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  1. Thank you both for the help. Question. If I email the save files from my Mac to myself, then download them onto my PC's save folder, would that work? It's probably easier to use cloud as Thelee puts it, but I figure it's probably the same if I take extra (but simpler?) steps to email/download them?
  2. So I downloaded Steam and the game on my new PC (from a Mac), and while Steam remembers all my achievements, the game apparently does not, neither does my saves transfer to PC for some reason. I'd prefer finding a way to get those data transferred, but worst comes to worst I'd have to restart a new character without any of the blessings. So... what'd be the best build (and teammates if that's applicable) for me to speed through a normal difficulty game and get as many achievements back in one go? I'm thinking about Troubadour/Psion build from before for maximum tank/control while having four strikers, though a Paladin/Chanter seems like a good fit too. Or, going 180 as a selfish Ranger/Rogue using the Red Hand?
  3. Secret Horror and mind control abilities are good enough reasons to have them, then there's Valorous Echoes and Ancestor's Memory for buffing. Besides, debuffing opponents give Rogues an easy time to Sneak Attack.
  4. I have issue loading the saves on my Mac to PC through Steam. Is there a way to achieve it?
  5. Question: Since I've only started my Mage/Monk MC (the AoE build), how does Helwalker/Wael feel by comparison? I presume it'd also be a melee character using spell for extra defense.
  6. Why are some of the best gears all require some hate... Why can't they be as easy as The Red Hand, just pick up from a box? XD
  7. Sorry to necro this thread, just want to know: What'd be a good chest alternative if I don't have -3 on Principi rep?
  8. I can only speak for myself. I enjoy playing a versatile (RP) party where everyone has at least two roles, which means my party tends to be less efficient on the killing side of things. The AA/Helwalker combo provides near endless crowd control that I can run any group composition against most mobs without issue. It was thrilling to commit to full RP, but the combo also took away some of the challenge I was hoping to test my party with. But, as Boeroer said, it's less effective against boss or spread out mobs like in the Oracle encounter.
  9. About that... you warned me the combo gets bored quickly due to how easily it could achieve perma-stun. I didn't believe you until I tried. ^_^
  10. Sorry to interrupt: Does two-weapon talent stack with one-handed weapon talent? If you duo-wield pistols, doesn't it technically satisfy both conditions?
  11. I played a Goldpact/Soulblade combo using Whisper of Endless Path, which utilizes Offensive Parry to build up focus for even more damage. It's fun and versatile. Not sure about Monk/Cipher though.
  12. Diablo 2 had a great system where you can power up earlier skills by putting points into higher tier ones, including summons, so no spells become obsolete, everyone can play in styles as they see fit. Not sure how much calculation it’d require if it’s implemented to an RPG like PoE.
  13. I look at the chart, it appears the Weapons are the only ones with consistent scaling. A shame, I was hoping each summon would have their uses even in late game.
  14. Just wondering, because my wurms seem to be doing the same damage for a few levels now and had become rather obsolete as enemies start to have 10+ fire armor.
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