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  1. Hello my friends. I thought to try solo POTD turn based mode with special build, not sure if its will work and i want to hear your opinion and advices. The build is based on DMG over turn. Class: Blood mage / Darcozzi paladini The blood mage have good buff spells (maybe with large shield). The blood mage will make spelles dmg over turns ("chill fog" for example) and the darcozzi paladini will make "lay on hands". There is some items that can upgrade the dmg: The lay on handes will make heal and burn dmg and you can get more accuracy from ring - "Ring of Focused Flam
  2. Someone can explain whats the Wall of Draining spell realy do ? I read the wiki and not understand.. :/
  3. Well i not so sure about that.. The idea of the Morning Star is nice. The tactican have penalty : Penetration and Accuracy is reduced when attacking a target that is not threatened by an ally. Gain Tactical Dilemma. How we can avoid that ?
  4. Hello my friends I want to try brawler - nalpazca / tactican. I know the Brilliant will never appear but the monk can be very fast attacker and with Force Of Anguish he can interrupt ALOT and get disaplined to the tactican.. and its cheap and fast and never end.. Do you think its worth it ? He can survive solo PotD ? If yes, whats stats sould be ? Weapon? Armor?
  5. I not realy understand how the monk single class with ability Whispers of the Wind connect to the blood mage ? Or its only example of easy solid build solo PoTD?
  6. Well i try PotD solo run with Loremaster - skald/blood mage and i must to say its realy fun and strong build.. I have 10 STR, use large shield, put buffs spells and chill fog on start and then Thrice was she wrong ..(no summons at all..) very solid run, i finish port maje easy. I guess with chanter never was a problem .. am i right?
  7. hey what about blood mage multiclass with corpse eater barbarian ? he can heal himself alot.. and cast more spells..
  8. What about solo potd ? With paladin multiclass for good heal, minimum might, with large shield and full plate armor for tanky and use slicken spell lvl 1 and all other lvls take dmg spells/ defense.. At start put slicken , then alot AoE dmg spells.. In boss or strong enemies he can use sworn for +3 armor extra tanky.. This can work ?
  9. Someone know the formula of the blood sacrefice ? I mean calculate the hp that reduced from use..
  10. So why to take bellewer instead of skald ? How much bonus bellewer realy get ? Is it worth it ?
  11. Hello my friends ) Someone check the Bellower chanter sub class ? I wonder if its good.. Lets say if you have 5 parches points (PL its called ?) and you summon lower creatures like skeletons, how much greater the duration and all there stats will be ? *Maybe they become OP or changed to stronger ones ? if they die, and you got the next upgrade of the skeletons (dont remmber the name) they will revive stronger to ?
  12. The real problem with the blood mage is the dmg to himself, the higer the STR is the higer the dmg that you will recive.. What if we lower the STR to the minimum (3/4) ? then we can use blood sacrifice without worrying to our health but we will not do dmg at all.. but maybe we dont need do to dmg .. What if we summon other mobs to do the job while we tanking and debuff all the area .. ? I talking about multiclass with chanter, stack alot of defence and +hp items (chanter have buff +1 hp every sec?) PotD Solo build with unlimited resources ?
  13. Well thats important info, thanks ! The axe required alot of str (25), how i use the + % heal from it to be more tanky ? I play crusader.. (my con is 10 base) and i got alot of dmg (lvl
  14. Yes its nice when AoE but for solo the real hard combats is vs bossess no ? *Fighter have the cleave stance aniway..
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