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  1. More propaganda against the one TRUE sidekick Ydwin. How dare you insult the sacred waifu Fassina
  2. I'm in London for a college class. Getting annoyed at my fellow classmates already though. I just really hate drinking and shopping, and thats all these guys want to do outside of class. Anyone got some interesting places to go in the next to weeks that are not super touristy?
  3. Lost Grimoires because it sends you on the best combat encounters of the game.
  4. That is what I thought too! Decent size, lost of winding areas to put interjections, and easy to find (just go left).
  5. No, not at all. Pursue what you find interesting in KotOR2 and read to you heart's desire. What I was getting at was that many pieces of media are acclaimed for very rudimentary philosophy, which gets viewed as smart simply because one hasn't been exposed to it yet. Of course, this is a bit of a slippery slope when you notice that there is always more to learn.
  6. Because sadly Obsidian gets lauded for this junk by people who don't know much themselves. Most of pillars, Kotor 2 and several other games are drivel based on half remembered philosophy 101 classes. Unfortunately, its largely new material to the critics and general audience, so gets an 'oh, wow' reaction. I had that response to planescape torment when I was in my teens. Replaying it in college, I was less impressed, having been introduced to the full version of those concepts. Replaying it as a full adult, I'm a little contemptuous of how badly basic concepts were handled. Its the same here, obsidian is struggling to reprise/reinvent concepts they don't even vaguely grasp. I half-agree with you on the P:T note, but you are spot on here. Unfortunately, that is simply how reactions work. Take Christopher Nolan for example. A painfully average film maker (like pretty much everyone in Hollywood), but gets acclaimed because he markets slightly intelligent ideas to the mainstream. Still like the Dark Knight though
  7. I'm so worried about exposing her to Serefen and Hiravias' influence. So help me if they hit on my daughter. Angry moon momma gonna kick some furry ass
  8. By taking out what causes souls to reincarnate, but to that you would have to destory the Whee...oh. Did Eothas just want to off himself?
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