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  1. True enough, it made me try sword and shield and 2 handed weapon again !
  2. Same for the skydragon. No Kana Rua appearance at Hasongo. I don't know what build you use but it seems that plenty of import bugs are back. It was not the case in 4.0
  3. Lucky me ! Got my signed CE in France and everything is in perfect shape. Nothing broken. The t-shirt is too small. I ordered an 3XL t-shirt for poe1 kickstarter ans I found it too big. So I choose a XXL size this time and it's very very very small. More XL than XXL, I checked with other XXL I have and it is small. Definitely not US size but euro....
  4. i was looking for a way to do it without killing all the pirates of deadfire.
  5. Remaro explain to us that the Principi will never be the same. Both leaders seem corrupted. Any way to remove both of them from power ? I found a note about Furrante and slave traffic. Any idea for Aeldys ?
  6. We have 13 alcoves, only 11 gods... We found the skeleton of Abydon in WM2. So two skeletons and two gods are missing. I m thinking about this since i finish the game.
  7. Not enough to enchant my team, even half of it. We need a lot more. Pyrite too...
  8. Same for me. Edge camera is not working. I use keyboards and auto camera but it’s very unconfortable. I’m using a wireless mouse, will try later with a wired one. Edit : same with wired mouse Here are the files : https://www.dropbox.com/s/qkg6f9dmo1luxoo/POE2CLICKBUG.7z?dl=0
  9. Eder should help with this quest. He should give advice for a future harvest.
  10. Same for me, but after a rest and reload, i select the stuck caracter and was able to move again.
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