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  1. Ashes of Singularity Escalation on Humble Bundle for free to redeem on Steam. The game is some form of Fireworks Simulator RTS in SPACE.
  2. I hope for PoE3 to like tie it up. Either smash the wheel and send gods to abyss, or restore the wheel and ascend as new god of rebirth. Any fantasy trillogy without godlike transcendence just doesnt cut it. Or... it is time of Beta Protocol with best of Deus Ex, Cyberpunk and Splinter Cell. The world is ready.
  3. The premise of game looks interesting. If fixed characters mean interactions and some rpg dialogues that is some trade off. Chatting with your crew in absolutly non romantic way makes crpg more interesting. The idea of nazis bashing game for promoting cooperation with snakeladies and berzerker grunts is hilarious, but it is some progress from "video games cause violence".
  4. I like idea of East Europe cRPG. But how EE we talk? Nazi occupation? Early commies (purges)? Post Soviet peoples republic (corruption, economic apocalypse, clash of commies, liberals, and nationalist)? Post Nuclear Soviets? Balkans War (Jugoslavia)? Smuta? (Russian Interegium) Syberia exploration with a bit of magic? To some degree Disco Elisium was eastern crpg.
  5. POE3 would be fine, it feels that there needs to be the final chapter of epic trylogy. But if Deadfire was financial disaster putting whole company at risk then maybe not. Maybe TOW2 would be better. Or probe the waters with some other IP, and then if hit expand in that way.
  6. Skyrim is boring and overrated. You dont need much and complicated combat for good rpg. B+ games makes more sense than AAA. I hope that i read topic purpose right.
  7. Game is great in first walkthought, on second you start to notice that the freedom of choice is an illusion. But first time it doesnt matter. Other significant thing is that it is adventure crpg, which is like new subgenre. If you take crpg and keep branching storyline, quest, skill tests, inventory but... minimalize combat and 9 tiers of spells people will still like it.
  8. The whole PC model is waste of time, we need floating gun without body. Oldschool. Why: It is using same assets as NPC, they are already there. Mirrors. Cutscenes. Suspension of disbelief. We know about the FACE, it is there, watching what we see with our eyes. Attachment. It is my beard bird girl with tattoos and sideburns.
  9. I understand sentiment to ME2. In fact that was a game which executed very well a formula of grab N map fragments and then kill dragon, and also collect bunch of badass companions. However games could be different, and some aspects are not even that important. TOW tried much better to be replayable with being Council or Freedom man. Renegate/Paragon dilema was artificial, 6 aspect or "we do not judge" aproach to morality are better. Aliens in ME2 wasnt that important, since most of them ware humanoids. Only rachni queen was somehow special. Space magic is nice and fun, but not required, special attacs or some technology could mimic that. ME2 wasnt exacly great when it comes to stealth or different skills. ME2 missions ware very shooter like (sometimes), not really open world crpg. There is a choice of having less companions but deeper interaction. So it is not like you need to repeat old formula.
  10. The fact that i can pick pronoun/gender of my hero but still have freedom of design is good. Why not? If someone feels better running with androgynous character good for them, if other want to make a woman with a beard just for laughts even better. The culture in OT is retro futurism, so i would not expect much cultural drift, and even expect some traditionalism, they literraly sleep for last thousands of years. You can argue that strict definition of each gender is mirror of strict job position in corporate system. If OE decides to make queer character sure why not, the adventure seakers are generally misfist, so being queer is ok. But with all NPC you do what you have idea for. It is hard to get good execution of bad idea.
  11. Firefly... it seems to be too similar to TOW, crew, space wild west, some technology mixed with rural. Also fantasy is covered. If i had to name something unique... horror/gothic/ urban vampires or cyberpunk/hard scifi. That is something you dont have, while Deus Ex was a thing. Maybe Alpha Protocol but with some Deus Ex vibes?
  12. There are a bit different games, and i see how someone may like only 1 of them. Deadfire had more content (longer or more potencial quests) so that gives a better feeling. But generally first person action games are more popular. I do not mind if there will be both types in future.
  13. On humble bundle there is a bundle of Europa Universalis IV, with deal from 1$ to 17$. It contains only that game and overload of DLC for that. Considering that otwerwise it is hard to keep track of all DLC that some deal. EU4 is grant strategy game where you paint the world in your favorite colour.
  14. You can get Endless Space 1 on Humble Bundle for free, just need to sign up for newsletter, but could abandon it soon. ES1 seems to be too simple and slow to be really fun, but everyone has own taste. The 2nd has stronger story line, so that makes it more interesting.
  15. I also bought Venetica from GOG, it is one of cRPG games from old times which somehow skip my radar. Also Egypt the Old Kingdom, little strategy game with complexity of board game, but suprisingly fun and giving option to play your way.
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