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  1. That's a good point about it being somewhat of a placeholder. I'm sure we'll be dragged off to another part of the world soon enough. And future advances with teleportation could make for an easier means to travel around. Maybe we'll be able to experience multiple regions via teleportation, instead of sticking to one area per game. I'd also like to see White that Wends. But I'm guilty of my character being a Pale Elf from there. In all honesty, I hope this series continues on for several more games. I'm fascinated by the world it's set in. I can't remember the name of the island, but at
  2. Well, they all do promise to meet again someday. Right now my only gripe is with the Watcher who suddenly decides to ditch them and "go home" (where exactly?). I liked it here in the Deadfire, I don't want to go anywhere until the next game, thank you very much. The only reasoning I can think of is to check on the destruction of Caed Nua. I would have preferred to stay in the Deadfire as well, but I think at least returning to check on the ruins makes sense. We ruled that area for 5 years, and I vaguely recall that Berath said around 331(?) people under our care living within the keep
  3. Thank you for all the replies! I suppose that makes sense for everyone to have commitments that require them to be elsewhere. Although it sounds bittersweet that the relationship either ends, or takes on a long distance quality via Xoti and Maia. I hope there's at least a nod to them in the next game. That's also interesting that Aloth has the option to remain with the Watcher. I'd like to take that as a sign that he'll be returning in the next game.
  4. I have yet to beat the game, but I'm curious and don't mind the spoilers. Do any of the romances end on a positive note with the companion staying with the Watcher? I know a couple made it sound like said companion had their own duty to attend to, and couldn't stay with the Watcher. I'm not sure if they're all like that, to make it easier to explain for why they wouldn't potentially be in the next game, or if it does work out for them, and they perhaps become a returning character. I'm just curious how any romantic relationships from Deadfire would carry over to POE3.
  5. I noticed there were options to both Furrante and Aeldys about asking if you could take the third chair after killing Benweth. I didn't select those options, so I'm not sure if you can take that position and work your way up. Taking control of the Principi does sound promising, though. My character also happens to have the Old Valilia background.
  6. I'd like to point out this little nugget. I so badly wanted the option to pull Xoti aside and tell her about that. She's so wrapped up in her faith that I don't know if it would have made a difference, but I would have liked the option to do so.
  7. I had no idea you could romance a character with negative approval. I wonder if this only applies to Aloth? Mm, I'm hoping it's just a bug. I know you can only speak to party members to a certain extent, but from my experience it's been kinda lacking. On the bright side -- since I've now been made aware that I'm missing a large chunk of Xoti's dialog, and that the other companions are bugged, it looks like we have conversations to look forward to in the future at least.
  8. Thats insane, I had her for the first part of the game and barely scratched the surface with her dialogue, even though she gained 2 disposition pretty fast. I wish the devs would speed the timer or something. Yeah, she's been in my party the entire time that I've played. Her romance with my Watcher unfortunately felt super rushed as well, although I know there were disposition bugs. But yeah, she seems to have the companion quest that you can finish the earliest, and with her falling for my Watcher so quickly, and with all that missing dialog from her.. she comes across as kinda empty
  9. Her quest is also bugged and spoils the main plot prematurely: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98186-xotis-quest-spoils-main-quest-spoiler/ Yikes! Thankfully that didn't happen to me. Although I'm big on character interaction, and knowing that I've missed several conversations with Xoti makes me worried that I've missed out on the other companions as well.I think I might tuck this game back into my library until a later date.
  10. Wow, I just went through that video and there's a bunch of dialog that never came up for me. I hadn't realized how bugged Xoti was. Now I'm wondering who else (if not all of them) are bugged like that. I have almost 40 hours in my current playthrough, but maybe I should just wait for future patches. I'm not one to rush back into games like these.
  11. Thanks for the reply! That's interesting what you said about Birta. In my game she has points in Boatswain, Helmsman, and Cook. Maybe it's bugged that she has Boatswain? And the injury issue seems to apply to both kith and non-kith crew members. And Shieldsister Daelia is my surgeon, a wood elf.
  12. I think part of my fondness of Xoti is that I like her voice actress, Laura Bailey. Even with that wild southern accent, I find her character to be endearing. But yeah, my character isn't particularly fond of the gods, so it's usually a groan when she starts on about Gaun. I'm still in Act 1, so I'm hoping there's some way to either nudge her against them, or at very least make her question them, similar to Eder. But I'm not sure where the story goes with Eothas, so I guess I'll see.
  13. So I've ran into this a couple times now, and seems to consistently keep happening whenever I'm in this particular situation. Whenever I enter into a storm, a random crew member will always comment on "If only we had Boatswain." And proceeds to tell me how those are the best to have during a storm. At first this would make sense, as I only had the initial ship you start with, and there's no position on there for a Boatswain. But I've since upgraded to the galleon, and have Birta the orge in the Boatswain position. She has two stars in that particular skill, and I still get the comments th
  14. So there I was, wandering around with my companions... when Xoti starts up some party banter with my Watcher. There hasn't really been much between them in terms of dialog since Xoti got together with my Watcher, so I was curious to see where this was going. Xoti: "Did I tell you? You were in my dreams last night, Watcher." I'm like ohhhh! :D Xoti: "You were on your knees. Before my god. And I couldn't stop screaming." .... D: Oh Xoti.
  15. Thanks for the replies! I'm happy to see that it's not completely forgotten about once your Watcher ends up with someone. I'm a sap for romance in games/books/shows etc, and there's nothing more disappointing than seeing two characters end up together and have it never brought up again.
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