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  1. I like that the companions are more motivated by their own personality and morals, and not by a constructed alignment. Pallegina was a nice example in the setting when her morals conflicted her commitment to the Republic. With that system was a good thing at the start of roleplaying and suitable for certain (like gods being bound to a certain alignment instead of a portfolio of concepts, and their followers losing powers if their alignment differs too much). Same goes for the watcher's characteristics being possibly not liked by your companions, but they confront you and you can explain to
  2. Winning is not stealing babies for no reason. Seriously, you don't have to pick up *everything* Those words you say. They make no sense. That's what I mean.
  3. And sending them to hang with the companions is not much better. Even Pallegina, who you'd think would be a bit more responsible is terrible. At first she asks her if she has any duties on the ship, I think even if she gets some education, and Vela says she helps around, swabs decks, and has chores (not sure about education. I think she mentions learning shanties). Then Pallegina proceeds to ask if Vela is small enough to fit in an Imperial Long Gun. Vela asks why, and Pallegina answers something like "Well, someone has to clean them too". WTF, Bird lady?!
  4. Preposterous! My watcher would never lead their child, received through ab-doption to use drugs. Now some nice Mead, that is another story. I wonder if they have mead from pine honey on Eora. Or maybe from Orangeflower honey. Or from Lindenflower honey. Grieving Mother. She should have told us. I'm still not quite sure if she wasn't high on some weird soul drug after all, and just making up that whole birthing bell story as a cover.
  5. It's too late! Eld Engwith was a bad example and Vela is a full on druggie. At least now I know why she acts so weird when I talk to her. Background to this. I accidentally noticed I can pickpocket my crew, because switching to on-deck view, I didn't notice that my PC was in sneak mode. When I tried talking to one of them, the pickpocket window opened instead. Am I a bad person for seeing what all my other crew members have in their pockets? I honestly was just hoping *ONE* of them would carry sugar so I can make that blasted second packet of candied nuts. I swear, sugar seems to be the mo
  6. During the encounter with the Eotans on the Island with the Sandswept ruins (SW map), I selected the options "The other eotans hid food from you" (paraprhrased, passed check successfully) and "my friends saw it!" (I think it was the third option. Failed that check). Now the mistake. The text says: "Rekke stares at you blankly. After a few long, silent moments, his eyes widen, and he slowly shakes his head." I haven't even met Rekke yet. My current party members are (in that order): Aloth, Pallegina, Mira and Tekēhu.
  7. I can confirm this. It always happens with the third slot of Serafen. As far as I can tell for Serafen it happens when I had him outside of my party, and the item is placed in his personal inventory when I get him back in the group.
  8. I read this issue with certain positions not registering in some other places, and I think it might have to do with certain crew members not being Kith. So Birta, being an Ogre, wouldn't register properly. Same with Worthless Idiot the Imp, Big Mouth the Vithrack surgeon (had someone mention that they didn't register in an event where a surgeon was relevant), and Mother Sharp Rock the Xaurip. I have Birta as Helmsman on my Junk, and when adressing her on-Deck, she just says "Shouldn't you have someone at the wheel?". Why yes Birta, I should, and I think I do have someone there, namely you.
  9. I too am a bit irked by this. She showed up on the beach just fine (using a questionnaire background), and on the ship talking with Serafen. In between she vanished for a while, but later had other interactions with companions (Thanks Pallegina for at first making me think you are worried she might not get a good education, but then suggesting she is small enough to scrub inside the Long gun cannons. ). Now she usually hags out in my cabin, but also has just generic sailor responses. I think the last unique non-interaction response she gave was her asking whether the boat will be alright whi
  10. So, I went into Takano's house and as is custom and good manners for a cash pressed RPG PC I robbed the house and occupants blind. I did open the chest containing the Cornett of Waves, and took out everything but the Cornett. After that I had the chat with Takano and convinced him to sell me the conch. After clicking that option, while still in the dialogue, I already heard the battle music, which I considered odd. And indeed, when the dialogue window closed, everyone was hostile. I reloaded and went straight to Takano and got the conch (for free, as I told him Ondra might get angry), and ev
  11. Me too. His career path seems to have taken him from the Vailian Trading company to facility caretaker for the Royal Deadfire company. I too was surprised to find him here, and hope to get more than his "Thanks for saving me from the Doemenels" at some point, especially if there's even a portrait for him. I think I might try dragging Pallegina along for the next visit. (I am typing this while inebriated from 500 ml of white wine and 325 ml of red sparkling wine from my sofa with a not ideal surface for my keyboard, so please excuse any spelling mistakes)
  12. It's hilarious that this should be the April Fools joke, because we contemplated the idea of NWN 2 on the Wii in one of the threads (not just any thread, but one that's been going for nearly two years now.) over at the Bioware forums, when someone mentioned they had gotten themselves a Wii. Someone mentioned it would be cool if you could slap Bishop or Gann, and I fully agree. ^_^ Still, it's funny that this is the April Fools joke, as that discussion took place only on the 30th of March. Not accusing you of copying it, don't worry. Just a funny coincidence (or unintentional mind reading
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