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  1. When respecing my main character, Ranger/Druid i randomly gain mace proficiency and warrior knockdown ability. Anybody had similar issue?
  2. Pretty wizardry. I don't see your point. They are able to do supernatural things. They aren't casting spells. It looks like you don't like the setting, but who cares really? Find the other ones. That's like I didn't like space operas and wrote to Bioware "Hey, make Mass Effect a fantasy game please". This setting has it's own principles and aesthetics, they aren't going to change and most people enjoy them.
  3. Just another proof that Engwithan were aliens. BRB, gonna do Bekarna's quest, skipped it in first playthrough.
  4. I expected some mastercrafted theory like "Engwithans are secretly aliens", you really dissapointed me. You did know Engwithans are aliens, right?
  5. Upvoted. Maybe in a big patch, like "2.0" patch for PoE 1. That's really sad that the most dissapointing part of the game is the most crucial one. I mean, hunting for a god across Deadfire could play so well with exploration theme, but this game rushes it way too much.
  6. Question to all modders here. Is implementing new passive abilities possible or not? What are the limitations, if yes?
  7. Nice work. I hope devs will take a look at this at some point. It would be sad to make such a developed system in your head only to be dissapointed later. I think most of your suggestions are valid. It would be great if devs took some inspirations from you - and it's less work for them! That's basically a win-win! And if not, modding abilities in seems possible, so I guess somebody could mod them in. I don't think they would be hard to code in and we could reuse some icons used in the game. However, there are some things that I don't like: - hard scaling with stats, balancing game about certain ability: Double Grip, Serpent Strikes. I think all options should be viable without passives, with passive working as slight upgrade, and I don't think solutions to weak two-handed/small weapons problems is adding a talent for them. And scaling abilities directly with stats doesn't seem in line with PoE design principles. - bonus spellcasts for high-level abilities - I don't think giving access to spamming high level spells per encounter is a good idea. It would allow to cheese some fights and render low-level spells useless, as you would never use them having better options As i see it, we definitely need more interesting passive options to customize your character - and we also need a system to encourage taking them. Right now, when all abilities draw from the same skillpoints pool active abilities and their upgrades are just more interesting, give you more flexibility and more power, especially in short fights, and especially for spellcasters. I would really like "talent" pool restored in PoE 2, making two separate skillpoints pools - one with active abilities and some class specific passive abilities, and one with general passive abilities and some class specific one. I think I understand why they were merged into one - with new skill and weapon proficiency systems devs could be afraid that it will overcomplicate stuff, but most talents are too bland to compete with class abilities at their own. With seperate pool however they could be fine addition. That said, abilities ideas. I'm not going to bother with cool names. Some of them may repeat yours, if I have some changes in mind. Most of them were inspired by D&D... But so was Pillars of Eternity. Weapon Focus 2 or 3 or 4 PL, General DESCRIPTION: Bonus to accuracy with proficient weapons WHY: To let characters to specialize in certain weapons and gain bonuses using them. Encouraging roleplaying. I don't think you should be able to pick it on PL 1, as bonus flat accuracy could be too powerful so early. Bonus Spells (I-IV) PL 2-5, Wizard, Priest, Druid DESCRIPTON: Just guess WHY: Spellcasters could use more low-level spells per encounter and it could give them way to buy useful passive abilities on early levels. I think PoE 1 model was near perfect, as I liked one PL delay before you could take this ability and I don't think you should be able to spam high-level spells with that Spell Focus (Enchantment, Evocation, etc.) 2 or 3 or 4 PL, Wizard DESCRIPTION: grant increased accuracy and duration with spells of chosen school WHY: Spellcasters could use more useful passive abilities on early levels, helps focusing on chosen school. I think it should stay nice and simple, and more unique bonuses should go to specialist wizard classes, that should be buffed. Also it could help utilize new keywords system, which doesn't seem to give you many ways to play around except specialist wizards and some unique items. And it could let wizards specialize in some area. Cipher Focus (Deception, Echo, Shred) MID PL, Cipher DESCRIPTION: grant some unique bonuses, cool mechanics when using powers of certain class. I have some ideas. I think it should be more unique than spell focus, as 2/3 cipher subclasses don't give you new mechanics associated with keywords WHY: New keywords system doesn't give you many ways to play around it. It could help make more interesting and unique builds. And it could let ciphers specialize in some area. Druid Focus (Decay, Elements, Rejuvenation, etc.) 2 or 3 or 4 PL, Druid DESCRIPTION: grant increased accuracy and duration with spells using chosen keyword WHY: As before. New keywords system doesn't give you many ways to play around it. It could help make more interesting and unique builds. And it could let druids specialize in some area. Priest Focus (Condemnation, Protection, Inspiration, etc.) 2 or 3 or 4 PL, Priest DESCRIPTION: grant increased accuracy and duration with spells using chosen keyword WHY: As before. New keywords system doesn't give you many ways to play around it. It could help make more interesting and unique builds. And it could let priests specialize in some area. Lingering Chant MID PL, Chanter DESCRIPTION: prolongs chant linger WHY: Chanters don't have much class specific talents. Fast Chanting MID PL, Chanter DESCRIPTION: hastens chanting WHY: Chanters don't have much class specific talents. Bonus Power Pool MID PL, Warrior, Barbarian, Ranger, Paladin, Monk, Rogue DESCRIPTION: Grants +2 power pool WHY: Non-spellcasters suffer from not having enough power pool points to utilize their abilities later on. Basic and boring ablities, but I think we need some basic stuff before we start thinking about more wild ones. I think we need more options to customize and specialize your character in Deadfire, and it could certainly help.
  8. Obsidian tried to chase Divinity: OS 2 success so badly that they've even replicated its bugs! Truly astonishing.
  9. Yeah, I guess we can agree that gem/crafting resources stock should be larger. It makes no sense that low-grade and cheap crafting materials are so rare.
  10. Free DLC for trinkets guys? You know, the little things you promised during the launch campaign? No, seriously, I appreciate what you're doing. If this game will have so complex support and so good DLCs as the first one, I'm going to spend a lot more hours with it. And I love as you as always listen to community feedback. BTW, Divinity: OS 2 is getting a free remaster, where they overhaul like second half of main plot. Not like I'm dropping it here as any kind of suggestion for the far future.
  11. Poor design. There are similar more quests and conversations which limit your options in a similar way. I hope they will add some more options after they fix major bugs. I don't even want voice acting for them. Let's make a post aggregating all kinds of 'lack of choice' problems in general discussions and I'll drop an issue or two.
  12. I read somewhere that it is probably going out early June. I hope they will fix some real stuff now. Beginning with respec. But there wasn't any info and I don't think there will be any before patch release.
  13. "I swear, sugar seems to be the most rare resource in the Deadfire. >_<" Second most rare, you forgot about pyrite.
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