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  1. Pretty much the same for me. I'm basically waiting for TB to get some further optimization before I try another playthrough.
  2. I don't really understand why you'd think this. Turn-based games frequently have an overload of strategic decisions to make every action, and an AI script for such a game has to sort through all of those options, exactly as it would for a real-time game. Are Chess computers not AI? Obviously plenty of turn-based games have extremely rudimentary AI (Fire Emblem I am looking at you), but that's not a requirement by any means. Sorry, had to specify "companion AI". I guess you can add it (?) but what would be the point? I guess that's true. Personally, I always play RTwP games with
  3. You know that P:K has a "slow mode", right? You use the "v" button for it... It has a slow mod, but Pathfinder's whole combat system was supposed to be played as turn based, all the classes, feats and such are designed around the idea of turn based combat. No matter how slow you make it, it won't change that. Deadfire on the other hand, is designed for a computer, as a real time game with pause. You could say the same about AD&D. There were both rtwp and turn based games made in this system, guess which of them were more popular? Totally agree about Deadfire tho. Turn based I
  4. They were talking about a tabletop version, right? Maybe it's implementing those mechanics.
  5. WANT What’s the fun in not playing the game? I have everyone on autoattack (and occasional no AI if I want to time my recovery) and manage every ability use. It’s way more fun that way, than watching figurines smash it out with little imput from yours truly (what can I say - I am a control freak). It gets extremely tedious after a while. Most non-boss fights look exactly the same: I always use the same abilities in the same order, because it works best. Why wouldn't I want to automate it? In my opinion customizable scripts is the second greatest thing in Deadfire (after Eder). It
  6. What are the chances of Microsoft embarking on a project such as this for anything other than profit? I'm not sure, but here's my guess: exactly 0%. They sometimes, occasionally, every once in a while, do things with longer-term profit in mind, though. Microsoft is many things, quite a few of them bad, but it's not EA.
  7. I do wish Priest of Woedica and Steel Garrote weren't attached to like ... Woedica. They both seem pretty awesome, but this is just one of those things where I can't get over the fluff.
  8. I tend to be the same way (and like you, I always have been), and I agree that the whole recovery-time structure of Pillars makes the tendency even worse. So does the heal-over-time aspect of potions, come to think of it - I used healing potions when I needed to in BG, but much less in PoE where I click the button and then nothing happens. I'm much more into per-day and per-encounter consumables for this reason, but even there it takes an act of mental effort for me to remember to use them.
  9. ... it occurs to me that Tactician has party anti-synergy with Streetfighter. It'd be one thing if the two subclasses didn't function properly on the same character, but as it is they don't function properly on the same team. That seems wrong. Party members need not work well together, but I feel like their abilities shouldn't be mutually exclusive.
  10. Loremaster works fine. Invocations are quite useful for helping you last the whole fight at earlier levels, and later on they can fill in some holes in the wizard's panoply (summons, notably). Skald will probably be okay if your MO is to buff and charge into melee, but it's worse than Troubadour both in general and specifically for a Loremaster, as crits with spells don't grant phrases. You are correct in thinking that Chill Fog is phenomenally good as an AoE debuff. Blinded is one of the best afflictions available. Last I checked Thrice She Was Wronged is nothing special, but if you'r
  11. You like D1 & 2 more than 3? That's not exactly an unusual opinion. A lot of the criticism of D3 revolved around how different it was from the Blizzard North entries. Tonally, it's a little less pervasively bleak. Artistically, it's somewhat more anime. It's no more or less of a huge cliche pile-up than it ever was, but some of the specific plot beats have worn a little thin in their repetition. Most importantly, the character growth system is entirely different. Given the lack of skill points or other permanent investment, D3 doesn't really have builds-as-character-progression
  12. D3's story is fine. It's not terrible, and is certainly more developed than D1 or D2 (not necessarily better, but more developed for sure), although it suffers like all games of its type from having a protagonist who is deeply disconnected from its narrative. But then, that's not really the point. The point is to mash buttons until the monsters are dead, and it performs admirably in that department for a while, even if it's way too short and the post-game is unbelievably vacuous (which, to be fair, is pretty standard in this genre - only Path of Exile manages to dodge it). Deadfire's story
  13. This isn't quite true. Weapon proficiencies are also tied in to a few class abilities, especially on the fighter. That being said, the complaint definitely seems ridiculous to me. Level Eder up, gain new proficiencies. Complaining that Eder doesn't have the proficiencies you want at *level one*? Come on now. Every character (except a Devoted fighter) is going to wind up with more proficiencies than they will ever need. Pretty much this. Very few characters will use more than one or two modals (if any), and by level 8 you have something like 4 of them, two of which you've chosen. I could
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