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I have a problem with this kind of games, where there are many choices and I can't stick with one. So help me out here.. I am trying to start the game in POTD...


1. Votary (PLD/MNK) (BleakWalker/Shattered Pillars or Nalpazca)

2. Inquisitor (PLD/CYP) (BW/Soul Blade)

3. Shadowdancer (MNK/ROG) (???/Streetfighter [unsure of subclass as well])


On all 3 builds I plan to use Two-Weapon Fighting.  Also so far I do not want to be a tank, maybe offtank but not main tank in any way.


For Race either Godlike Nature or Frost Elf or Human.  Since I haven't reached end game yet, I have no idea of possible good helmets or if the elf or human bonus are actually good compared to the power level from Nature Godlike.


For weapons I was thinking of either Battle Axes, Swords, and/or Flails. 

For Armor Light armor or Medium (depends if using MNK because of Swift Strikes)


For Low levels I am so confused, because I feel that no matter which class combo I choose I miss a lot even with the 18 perception.


MNK/ROG (Shadowdancer)


Rogue Subclass: Street Fighter (This will make you very adopt a high risk fighting style, which you want to have more than 1 enemy always engaged and then squeeze into them.) But in the end I went no subclass, as no penalties are better than some for situational benefits.


Monk Subclass: Nelzpaca (Constant wounds generation while drugged, and +10 P.Level to drugs




Stats (Edited after a comment from AeosnLegends, I had copy pasted from a dps build the stats) (Also you can include +2 to all stats with Berath's Blessing)










Athletics until 5

Alchemy (after you get Athletics)


(Passive not sure, use survival and others for RPG checks) 



Active and Passive Skills


lv1: Crippling Strike & Swift Strikes

lv2: Force of Anguish (retrain into backstab later on, but use this to dump wounds early game)

lv3: Lesser Wounds

lv4: Blinding Strike & Two Weapon Style

lv5: Dirty Fighting

lv6: Long Stride

lv7: Riposte & Torment's Reach

lv8: Swift Flurry

lv9: Stunning Blow

lv10: Persistent Distraction & Thunderous Blows

lv11: Duality of Mortal Presence

lv12: Rooting Pain

lv13: Deep Wounds & Raise Torment

lv14: Uncanny Luck (again this is to trigger Riposte as there is a higher chance to miss [haven't tested if Riposte triggers from this "miss"])

lv15: Stunning Surge

lv16: Slippery Mind & Turning Wheel (Upgrade from Duality of Mortal Presence)

lv17: Improved Critical

lv18: Flagellant's Path

lv19: Deathblows & Heartbeat Drumming

lv20: The Dichotomous Soul






Weapon (offhand only as bare hand monk damage is superior to any and recovery speed is in par with daggers 3.0 base): Modwyr or Duskfall (which both can be acquire early in game.)


Head: Fair Favor (acquired with level 2 or 3 with Serafen)


Armor: Miscreant’s Leather (I enjoy the speed recovery bonus, which means hits more often and acquired without a single fight)


Neck: Precognition


Cape: Cloak of Greater Deflection (+7 Deflection, yes please!)


Hands: Gauntlets of Ogre Might


Ring1: Chameleons Touch


Ring2: Entonia Signet Ring (again this is to increase deflection, Riposte, anyone?)


Feet: Boots of the Stone


Waist: Instant Potion Belt (you will have high Alchemy, so benefits from a potion on each encounter are great)



Will be working on a Votary one next, but also build towards high dps with high survivavility

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Yup.  Welcome to POTD.  


You'll need someone else in the party to inflict afflictions so you can hit more.  Get a druid with Nature's Mark and a chanter with summons and the early game goes much easier.  


All of this you've mentioned is fine though I'd recommend replacing the inquisitor with a herald (Paladin/Chanter).  

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I haven't tried this build, but isn't having a low Con together with low Res kind of counter intuitive? Sounds like this is just begging to get popped.

You are right, I had copy/pasted from my word document the data and didn't notice those were the stats I was aiming for the Inquisitor, as I want a hard hitting melee, fast with precision but not a tank at all.

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