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  1. This was an issue back in the beta patch as well (which im not using now) but she always appears on the beach just fine, its when she's on your ship that she'll just straight up vanish. Even across saves, as i have saves right next to her (she's even in the photo) and she's just not there when it loads. I've check all across the ship, below and aboce deck every time and shes gone. This has been an issue across multiple play throughs. I've been using imports so I'm not sure if a custom world state still has the same issue. It may also be possible that she'll just poof back up later but so
  2. First and foremost. Vela spawns now with the beta patch, so do the swords, and Eder has the correct history, (yay!!!). But, its unstable. (surprising). Vela disappeared when the ship was repaired. Basically removed from the game. Playing this save a bit longer brings you to a crash when Serafen is suppose to join. (I have the crash log saved if you would like them). Loaded a save right before that, no crash, but instead he just walks away instead of joining. I loaded an even earlier save (this time before the ship repair. Vela is now on board. However after speaking to her once all her
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