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  1. In other words, what I managed to gather from this thread is that while Picard isn't exactly a great watch, at least most of you were... *drum roll* ...engaged. I'm so sorry
  2. Oh, those are real people. Huh. I guess that's a "no" then.
  3. ^ ...the Borg Collective would want you to add your biological and technological distinctiveness to their own?
  4. I propose that the Senate give immediately emergency powers to the Supreme Chancellor.
  5. To all of you people who have already watched Picard: This may be a dumb question, but... is it slow and wordy? Not in a bad sense, mind. It's just something I've always associated with and loved in Star Trek.
  6. Oh... I now understand why you chose to compare it to Majesty 2. That's a shame. Thanks, though.
  7. Oh, huh. I haven't heard about this game before. Is it seriously anything like Majesty, or are you just toying with my heart at this point?
  8. Wait, we're not discussing Majesty anymore? Noooooo
  9. I feel like the monks are kind of hard to convince to do... well, anything. They don't respond all that well to bounty flags and tend to crawl around the settlement while uttering "ooooh" and "ommm" sounds. Which is fun, but still. For me, the most fun unit is the cultist. I've always had a blast spamming them, perhaps even more so in scenarios that heavily encourage healers/paladins.
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