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  1. I think there was a game Republic Commando with 4 clones (shooter) each have special abillities (sniper, explosives) you could jump from one to another you could quick order them to do something like snipe that guy, or drop rocket here In Avow terms if we play rogue, but we have cipher companion to quickcast (by player) phantom foes... that would be something. Or ranger, and we can order Eder charge in and use taunt. So we mostly play 1 character, but can add some special powers of character (airstrike).
  2. Companions generally have 2 functions storytelling and gameplay. You can walk around storytelling part with just characters with more screan time and some cool interactions, or temporary companions who are mostly chatting. I think Witcher 3 did it ok. And there is gameplay, if we add companion to party it should serve some purpose. Like we are ranger character and need animal companion for tanking, or eder for that purpose. In PoE we definetly build party, but in tOW companion impact was minimal. Even ME did it better with some companions bring armour schred or CC orb. The system when we can hear all witty comments is good, maybe if we collect souls, and can summon 1 ghost for aid in battle, but all soul souls are with us... there is some challenge how to explain a group of ppl just fallowing us but only for chatting.
  3. For non english it sounds like "under oath"(vows) which makes sense in epic vg about smashing undead with magic blast.
  4. Because Skyrim is very succesful game? Or that fantasy like action with rpg elements is always hit? LIke horizont zero dawn, Witcher, new Assasins even Outer World. General players just like action with nice story and rpg elements.
  5. I would not mind some variations of Deadfire system, probably more open. There could be several "trees" with skills. And you can combine them freely, but coolest stuff is later or at top so it could be wise to finish your Barbarian tree before going rogue. It is definetly important to be spellsword with sword in one hand and fireball in other. Locking choice at character creation is probably bad, since at first gameplay i have no idea what i want or what that even means. So cant really pick wisely. Each player can have their own image of best class ever, it could be soulblade or arcane knight or necrobard... you cant guess them all, so just give many combinations, and some cool attacks to back it up, and let imagination do the rest. Classless System with trees? Tyranny system is ok. More important question is how many special attacs and spells there will be.
  6. You can get Serious Sam First Encounter on GOG for free. And there is some sale on, with bunch of crpg games on.
  7. Little Big Workshop, manage factory of cute gnomes game. Generally fun, it is not saturated genre so far. Unfortunetly controls are clunky at times (simple action takes too long).
  8. Start making POE3 and sell Trilogy package? This could be combined with some last bug fixing and polishing and some asset related to new part (items, portraits) .
  9. Continue and close Watcher Trilogy. Aedyr Empire. Souls going wild, haunting and infusing random thing wrecking havoc. End of times. All kind of secret societies adding to chaos. Olds Gods playing cool but each one plotting against other to loose less. Watcher takes control somehow on sould harvesting device connected to Adra/Eora so in theory can ifluence whole Eora. And of course we can Ascend as new god, or kill all other gods since 1 is enough, or get rid of gods (and ourself) and instead create self sustain reincarnation cycle without middle men or blow up planet and create souls paradise without suffering and relation system.
  10. I must say that have a soft spot for games with lightsaber in one hand and super powers in other. However after this trailer it could be either fantasy doom or skyrim, and both options are equally possible.
  11. On HB there is another PDX package, bundle with actual games for once. But just a core games without DLC fiesta, so it is entry drug for free situation. Take at your own risk. Never gonna give you up For crpg lovers there is Tranny.
  12. Heavy confusion. Base building and ship customizetion sounds like post release free pach perks, so the 3d artist do not get bored. For TOW2 i would rather focus on aspect which was working fine and enhance them like: The combat is actually fun, so just more guns mods, maybe pimp power of companions super attacks. Add mid game moddable Infinity Gaunlet for out hero so we can use Jedi Powers on our enemies. Every game is better if you can shoot lighting or push enemies off the cliff. more planets with versalite habitat, like ice planet, lava level, cloud city, water planet(under and above) more enemies types and designed boss fights. more memorable big monsters/robots. more companions to catch them all with loyality quests and fun interaction. keep going with ranks in organization and unlocking benefit for sideing with one or another. There could be something like collecting troophies so you can make your ship interior pretier but it also could be post release Since our ship is our home developing base is redutant. Since moding ship will have no purpose it will be a waste of resources, other than "you need to do 4 planets to collect enought cash to pimp your ride and proceed with plot" (if old sheme works do not change it ) Or... The Groundbreaker ve been destroyed! Only You can help to rebuild it by collecting resources and refugees to unlock shops and questgivers, and make Pavarti happy by all night drinking. That is some plot device.
  13. Ashes of Singularity Escalation on Humble Bundle for free to redeem on Steam. The game is some form of Fireworks Simulator RTS in SPACE.
  14. I hope for PoE3 to like tie it up. Either smash the wheel and send gods to abyss, or restore the wheel and ascend as new god of rebirth. Any fantasy trillogy without godlike transcendence just doesnt cut it. Or... it is time of Beta Protocol with best of Deus Ex, Cyberpunk and Splinter Cell. The world is ready.
  15. The premise of game looks interesting. If fixed characters mean interactions and some rpg dialogues that is some trade off. Chatting with your crew in absolutly non romantic way makes crpg more interesting. The idea of nazis bashing game for promoting cooperation with snakeladies and berzerker grunts is hilarious, but it is some progress from "video games cause violence".
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