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  1. XCOM Chimera Squad, xcom but we can use aliens in our team and subdue some terrorists. A bit faster paced than previous (it is more spinoff). Also the mood is lighter, like cop action movie. The drawback is that only few encounters are epic or very interesting.
  2. Nexus the Jupiter Incident... that was fun game, spaceship combat RTS is rare genre, they do not do such in recent years.
  3. I am a bit curious about upcoming LiS: Xavier's School, they are always trying to making something else than shooter_current_year, and that really counts. In worse case they provide nice indiepop chillmix. The town looks pretty.
  4. Warewolf the Apocalypse Hearth of the Pooshcha. Eastern Visual Novel about warewolves from World of Darkness setting. It is VN so you click grumpy dialogue options, read, and watch slideshow (yay). But you can roleplay your character as lowkey pup or angry bitch so plus for that.
  5. I migh downplayed 12$ package. There is 7 DLC, 3 are bigger one, and only planetoids is plant armour (skinpack). So overall good package. Generally Stellaris on steam sales goes for like 10$, so having bundle for 12$ is really nice entry.
  6. Stellaris Humble Bundle 1$ Base Game 12$ + some dlc Space 4X game. If you like genre you (probably own it) it is quite good. PDX games dlc are hard to fallow, so having it package may be interesting for some. Happy Galaxy Uniting.
  7. One of reasons why Game of Thrones (books) is so popular was that every character may die, and if they died they will probably stay that way. So in cRPG stuff may happen, companions may leave or die. It is better if possible loss had been foreshadowed or fallow general logic, like insulting proud Barbarian may result in some combat. The player may have choice and impact outcome. PS. Romances are great and always has been.
  8. Probably to late now, but idea is good. It it could also be good if number of class combination would be as wide as possible for character to still fit background. For example Xoti with Chanter Beckoner, that would have some great flavour. Or Eder choosing path of Kind Wayfever. I think Divinity Second Sin had some mechanic of altering character class with dialogue.
  9. Can always play just cipher without MC. Cipher is level points hungry, when you MC you need to split skill point on 2 classes, which result in some hard choices, and solo class can try more thing in class without passing. Paladin is preaty good for focus generation since you have flames of devotion and aura of focus. But some other abillities are more defensive in nature which is good for melee. Bleak Walker deal a little more dmg, but Kind Wayfarers have more heals. Rogue is better for damage, but less defensive. Rogue Trickster has smaller sneak attack, but knows some spells to ena
  10. What about.... Cipher/Paladin (Kind Wayfer)? Paladins have lay of hands as heals, and kind wayferer heals with flames of devotion (but more in melee). Flames of Devotion could help loading up focus. Paladins also have some auras and buffs (limited in numbers and variety thou). MoonMoon Godlike have offhealing in race, but with melee, you need to take damage to trigger that. You can find npcs of chanter kind: Chanter/Paladin, Chanter/Druid, Chanter/Priest(DLC), Chanter/Barbarian overall some variety. Cipher is more rare with just Cipher/Barbarian and Cipher/Rogue variants.
  11. I think there was a game Republic Commando with 4 clones (shooter) each have special abillities (sniper, explosives) you could jump from one to another you could quick order them to do something like snipe that guy, or drop rocket here In Avow terms if we play rogue, but we have cipher companion to quickcast (by player) phantom foes... that would be something. Or ranger, and we can order Eder charge in and use taunt. So we mostly play 1 character, but can add some special powers of character (airstrike).
  12. Companions generally have 2 functions storytelling and gameplay. You can walk around storytelling part with just characters with more screan time and some cool interactions, or temporary companions who are mostly chatting. I think Witcher 3 did it ok. And there is gameplay, if we add companion to party it should serve some purpose. Like we are ranger character and need animal companion for tanking, or eder for that purpose. In PoE we definetly build party, but in tOW companion impact was minimal. Even ME did it better with some companions bring armour schred or CC orb. The syste
  13. For non english it sounds like "under oath"(vows) which makes sense in epic vg about smashing undead with magic blast.
  14. Because Skyrim is very succesful game? Or that fantasy like action with rpg elements is always hit? LIke horizont zero dawn, Witcher, new Assasins even Outer World. General players just like action with nice story and rpg elements.
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