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  1. I think ill roll in with eder xoti/pallagine at least, so ill have some healing, but i kinda want this character to be as independend as it can get. High const and mix with paladin should be ok i think, if we max might we would get better healing from abilities (LoH) too, so it kinda countaracts the bigger raw dmg we receive, im just curious if anyone of our fellow PoE 2 nerds tried bloodmage "powerbuild" already, and what are ur results :d On the other hand solo wizard will get higher power levels and possibly infinite 8-9 level spells which sounds gr8, the problem is i dont think there is enough healing in wizard solo kit to be self sustained, id need some serious healers to help him.
  2. Hi everyone im planning to do a new pillars run with all dlc and with blood mage as main character, but dont know what build exactly would be best. Is i worth to multiclass to pally or keep it solo. Dump might to minimum for lowest blood sacrifice dmg or go with max for more dmg and lower bs self dmg with ring for examp. How much const do we need? Im curious about the end game 20 lvl character full build result, early game doesnt matter coz i kinda want to start with 20 lvl character and see what challenge upscaled potd can provide. Kinda like new run but with end game build and items. What do u guys think is best for this subclass we can get?
  3. "C:\Users\[username]\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity II\Achievements\" the "global achievement" file
  4. "C:\Users\[username]\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity II\Achievements\"
  5. Hi id like to start my playthrough with blessing of beraths unlocked to do a completionist run, its seems quite fun and i dont rly have time for 2 playthroughs Is there anyone that has enough points to unlock them all and is kind enough to share his achievement file, so i could swap it with mine in my game folder (it works) Thank u
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