decided, Helwalker/Bloodmage. Might be my first PotD walkthrough... Any updated guide I can look at? (I checked the build page and most are outdated or doesn't have the Helwalker/Bloodmage combo).
  15. I will give that a try, maybe she's just not high enough level. I suppose she could just use a range weapon for mono-tank situation. Aloth will be my main tank in this run.
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