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  1. Wouldn't it be cool with a new game plus mode for Deadfire like in Tyranny? And have one of the options be the ability to play with 6 characters instead of 5.
  2. Ah that's great news! But a far to subtle reference. It needs to be spelled out e: So here it is, Cleve Markland Blakemores Griomoire of Vaporous Wizardy!
  3. So ignorant. He's the most famous game developer of them all. Deserves his own Grimoire in this. Obsidian should work something out to resolve this mistake.
  4. For some reason the VTC HQ is locked so I entered via the sewers. Talked to Castol and got the Dirty Laundry quest. I did what was asked but when I'm going back to the VTC HQ the guards will show me off and it's impossible for me to get to Castol and finish the quest. What to do?
  5. I took a look at the list of different grimoires in PoE1 and 2 and to my surprise there's no one called Cleveland Mark Blakemores Grimoire. Like wtf? How come? It's a huge mistake on your part! Can you at Obsidian please add one such item to Deadfire ASAP?
  6. The -10% action speed of Heavy Draw, is it really working? I get the same attack time with this as a regular War Bow. This item is a bit **** to be honest. A normal superb war bow appears to be better.
  7. I need to take out a enemy ship that is a lot stronger than mine. Their crew is also stronger so I can't board it. My plan is to take out it's sails real quick to render it dead in the water. After that I want to put my ship in safety with the broad side facing the enemy's aft. From there I intend to bombard it till it sinks. So I can kill it's sails before it destroys me but then I don't know how to place my ship behind the enemy. Anyone good with sailing? Let's say the starting position is the two ships with broadsides facing each other and from there you want to put your ship b
  8. I'm running the new patch and I also had this problem. I'm forced to lie to Zamar, it's as some lines of dialog must be missing.
  9. It's "the smart camera", you can turn it of in the settings
  10. Where on my profile page do I link my steam account and that id thing?
  11. I would have prefered a Pathfinder CRPG from Obsidian
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