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  1. I remember seeing they offered a product for $1,000 to invest in the game; I liked the creative idea on financing and considered getting one. I'm curious, how have they done compared to the estimated return?
  2. OK. I was just sort of worried about if there was something like 'gog won't have the DLC's available nearly as well as Steam' or some other issue. There are presumably things like trading cards on Steam, but I don't really like to reward their doing that as helping them have more of a monopoly on digital games.
  3. Thanks but I have several games on Origin already as well, and don't want to put anything more there than needed, just for simplicity. I'm not worried about losing it on Steam or gog. I think I'll go ahead wit gog from the responses. One other factor could have been steam sales on the expansion, but...
  4. To be clear, cost isn't an issue because I'm talking about redeeming my kickstarter copy, not buying a new copy. Wanting to ask if there are any factors I'm not aware of before my 'when in doubt, pick DRM free' approach to pick GOG over Steam.
  5. I have over a thousand games on Steam and several hundred on GOG, so either is ok. Steam is just a little easier as an environment for me, but all else being equal I have a little bias towards DRM-free so GOG. I'm just asking, any advice before I click to use GOG? For example, I see this expansion and in case I want to get it at some point, I see people with GOG asking how and not getting answers.
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