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Found 5 results

  1. A seemingly fragile glass cannon that can attacks fast, dodge everything, deal with mobs, and get out of the stickiest situations alive. Alright, this is my first post after years of lurking. (Sorry about my poor formatting skills and no pics) This build is for you if you like: - versatile characters - playing around your afflictions - outmaneuvering enemies with risky plays This build is NOT for you if you: - hate micro - don't like very squishy characters - feel uneasy because you don't have heals (ya goddamn chicken, **cluck-cluck...!**) When Trickster was the only class to get buffed in the last two patches, I thought I'd try a solo run on a character I had in mind originally as a Streetfighter/Nalpzaca, which proved to be too squishy and unreliable in some fights. What does this build do: goes into fight and builds up asap maximum Wounds, either by deliberately getting yourself hit a couple of times (but who wants that, really), or by using the titular ability of this build, i.e. Dance of Death. Then, as you have a +10 Int +15 Might bonus, you can start casting all the defensive buffs that allow you to not get hit, and keep stacking bonuses while attacking very fast thanks to Lightning Strikes. All of this spiced up by the mystique of the Trickster, which provides all the afflictions and the CC that base Rogue is missing. THE PREMISE: BUILD BERATH'S BLESSINGS: RACE: REGION: STATS: ABILITIES BY LEVEL: SKILLS: EQUIPMENT: STRATEGY Thanks to Stealthmandem for some useful suggestions!
  2. Wander around in an alcohol and drug fueled stupor lulling your enemies into surrounding you then suddenly explode into motion. Dashes around smashing the enemy and stacks debuffs and start with the deathblows at as close to 0 recovery and attack as possible. Citation: This was inspired by Sin Tee’s Mirke build. Game Version: 1.2 Difficulty: PotD (+all Upscale, no mods) Solo: Untested Race: Human Class: Shadowdancer (Streetfighter/Nalpazca) Home: Deadfire Background: Hunter Stats: Mig 17 Con: 10 Dex: 19 Per: 18 Int: 10 Res: 4 Skills: Active: Alchemy Max Passive: your choice (no gear bonuses) Abilities (In suggested order of selection): Crippling Strike & Swift Strikes Escape Lesser Wounds Dirty Fighting & Two Weapon Style Blinding Strike Defensive roll (or fast runner) Debilitating Strike & Swift Flurry Confounding Blind Finishing Blow Snake Reflex & Thunderous Blows Duality of Mortal Presence Rooting Pain Deep Wounds & Uncanny Luck Devastating Blow Tough Improved Critical & Flagellant's Path Turning Wheel Enervating Blows Deathblows & Heartbeat Drumming Adept Evasion or Slippery Mind Gear: Pukestabber & Marux Amanth (unarmed for 2nd set) Fair Favor Precognition Miscreant's Leathers Chameleon's Touch Entonia Signet Ring Boots of Stone Girdle of Mortal Protection Gatecrashers Cloak of Greater Deflection: +7 Deflection Pet: Abraham (Dog): Reduce armor penalty for player (varies by type) & health on kill party effect. Or Nalvi (Dog): +1 resolve for player & Reduce recover Penalty for armor (varies by type) Party effect. Consumables: Vrer Chiora (Alcohol for Mad Drunk) Mouth Char Potion of Perfect Aim Potion of Ascension Potion of Spirit Shield Potion of Moderate Healing Edit: you could do the history + giftbearer's and change gatecrashers to bracers of deflection if you find yourself getting in trouble often, but the trick is to never stand still, get flanked then flagellants in and out of it while dumping 2 or 3 debilitating strikes at the speed of sound.
  3. I am looking to build a party with a Shadowdancer or Votary. So far most builds I see are for solo play, so their synergy in the class combo is based on, well, solo play. I am trying to do a classic party. Serafen - Witch (Bar/Cyp) - Striker/Debuffer *Using Sin Tee Witch King build as it makes him a fast and reliable striker https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1399216139 Pallegina - Crusader (Pld/Fgt)- Striker/Tank *Using modified version, also, from Sin Tee Valkyrie https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1400804034 Xoti - Priest - Healer/Buffer *As she is primarily healer buffer, only taking abilities that will work towards that goal, as I don't want to use resources on attacks on her. 1. Tekehu - Theurge (Drd/Cht) - Buffer/Debuffer/Healer (Modified Sin Tee Deep Sea King Build) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1394145549 or 2. Maia (for full martial party) - Scout (Rng/Rog)- Striker (Modified Sin Tee Reaper's Build) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1396597008 So this leaves me, either Shadowdancer (Mnk/Rog)(fast attacks with good defense, I feel that as a Watcher I am most often than not targeted) or a Votary (Pld/Mnk). Role: This is going for an "Tanky" Striker, but I want to avoid if possible getting hit Subclass: Paladin (Wayfarer or Bleakwaker) Monk (Helwalker or no subclass) Rogue (Trickster) Reasoning: Streetfighter I don't want streetfighter rogue as I am not going to position myself to try to get the hits and I am going to be low on health (see below on stats) so 50% bloodied will be very dangerous position to be in. Nalpazca: I already had a really bad experience as nalpazca, with drug management, I ran out of drugs on PoTD Nemnok area and having that 100% healing debuff on each Arcane Dampener is not something I crave to experience again. Shattered Pillar: You only gain wounds thru Auto-Attacks, and only a max of 5 wounds total, which are enough to do most abilities, but you will not be using them often. And I feel that AI code for enemies target the Watcher a lot on different skills, unsure if its something I am doing wrong. Hence I will be able to generate wounds but getting hit, since I will be getting hit it seems. Assassin: This is a niche subclass with the mindset that you will be doing attacks from invisible and stealth; which I feel is more suitable for solo play. *Paladin's subclass all are good with little drawbacks, but as stated above, I feel I get targeted a lot by enemy attacks, so having this burst heal while doing damage is amazing. Stats: (With Berath's Blessing) MIG: 15 (17) CON: 8 (10) DEX: 15 (17) PER: 16 (18) INT: 12 (14) RES: 12 (14) Low CON, as you are trying to avoid getting hit, not soak the damage. Both builds below will function in the same way, although the Paladin has Lay on Hands and if Kind Wayfarer is chosen as its subclass each Flames of Devotion will heal you. I don't like min/max builds as I feel they have, well high strong points and also really weak ones; but you could dump CON more if you want to increase PER or DEX or even raise RES higher, but if you as choosing Rogue Trickster subclass you get so many Illusion spells that increase your Deflection that 1-3 extra points in Deflection will not make that much difference in the end. Race: Wood Elf (Dexterity Affliction resistance is nice to have, as that means my Quick from Swift Strikes or Swift Flurry will not get cancel) Skills: Alchemy, Athletics (4) As I am going to simulate Nalpazca drug abuse, but without the drug crash negatives. At level 20 you should have over 300s Drug time use. If: Going for Stalker's Patience you might want to put a better spread of points between Alchemy and Stealth (as weapon skill scale of stealth) Passive: Survival and Streetwise (they are used in many checks) Background: Deadfire & Hunter Equipment: Head: Fair Favor Chest: Miscreant's Leather or Devil of Caroc Neck: Precognition Hands: Ogre Gloves (+2 Might) Ring1: Chameleon's Touch Ring2: Entonia Signet Ring Belt: Girdle of Mortal Protection or The Amazing and Truly Incredible Instant Potion Belt Back: Cloak of Greater Deflection Boots: Boots of the Stone Weapons: Low level (1-10) Unarmed + Tuotilo as it creates great synergy with unarmed strikes and most of your attacks from monk are Primary only attacks. After level 11+ Votary: Stalker's Patience orMagram's Favor + Sungracer or Sun and Moon Shadowdancer: Stalker's Patience + Pukestabber or Rust's Poignard or Marux Amath Stalker's Patience was added because of @grasida: "Stalker’s patience works very well with the monk crit abilities, since it can be enchanted with a 20% chance to recover immediately on crit. That can proc itself and can proc off of or from swift flurry and heartbeat drumming. The 1/3, 1/4 and 1/5 attack to immediately attack again whenever you crit feed off of each other and lead to some really fearsome crit chains." and @gkathellar: Persistent Distraction means every enemy you have engaged is Flanked all the time, on account of Distracted adding Flanked. This works wonders in combination with Stalker's Patience. Shadowdancer Votary
  4. I'm pondering an unarmed, high-deflection monk who uses Nalpazca and Dance of Death to generate a constant flow of Wounds while Trickster does everything that Trickster does. Part of the goal here is to get good mileage out of Tuotilo's Palm. All that said, I'm pretty uncertain about the end result, and I'd love any feedback people could give me on it. Here's what I've got so far. (Assume Ripple Sponge spam.) Race: Nature Godlike (for the +1 PL, mitigating the penalty to Transcendent Suffering for multiclassing) Might: Flat Dexterity: Flat Constitution: Dump Perception: Max Intellect: High Resolve: Max 1: Crippling Strike + Swift Strikes 2: Escape 3: Backstab 4: Weapon & Shield Style + Dance of Death 5: Dirty Fighting 6: Two Weapon Style 7: Swift Flurry + Riposte 8: Soul Mirror 9: Blade Turning 10: Shadowing Beyond + Enduring Dance 11: Rooting Pain 12: Persistent Distraction 13: Deep Wounds + Duality of Mortal Presence 14: Adept Evasion 15: Thunderous Blows 16: Uncanny Luck + Flagellant's Path 17: Turning Wheel 18: Enervating Blows 19: Deathblows + Heartbeat Drumming 20: Crucible of Suffering
  5. I have a problem with this kind of games, where there are many choices and I can't stick with one. So help me out here.. I am trying to start the game in POTD... 1. Votary (PLD/MNK) (BleakWalker/Shattered Pillars or Nalpazca) 2. Inquisitor (PLD/CYP) (BW/Soul Blade) 3. Shadowdancer (MNK/ROG) (???/Streetfighter [unsure of subclass as well]) On all 3 builds I plan to use Two-Weapon Fighting. Also so far I do not want to be a tank, maybe offtank but not main tank in any way. For Race either Godlike Nature or Frost Elf or Human. Since I haven't reached end game yet, I have no idea of possible good helmets or if the elf or human bonus are actually good compared to the power level from Nature Godlike. For weapons I was thinking of either Battle Axes, Swords, and/or Flails. For Armor Light armor or Medium (depends if using MNK because of Swift Strikes) For Low levels I am so confused, because I feel that no matter which class combo I choose I miss a lot even with the 18 perception. MNK/ROG (Shadowdancer) Rogue Subclass: Street Fighter (This will make you very adopt a high risk fighting style, which you want to have more than 1 enemy always engaged and then squeeze into them.) But in the end I went no subclass, as no penalties are better than some for situational benefits. Monk Subclass: Nelzpaca (Constant wounds generation while drugged, and +10 P.Level to drugs Stats (Edited after a comment from AeosnLegends, I had copy pasted from a dps build the stats) (Also you can include +2 to all stats with Berath's Blessing) M:15 C:14 D:10 P:14 I:10 R:14 Traits Athletics until 5 Alchemy (after you get Athletics) (Passive not sure, use survival and others for RPG checks) Active and Passive Skills lv1: Crippling Strike & Swift Strikes lv2: Force of Anguish (retrain into backstab later on, but use this to dump wounds early game) lv3: Lesser Wounds lv4: Blinding Strike & Two Weapon Style lv5: Dirty Fighting lv6: Long Stride lv7: Riposte & Torment's Reach lv8: Swift Flurry lv9: Stunning Blow lv10: Persistent Distraction & Thunderous Blows lv11: Duality of Mortal Presence lv12: Rooting Pain lv13: Deep Wounds & Raise Torment lv14: Uncanny Luck (again this is to trigger Riposte as there is a higher chance to miss [haven't tested if Riposte triggers from this "miss"]) lv15: Stunning Surge lv16: Slippery Mind & Turning Wheel (Upgrade from Duality of Mortal Presence) lv17: Improved Critical lv18: Flagellant's Path lv19: Deathblows & Heartbeat Drumming lv20: The Dichotomous Soul Equipment: Weapon (offhand only as bare hand monk damage is superior to any and recovery speed is in par with daggers 3.0 base): Modwyr or Duskfall (which both can be acquire early in game.) Head: Fair Favor (acquired with level 2 or 3 with Serafen) Armor: Miscreant’s Leather (I enjoy the speed recovery bonus, which means hits more often and acquired without a single fight) Neck: Precognition Cape: Cloak of Greater Deflection (+7 Deflection, yes please!) Hands: Gauntlets of Ogre Might Ring1: Chameleons Touch Ring2: Entonia Signet Ring (again this is to increase deflection, Riposte, anyone?) Feet: Boots of the Stone Waist: Instant Potion Belt (you will have high Alchemy, so benefits from a potion on each encounter are great) Will be working on a Votary one next, but also build towards high dps with high survivavility
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