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  1. You can get Endless Space 1 on Humble Bundle for free, just need to sign up for newsletter, but could abandon it soon. ES1 seems to be too simple and slow to be really fun, but everyone has own taste. The 2nd has stronger story line, so that makes it more interesting.
  2. I also bought Venetica from GOG, it is one of cRPG games from old times which somehow skip my radar. Also Egypt the Old Kingdom, little strategy game with complexity of board game, but suprisingly fun and giving option to play your way.
  3. Stadia... what if we have g5 and portable VR? Would that be cool enought? Ar least youngs could play outside. Maybe catv/netflix could just bundle with some casual games like sims or animal crossing. Otherwise... we are looking for niche when ppl are ready to buy subcription, but not box once in 5 years. And they also dont own sufficient phone, or pc to play older/casual stuff. And we assume that infrastructure could just take it when milions ppl will start downloading different image.
  4. Borderlands Handsome Collection is sometimes really cheap, and if you are borderline interested in shooters it is very fun game, can play solo or with random lads, it is like MMO loot shooter but without microtransation and dlc gore (all is in handsome pack).
  5. Some polished subscription for games would be great, just to have opportunity to try new games before spending more. There are games which everyone is crazy about but could be plain and ugly (Skyrim) and then some minimalistic games with provide more fun than anyone would expectl (Rebel Galaxy or Transistor). Everyone has a bit different taste, and spending too much time on research is also suboptimal. However that could be a lost case, since subscription plans favour short games for novelty, but without much depth, so in long term that could be bad.
  6. Sleeping Dogs DE on steam sale, Still need to find out if they lie about it being good.
  7. To some degree i am hyped, since it is BG3 yay. But i realise that it is just memories so it might as well be nothing special. But it is Larian who are good/great, and doing their part for better games. Any good cRPG in production is good news.
  8. Borderlands 2, had some fun before with Warframe but the grind was real. And Borderlands is fun to. Quick relaxing gameplay. Some variety with characters and guns. Storyline more packed. At some point the depth could be lacking, with no separete melee weapons. Only one power.
  9. Memorable vlads: Twins, the whole storyline was memorable even if haunted hotel was bugged. Damsel in distress, not many lines, and a bit angry, but she is loyal supporter of revolution. Jack was fun. Fat Larry has some good stuff. LaCroix was a prick, but that is a clan feature so probably good. Generally good game. And the trailer looks right in the tune. If i think about it, then many characters have rather short text line. But the variety of actions and general style was something unprecendented.
  10. I suppose that small or medium studio may be interesting in promoting own brand and IP, using KS money not as scam or fast and last cash grab, just starting capital for future expansion. Also KS backers may be not the last customers, and if game gets high notes or is just good in the niche there may be your regular buyiers. There is interesting example of No Man's Sky, which might ended as cash grab, but devs decided it is serious, and worked on game post release ending with something (not my genre, but is said to be worthy). In similar way Patchfinder The Bugmaker probably sold more copies outside KS. The general idea of KS is good. There may be some weird factors like if normal publishers do too good games there will be no niche for KS. Or a couple scams can lower enthusiasm. Or collapse of western civilization may shrink pool of backers... and so on.
  11. Is that a drawback or virtue? Nevertheless, good to see something which is not lootbox zombie battle royal.
  12. I miss a little godlike but of Stone nature. It could be animated Adra, can Adra awake on its own as some form of guardian of Eora? Generally there is an potencial in Godlikes, so there could be Eothas godlike, or some beasty (furry godlike). Dragonkins, but not small, big beefy dragons with muscle tails and fiery breath.
  13. The plot aside the gameplay looks fine. Similar to Rebel Galaxy with some Shadowrun. There is some drought in Space Smuggler game with some RPG elements.
  14. I also was waiting for this so long. The developer is a mystery, and it could be hard for them to meet expectacions (so high). Does anyone can name studio which make good/great game at first shot, and it was something bigger? Maybe they are refugees from Bioware or something. However if PDX will keep pumping games from WoD from different studios, at some point one will be good.
  15. Free games are good since they are good and free. On Humble Bundle you can get GRID 2 for 2 days (left) you need to subscribe to their newsletter. It is not a race game but be fast. Link
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