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  1. I read some NVIDIA threads and supposedly some people who have 10XX with Micron DDR5 memory are having such issues maybe you could look into it, here is my card info:
  2. So I reinstalled Windows twice just to check if having different version would do anything unfortunately, nothing has changed. 0) Old system with various drivers versions - Same issue 1) Clean install of new Windows 10 x64 with the latest NVIDIA drivers - Same issue 2) Clean install of Windows 10 x64 1607 before Creators Update with old drivers 368.91 I believe they are from 2016 - Same issue So I really believe the Unity is terrible and something is missing in the engine or is simply broken. The issue is also in Pathfinder Kingmaker, exactly the same. System: GeForce GTX 107
  3. BUMP! I have the same issue with Pathfinder Kingmaker, low fps and game is no stable, not utilizing GPU, also runs on Unity.
  4. Can we finally get a fix for this issue or an update? The game suffers performance since release and you provide a workaround not a real fix, it's been almost 5 months and nothing.
  5. Got the same issue, I use a cooling pad for my laptop, but it gets super hot anyway.
  6. The game has a terrible performance for me everywhere on a high end pc.
  7. I noticed that as well, the 2h are slower, lower penetration, damage is not even higher thus no real benefits from using one. They should buff it givin them more penetration at least +2 more and damage +2 in a roll.
  8. The same, notes should be shared across all characters, so it is easier to do the same things. I do not think it is even difficult to implement that either.
  9. That sucks, I really can't play the game at the current stage and have to wait even longer. It sucks they released it in a first place with so many bugs.
  10. Hi, Are there any updates about a new patch and what issues it's going to address?
  11. I have gotten the same issue as I progressed through the game, ship combat was stuttering and very slow.
  12. There is alread a topic about it and a lot of people have the same issue: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/97440-framerate-general-framerate-problems/
  13. About Godlikes and how it should work in my opinion: Nature Godlike - Power level gain should be as long as there is an inspiration if it expires during the fight you cannot get Power levels again, these would mean that you have to keep an eye on your Inspirations and always want to have one going for extra power levels. To compensate that, I would add 15% bonus duration to the first Inspiration received. Moon Godlike - Obviously healing should scale with power levels if it did with levels it would be too OP, on top of that once per encounter first affliction would have a duration red
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