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  1. Huh. I did not see this collab coming. Nor did I ever expect to witness a Hewlett-ified Elton John.
  2. I like how the Computer and Console board is slowly being overtaken by Majesty.
  3. I like you. You are clearly a gentleman and a scholar. EDIT: Probably handsome, too.
  4. The Siege is fun! It's like a multiplayer match, only on uneven terms and with annoying restrictions!
  5. Oh, also. I forgot: All Temple spells (Wither included) are global. Only Wizard Guild spells need towers to extend their range. I had no idea this had been a thing. I guess this explains why you're looking for the unpatched version of the game
  6. Ah, the beauty of original discs Out of curiosity, though: is there any particular reason why you want to play it unpatched? EDIT: Never mind. I looked at the other thread and I think I connected the dots...
  7. I can see why. The entire Northern Expansion campaign seems to have been specifically tailored to 1) crank up the difficulty 2) shut down many of the the usual strategies. It's the point where they started to experiment with the formula, too. I mean, the Spires of Death scenario in NE almost gave me an aneurysm - it's one of the few that I never, ever, want to replay, and I still have no idea how to reliably approach it without cheats (melkathi probably does, though, since he's a bear wizard and all). Then again, it's also the expansion that made an already overpowered Temple (Krolm/Barbarians) even stronger, so... Yes, this. I'm of the mind that everyone should own at least six copies of Majesty.
  8. Indeed. You could even say it's... ... ...majestic.
  9. The neat trick to keep dragons at bay is to use Krypta/Animate Bones/spawned skeletons. Skeletons have a ridiculously high Dodge score (something like 87? Iirc) which makes them great at defending against ranged attacks. Since a dragon's breath is counted by the game as a ranged attack, it means that a single disposable skeleton can tank a dragon for a good while, buying you time for kingdom building and whatnot. EDIT: Oh, and also - both varieties of dragons are prime targets to get crippled by Krypta's Wither spell.
  10. I did, a week ago - and I'm anxious as hell. ~8 months, starting from November. Therefore, so far, I have learned nothing. Unless you count these horror stories from Obsidian boards. In that case, I have learned that coding is a soul-crushing voyage into pain and misery. EDIT: I forgot to actually answer: Java. EDIT2: Amentep please don't ban me
  11. Well... at least now I know I never should have signed up for that coding course. So, yeah, uh. Back on track. Games. Yes.
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