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  1. Hello. Like topic says. Where are big long and multiple levels dungeons? In PoE 1 i have fun in exploring big dungeons in some moments. In PoE 2 we have very short dungeons. Exploring big and long dungeons is very rewarding. There is a very satisfying feeling after finish big dungeon. I dont know how to describe this but i know that most people know what i am talking about. Guys please tell me what are you thinking about this.
  2. But in pillars everything seems flat. In every /house/faction there are same ammout of main characters ho gave you quest. And i see this every time in next and next pleace. Its like copy paste. Plus companions are talking some their dialogs in quests but most of the time its like out of nowhere for example: -quest giver- blab bla bla something about quest -companion - its a nice apple/ you have right on this / he have right (some flat anwsers like this) its annoying It feels like game is filled with repeated content. You going in world and you thinking maybe its something new/ new quest but naah this is the same thing in same contruction but with different words. And guys please its not about nostalgia. BG2 was just a masterpiece. Music, world, characters like Irenicus, different quests. In bg 2 we have evil mage Irenicus, in POE2 we have Arkemyr. Compare this two characters for example. When i have quest to get to Arkemyr mansion i was thinking maan this will be hard. This guy is archmage. But naah it was easy and later we have boring conversation with him and he giving us quest. Same construction with killing Benweth in fort Deathlight. We killing him and Aeldys is giving us next quest...
  3. Hello guys. I am frustrated that I am waiting 20 years for RPG game simmilar to Baldur's Gate 2 and no one can make it. Pillars of eternity 1/2 are great games but there is easy to see different of quality comparing to Baldur's Gate 2 I dont know what od the reson. Why Baldur's Gate after so many years os still the best RPG? Its deepht od the forgotten realms world? Its many and great characters? Its great story, rewarding quests, dungeons and fights? Maybe its becouse world is changing and so comptuter games are changing and even obsidian enterteiment need to make their games to sell it for more people so they making PoE easy and flat. Can samoene explains me what's going on? 20 years after BG 2 and no one can make gamÄ™ simmilar or EVEN GREATER! than BG 2? And dont tell me about nostalgia becouse its not the case.
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