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Found 3 results

  1. The Imperial Fanatic This is another thematic build (so not 100% min/max). It ends up being tank enough to just run into the fray (with support) and most of boss fights were WAY easier than they should have been because of the amount of crits I could pump out with Last Word silencing the mobs. I just wanted to make a Warrior Priest and this was the result. It was a really fun toon to play that was resistant to every affliction and I even got the party efficient enough that I could let my custom AI run almost all the fights (with a little micro for consumables and empowers). Last word locking down Concelhaut for the whole fight was HILARIOUS Game Version: 2.0 Difficulty: PotD (+all Upscale, no mods) Solo: Untested Race: Human Class: Fanatic [berserker/Bleakwalker] Home: The Living Lands Background: Explorer Stats: (not including blessings) Mig: 20 Con: 10 Dex: 16 Per: 16 Int: 12 Res: 4 Skills: Active: Split Alchemy : Athletics Passive: History Abilities: Frenzy FoD Sworn enemy Deep faith Blooded Thick skin Zealous aura Two weapon style Divine purpose One stands alone Eternal Devotion Bloodlust Sworn rival Blood frenzy Exalted focus Mental fortress Inspired path Interrupting blows Scion of flame Iron gut or Clear head (based on which enchant you put on DoC BP) Righteous Soul Brute force Virtuous Triumph Barbaric blow Barbaric smash Retribution Bloodthirst Equipment Main weapon: Magran’s favor + Last Word (used lastword + bardatto’s until I could get Resounding call, double hammer so win on looks, until I could get the axe) Backup weapons: Glacierbane + Last Word Heaven’s Cacophony Charm of Bones Devil of Caroc BP (plan the resistance to complement ability choice) Ring of greater regen Ring of Focused Flame Boots of the stone The Giftbearer’s Cloth Boltcatchers Gwyn’s bridal garter Pet: Nalvi (Used Abraham until I got Nalvi)
  2. The Slayer (Updated for 2.0) Slayers are suicidal dwarves that go out into the world having sworn to die in battle to expunge some dishonor from their name. This slayer is constantly trying to die, but is just too good at killing to have succeeded at his goal yet. The build uses +damage the more you’re hurt synergies. This is more of a theme build rather than a min/max; but it did WAY better than I expected (this works really well in party w/ someone using willbreaker and Body Blows) Game Version: 2.0 Difficulty: PotD (+all Upscale, no mods) Solo: *No - You will need backup (Salvation of time and/or Barring death's door from others, the cloak can't always last long enough on boss fights) Race: Dwarf (mountain for the red hair) Class: Ravager [Helwalker/Berzerker] Home: The Living Lands Background: Laborer Stats: (not including blessings) Mig 16 Con: 10 Dex: 10 Per: 18 Int: 16 Res: 8 Skills: Active: Athletics Max (or split with alchemy, see consumables) Passive: your choice (I chose to pump survival for my backup weapon set) Abilities: (in order I selected them) Frenzy Swift Strikes Blooded Lesser wounds Thick skin Two handed style Barbaric Blow Accurate Carnage One stands alone Swift flurry Bloodlust Stunning blow Blood frenzy Duality Savage Defiance Bloody Slaughter Barbaric smash Enervating blows Interrupting Blows Stunning surge Brute force Turning wheel Tough Bull's will Bloodstorm Heartbeat Drumming Bloodthirst Equipment main weapon: Oathbreaker's End (early game I used duskfall+modwyr to get the wahai poraga then lord darynn's to go get oathbreaker's) Backup weapons: Magran's + Mohora Tanga Whitewitch Mask Protective Eothasian Charm Reckless Brigandine (into the breach) Ring of greater regen Voidward Boots of the stone Nemnok’s Cloak Boltcatchers The Undying Burden Pet: Nalvi Consumables Food: Mahora wraps (get that mig to 20 & nifty recovery speed) Coral snuff (more speed) Potion of Spirit shield Major heal pots (or moderate if you split between athletics and alchemy) This guy plays so much better than the first two iterations. Dots for everyone, and a giant axe finally!
  3. Wander around in an alcohol and drug fueled stupor lulling your enemies into surrounding you then suddenly explode into motion. Dashes around smashing the enemy and stacks debuffs and start with the deathblows at as close to 0 recovery and attack as possible. Citation: This was inspired by Sin Tee’s Mirke build. Game Version: 1.2 Difficulty: PotD (+all Upscale, no mods) Solo: Untested Race: Human Class: Shadowdancer (Streetfighter/Nalpazca) Home: Deadfire Background: Hunter Stats: Mig 17 Con: 10 Dex: 19 Per: 18 Int: 10 Res: 4 Skills: Active: Alchemy Max Passive: your choice (no gear bonuses) Abilities (In suggested order of selection): Crippling Strike & Swift Strikes Escape Lesser Wounds Dirty Fighting & Two Weapon Style Blinding Strike Defensive roll (or fast runner) Debilitating Strike & Swift Flurry Confounding Blind Finishing Blow Snake Reflex & Thunderous Blows Duality of Mortal Presence Rooting Pain Deep Wounds & Uncanny Luck Devastating Blow Tough Improved Critical & Flagellant's Path Turning Wheel Enervating Blows Deathblows & Heartbeat Drumming Adept Evasion or Slippery Mind Gear: Pukestabber & Marux Amanth (unarmed for 2nd set) Fair Favor Precognition Miscreant's Leathers Chameleon's Touch Entonia Signet Ring Boots of Stone Girdle of Mortal Protection Gatecrashers Cloak of Greater Deflection: +7 Deflection Pet: Abraham (Dog): Reduce armor penalty for player (varies by type) & health on kill party effect. Or Nalvi (Dog): +1 resolve for player & Reduce recover Penalty for armor (varies by type) Party effect. Consumables: Vrer Chiora (Alcohol for Mad Drunk) Mouth Char Potion of Perfect Aim Potion of Ascension Potion of Spirit Shield Potion of Moderate Healing Edit: you could do the history + giftbearer's and change gatecrashers to bracers of deflection if you find yourself getting in trouble often, but the trick is to never stand still, get flanked then flagellants in and out of it while dumping 2 or 3 debilitating strikes at the speed of sound.
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